August 10, 2022

Report: American citizens were denied entry to Kabul airport

Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations member Chad Robichaux has demanded a response to the report of U.S. military blocking a group of 25 Americans from the Kabul airport.

“He really created a scene with us, did not like what we were doing and how we were doing it and actually made the people get back on the bus, put them outside the gate and essentially sic them back off to the Taliban,” Robichaux told the Daily Caller.

Robichaux also wants to know what actions are being taken to rescue those turned away from the airport. President Joe Biden promised the nation no American would be left behind, but some remain in Afghanistan under Taliban rule.

Robichaux has yet to receive a response from the State Department or other government officials.

“The State Department claims that only 250 or so Americans informed them they are still trying to leave the country. U.S. officials on the ground continue ‘to coordinate assistance around the clock for this group, while taking the current security situation into account,’ a Washington Free Beacon report said on Monday.

“Another 280 individuals, the State Department claims, ‘remain undecided about whether to leave the country or have told us they do not intend to depart,'” it added.

The events reveal the chaotic exit of Americans and U.S. military from the nation after two decades. Biden will long be remembered for his failure in Afghanistan, and his betrayal of those he left behind.

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