July 3, 2022

Report: Arrests of migrants to reach 1 million in US by end of July

The Customs and Border Patrol’s latest statistics show that more than one million illegal immigrants will likely enter American in 2021 by the end of July, according to a new Daily Mail report.

In June, 180,034 illegal immigrants entered America through the nation’s southern border, called “the highest of any month in the last 20 years” in the report.

Daily Mail also noted, “The number of crossers already reported by CBP since the start of 2021 surpasses the population of several large U. S. cities, like Boston and Nashville. It is also more people than the total people living in the least populated U.S. states of Wyoming and Vermont.”

The change is clearly due to the policy changes of President Joe Biden. The report revealed, “In Biden’s first full month as president, the encounters jumped more than 22,000 in one month from 78,442 in January 2021 to 101,117 in February.”

Some of the policy changes began during Biden’s first week in office. He signed an executive order to stop construction of the border wall along the southern border.

In addition, Biden signed an executive order ending most deportations for the first 100 days of his term.

Other policies changed under the Biden administration include ending Trump’s Remain in Mexico practice, that kept Mexican immigrants in their own nation until a hearing, and reinstating the Obama-era catch and release policy that frees illegal immigrants after being apprehended.

The Biden administration has no plans to end its open border policies, leaving states to design their own plans to slow the flood of illegal immigrants crossing the southern border.

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