June 19, 2021

Report: Biden HUD Secretary may have violated the Hatch Act

Biden administration Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Marcia Fudge is believed to have been caught violating the Hatch Act on Thursday, according to The Washington Examiner

Fudge, formerly a U.S. congresswoman from the state of Ohio, interacted with a question being brought by a reporter about the two Democrats that could replace retiring Sen. Rob Portman (D-OH) in 2022.

“I have two friends that are thinking about it,” she said from the podium.”Tim Ryan, of course, is thinking about it. I understand Nan Whaley is thinking about it. 

“I mean, I think we’re going to put a good person in that race no matter who we choose, but they’re both friends. I think we have a good shot at it. I know people have written off Ohio. I haven’t written off Ohio. I believe we can win the Senate race.”

Fudge was referencing a U.S. congressman, Rep. Tim Ryan (D-OH), and the mayor of Dayton Nan Whaley as potential future senators.

However, under the Hatch Act, members of the executive branch are restricted from being involved in partisan political activity while functioning in their professional capacity, with exceptions made for the president and vice president.

“When I was discussing getting relief to the American People and the American Rescue Plan from the briefing room on Thursday, I answered a question from a reporter related to Ohio politics,” Fudge said in a statement shared with the Washington Examiner. 

“I acknowledge that I should have stuck with my first instinct and not answered the question. I take these things seriously and I want to assure the American people that I am focused on meeting the needs of our country.” 

Cleveland.com reported that the punishment for violations of the Hatch Act by federal employees includes removal from federal service, reduction in pay, disbarment from federal employment for a set time, and other possible punishments. 

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77 Responses

      1. The same that happened to Trumps Sec.of State Mike Pompeo when he campaigned for Trump speaking in Israel on his farewell tour

        1. You can help a President but you can’t help a colleague, apples and oranges. President & V.P. are exempt

    1. They don’t exist The fake president is more concerned about appointing people with certain ethnic background than thinking of their qualifications.

  1. She needs to resign. If the FBI made General Flynn resign over performing his job. She should resign over breaking the law

  2. Remove all of them forth wit, That includes Polesci, Harris Schumer & Bidden, Then we might get America back with a lot of none interrupted real work With out illegals’!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. DEMONCRAPS ARE LIARS*****CORRUPT/EVIL/LIAR SEWER GUTTER TRASH 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻🖕🏻……

  4. C-ya. Now we name someone for your spot. One less democrat sounds good. But i suspect that with all the other democrats, holding the keys to the white house, will make a new law up for you. They are good at that.

  5. She is a democrat. Nothing will happen to her. Have you ever seen a democrat get punighed for a wrng ding? Hillary is a good example.

  6. If nothing is done to enforce the Hatch Act and remove FUDGE “what an appropriate name for a Democrat” then it is more “proof in the pudding” as my granny used to say, that nothing and no one in their Congress, including the Republicans, has the integrity and the gumption to stand up and represent us, the voting public, who put them in office to do just that (apparently, wishful thinking as it turns out)!

    Her “words and references to” are her own condemnation, enough said, now do what is right as The Hatch Act specifies: under the Hatch Act, members of the executive branch are restricted from being involved in partisan political activity while functioning in their professional capacity, with exceptions made for the president and vice president. The violation could not be anymore direct, “FUDGE” violated the Hatch Act!

    The more the Democrats are in the spotlight the more they lay the groundwork for their burial in 2022! Yea! Even if they are able to protect “FUDGE” there is damage done.

    1. Pompeo not charged last fall and he was on the world stage ,by Republican Senate what was ok for the last Administration will be easily allowed

      1. You can help a President but you can’t help a colleague; apples and oranges. President & V.P. are exempt!


    1. Bingo. Thank you. Why should any of us give a rat’s pitooty about anything that’s said “for our own good.” I’ll follow my own instinct about my own welfare (especially since I get to “give” in that department and never “receive”) and help others when needed.

  8. Sure do miss our law and order President! Sure do miss great, beneficial things being done for our country and we the people! Sure wish there had been no countrywide stealing of elections by a number of people who did not give a rats a– that 75 million Americans want a proven leader, one who loves our country and people, one who kept his campaign promises under an onslaught of vile smears and lies by dems, rinos, corrupt msm, showbusiness and sports hypocrites, biased beaurecrats, etc. So, no, I do not expect anything will happen to her except probably a raise!

  9. Permanently remove Marcia Fudge from Federal Service without any type of benefits. Our Nation needs people w/honesty and integrity.

  10. We’re talking about yet another Demorat that is breaking the law and nothing will be done about it. Get used to it people until at least 2022! I am so totally disgusted there are no words to describe the amount of contempt I feel towards the whole Dem party. They are all treasons against the Constitution and if I remember correctly, the punishment for treason is execution!

  11. 400 Bad Request

    Request Header Or Cookie Too Large
    nginx/1.17.8……….cowards, are you wearing skirts yet per Pelosi. I just send these to Judicial Watch. They actually have a real job. I print this first, and mail it. US mail remember that. You guys are a bunch of buttons and auto commands, how sad.

    1. If JW wants hard copy then I’m happy to send it. Happily, they do read the comments received via the internet.

  12. HUD Secretary, she’s going down. Did the people who think there is something for nothing ever have a job? Or save for a house of have anything for themselves except poor me syndrome. I don’t like people who whine, Get off of there real ends and get a job.

  13. Fudge must go! She broke the law! No lame excuses for her, she knew she should have kept quiet, even admitted it. So—- she should pay the price for her indiscretions, let others see you can’t get away with it.

  14. 400 Bad Request 4 more to copies to sent to judicial Watch,.
    Big tech big jerks
    Request Header Or Cookie Too Large

  15. Nope you can help a President but you can’t help a colleage, apples and oranges. President & V.P. are exempt

  16. Remember when the GDP was stuck at 2% under Obama, and he told us to “get used to it, it’s the new norm”?

    The same thing applies here, democrats are going to govern as an authoritarian government. We have already lost our individual freedoms so we “better get used to it”.

  17. We can all vent, for now, but nothing, & I mean nothing, will happen to right all the wrongs already done by this administration. This is what happens when you have a Criminalocracy running the whole show! The clowns are in charge of the circus, with the Great Usurper supposedly calling the shots. What a pathetic joke!

    1. The entire Biden Administration is corrupt! It is not just the Biden Administration; it is the entire DNC who is corrupt to the core, and no matter who is elected.

  18. Unfortunately the entire Biden Administration is corrupt. It is not just the Biden Administration, it is the entire DNC who is corrupt and no matter who is elected. DO NOT ALLOW THE DNC to further corrupt our Nation!

  19. The Democrats in the House & Senate were so eager to impeach Trump before he even took office and then tried it twice before he left office. I think it is time for all the people to write to our Senators & Congressmen(women) and demand that they start the proceedings of IMPEACHING Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schumer and all the rest of the Biden
    Administration. We cannot have them destroy the United States of America; THE LAND OF THE FREE AND THE HOME OF THE BRAVE!

  20. NOT one person in the socialitst dem party honesty and integrity………..Lying, cheating, FRAUD, and stupitity…..

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