May 14, 2021

Report: Ashli Babbitt’s family will file civil charges against Capitol police

Terry Roberts, a lawyer representing the family of Ashli Babbitt, an Air Force veteran killed by a police officer during the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol riot, has reported they will file a lawsuit against the Capitol Police.

No charges have been filed against the police officer involved in the shooting. The officer has also not been publicly identified.

Babbitt was reportedly unarmed at the time of the shooting. She had entered the Capitol building doors when the officer fired at her.

Roberts spoke on Newsmax Monday. He stated, “The family and I were disappointed in the Department of Justice’s decision on this, but my role is really to bring a civil action and in that way, vindicate her rights.”

Roberts added, “This is a situation in which the officer could have easily arrested her if he had grounds to arrest her without using deadly force,” he said. “This was an egregious act of excessive force.”

Mark Schamel, an attorney for the officer, told The Epoch Times the officer warned people inside not to enter the Speaker’s Lobby.

“He fired only one shot at the only person who breached the locked doors and makeshift barricade that had been erected. He did so after clearly identifying himself and ordering the mob not to come through the barricade,” Schamel said.

“He used tremendous restraint in only firing one shot, and his actions stopped the mob from breaking through and turning a horrific day in American history into something so much worse.”

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35 Responses

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  3. Nothing horrific happened at the Capital that day except the killing of Ms. Babbit; May she rest in peace. They are hiding the identity of the person who shot her and who really knows why. Americans are appalled as to how biased these Dems are.
    She has a right to justice. Her family has a right to it. How different than the worship of Floyd.
    I am not black or white so don’t call me racist.

    1. She should not have been inside the building and she should not have been trying to go through the door.

      No mention of the protester that was trampled to death outside the building by the seditious mob.

      1. So, Floyd is a hero and she is a goat, don’t think so, Floyd was a drug addict who did not do as directed and a Police Officer utilized a hold taught by the Police Force, for that he was found guilty of 3 different charges. Should the appeal fail, he will serve life. So don’t tell me about not being somewhere you should not be!

    2. Amen that officer shot an unarmed women and he knew it. He took her life and he doesn’t care neither do the stupid demorats . they get away with everything look at the crook hunter Biden who lied on a fire arms application to buy a gun.if it was you or me we would be sitting in jail with serious charges . they think their above the law.

    3. Guess Babbit should have thought about the possible consequences before she decided to break into the capitol building. Guess that was her last mistake.

    4. No one deserved to be shot. Hang this murderer for killing a woman. She wasent even armed with nothing.

  4. There should be no excuses made for capital police. JUSt like our police forces cannot make make them and aren’t charged capital police should face the rules

  5. Conservatives are seemingly being singled out by government law enforcement tactics – such as Giuliani & military veteran whose life was taken for her right to protest! This is unlike Hillary whose computer was never investigated in such fashion or Antifa/BLM protestors who – if ever even arrested are released quickly without requiring any bail or follow up. Surely you can understand my frustration about such logistics which shows me there is no equity for Conservatives. I request that present leaders look at these matters carefully with fair play put into place!

      1. No and a supporter of BLM. At the time of the killing on the internet they had a picture of him and also told that he was an immigrant and don’t think he was a citizen. The picture was John S., BLM leader, taking video of the whole thing. Interesting he was there at the same time to take video of it. I bet now the Democrats and CNN has that hidden. Why was he paid $35K from CNN and others for his video. Set up to get Trump on their last game plan since they lost the other tries.

  6. I saw a video of the shooting. My first thought was this is totally wrong. It’s still my opinion today. If you want to keep her out, why not just go over and give her push. Or pull her inside and arrest her? She wasn’t armed, and this policeman had no right to shoot and kill a young woman.

    1. My main question is – What was the woman doing at the time of this incident? If you do the crime you are on your own. We are talking about breaking into the Capitol of the United States. The arm chair quarterbacks do not have a split second to make a decision. Bottom line is if you mess with the law of the land do not expect a big kiss.

  7. Agree with you…why is it always conservative they come after like Giuliani. Why don’t they charge Biden son, Bidens brother and the rest of the Bidens. There is also Hillary…why haven’t the Democrats going after the person’s that have really been doing corrupt things. We are so tired of the media and Democrats going after conservatives. We the people need to put a stop ✋ to it !!

    1. Because they are Demarats! With stay out of Jail cards,and get out of deep sh t cards!

  8. Ashli Babbitt did not deserve to die. Would she be alive today if she had been black? Is it because she was white that her life was expendable? I don’t think George Floyd deserved to die, and I don’t think Ashli Babbitt deserved to die either. #RememberAshliBabbitt

    1. What this young lady did was obviously wrong, but she was not armed and was no threat to anyone. This cop apparently wanted to know how it felt to actually kill someone. Well, he found out.

  9. This whole Jan. 6 fiasco is suspect, like Capitol Police standing back and standing down. Except for that one who killed Ashli, like he never got the memo to let them in just to make Trump supporters look radical and dangerous. Redpilled media has identified one they claim is the killer. Check that out and I believe they fingered the right guy. He had also posted on his FB page that he wanted to kill all Republicans, which was taken down after the shooting. If true the democrats would be desperate to keep him hidden.

  10. She should not have been killed. Being unarmed, she was no threat. She was only there to protest and she got caught in Pelosi’s plot to make it look like right wing extremists overran the capital. Anyone who saw the original videos could easily see there were Antifa and BLM with roughly put on Trump caps etc thrown on. There is plenty of evidence that they showed up to make it look like all Trump supporters.

    1. Ken you are in another state of reality. I watched the riot unfold on live TV . The uncaused cause is trump. He should be charged but he got his followers to take the bait.

  11. That whole charade was a setup by Pelosi, Schumer and comrades. They should be named in the lawsuit.
    When an ordinary cop shoots someone they’re raked over the coals. Seems like the Capitol Hill Police have special privileges and are above the law.
    Disgusting double standard.

  12. This was all a plan well in advance Nancy and sergant at arms and others knew Antifa and BLM would be there and police stepped down and waved them to enter the Capitol and Patriots were pulled along innecent of what was going on.

  13. It appears to be a black cop who shot a white woman. Excessive force for sure. There was only one person murdered on Jan 6th, where is the outcry? NO where and that is because White people do not matter to the left’s narrative. NEWSFLASH to the Left – we MATTER – WE ALL MATTER and if justice is not served our voices will be heard! We all can march too in a town near you!

  14. Nothing will happen because she was of the wrong race and unarmed and the officer was black which means its ok to kill a white military veteran If she were of another race and pointing a gun at the officer, the officer would not have fired. If it were a white officer who killed a black women half the country would be burnt to the ground and other people would die

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