August 1, 2021

Report: Alabama Senator to resign at end of term

Another day, another Republican member of Congress is looking to hang up his hat.

According to Breitbart, an anonymous ally of Sen. Richard C. Shelby (R-AL) said that the longtime GOP Senator has expressed his desire to retire from his position by not running for reelection in the 2022 midterms, leaving open the possibility of a fierce intraparty fight to choose an establishment nominee or one aligned with former President Donald Trump. 

Shelby, an unabashed establishment Republican, has served six terms in Congress — as a lawmaker and senator — and holds the title of the fourth most senior member of the upper chamber. Concerned colleagues warn that the 86-year-old’s potential departure would create a power vacuum given the current rift within the ranks of the GOP.

According to the Associated Press, Blair Taylor, a spokesperson for Shelby, attempted to tamp down on the rumors, saying that “there will likely be an announcement forthcoming in the next few weeks” concerning Shelby’s future in the Senate.

First elected to Congress in 1986 as a conservative Democrat, Shelby would eventually switch to the Republican party in 1994. For the past two years of his career, he’s held the coveted position of Senate Appropriations Committee chairman, which he’s used to benefit his home state in a number of ways.

His career comes with high praise from his colleagues and supporters, with political consultant David Mowery saying “I don’t know anybody who knows how to wield power as Shelby does.”

There are a number of Alabama Republicans eyeing the possibility of a vacant seat next year and as the report pointed out, Shelby has an impressive campaign war chest filled with roughly $10 million to toss at a candidate that he might prefer if he decides to pull the trigger on bowing out.

Republican leadership must tread lightly, however, as the 2022 battle for the Senate will more than likely result in one party having full control, as opposed to the 50-50 split with Vice President Kamala Harris’ tie-breaking power as it stands now.

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38 Responses

  1. This is a forgone conclusion, and is why he wants to retire. It is much easier on his ego than having someone who is a Trump supporter beating his butt.

    1. Hey do ya remember that ole saying and that is “when the going gets tough the TOUGH get going?” Well many of our federal elected employees are NOW showing just how TOUGH they can be. I think now I should retire? Likely he should have retired a DECADE ago but wanted to keep Sucking OFF the Tit of we taxpayers. Good bye to ALL of those that can’t or won’t STAND and FIGHT for themselves, their families and this … GREAT NATION.

    2. Mr. Shelby’s aide got killed at a People’s drug store in Washington DC when he first took office…he tried to force Congress to get capital punishment (as a federal crime) in DC but Congress wouldn’t budge….

    3. Former President Trump should use his influence to start a movement for an amendment to the Constitution requiring TERM LIMITS….Congress will never give up their power willingly…so the PEOPLE must act. This would help get rid of career garbage like Schumer, McConnell etc…who no longer serve the people but rather big $$$..

    1. I agree. I would welcome that a Congressman running for re-election would be big news instead of not running.
      Seems a far gone conclusion that they get in there and get addicted to the money and power and never let go.
      Hey, a two year gig and you’re set for life. Oh but then the pay for play enters the equation. Hard to turn that down year after year. And the easiest thing in the world to do is do nothing and get paid for it. Not hard to have little respect for these do-nothings. There are some good ones, oh sure, but then there’s the others to give them a bad name.

  2. He is 86 – time to go…just wished many others would do the same i.e. piglosi, feinstein, waters, just to name a few…

    1. You bet your sweet bippy!!!! Too long with the long term corrupt democrats, maybe??? Are they letting him slide?

  3. If Biden and his damn government and the damn democrats are hiding important health news from the American people of this country then we really need to go to war in every way that we the American people can. Senator Shelby has always been a pretty good man in our government for the people. Were going to have to stop the democrats in any and every way that we can and impeach Biden and also Harris and Pelosi to clean our government up completely.

  4. We must kick Dems out of DC any way we can, overthrow them if necessary to get our country back. Overthrow and civil war is NOT off the table- we are at war w/ commie democrats.

  5. Senator Shelby wears his 6 terms in congress as some weird badge of honor. To the normal “work-a-day” American out here….we are not impressed, and want to STOP…..yes you heard this right…..stop all these long tenure bozos that use their seat as some long term income mechanism. As in Pelosi’s case……becoming a multi-millionaire over her normal salary of $171,000 per year. Plus her 6 or 8 terms of being in the House. This is nuts for us to continue to put up with such stuff as this. Read it folks….the website for “Convention of States.” This is the answer to stop all these bozo’s from getting rich off our tax money. Reduce them to 2 years in the house….and 4 years in the Senate. Once they finish their “service” they were appointed or elected to….they will not have any chance for re-election. They leave and go back home to their farms, ranches, or their retail stores. They have done their service and that seat then is open to another person. This should be the same as the Military service draft years ago. The congressmen and women are drafted into the office to serve the people…they get out and go home. Get behind this Convention of States folks…support it, work in it, and we together can make lasting changes in Washington DC. We would have no more Pelosi’s, or Schumers, or Harry Reid’s, or Shiffs……etc. Those days will be gone and done with.

    1. Serve 2 years, get 2 years of pensions. No lifetime pensions for anything beyond the amount of time served.

      1. actually I think that they shouldn’t get pensions unless they serve 30 years like the rest of us. However, I do believe in the term limit because I agree that they are getting too rich from our money and we don’t have a say how they can spend it.

  6. Anyone in Congress over 75 should retire! Time for the young people to get in there. Why would you want that job at 86!? Ridiculous!

  7. Just one more that China has paid lock, stock and barrel for for many years just like 99.99 % of all democrats, and I bet he is worth hundred of millions for selling out the USA.

    1. He is a Republican, he was a Democrat when first Elected in 1984, but switched parties in 1994. Has he been playing Rhino all these years? No matter what it is time for term limits, I’d say 4 2year terms for house ( 8 years ) and 2 4 year terms for Senate, no more than 8 years for all ( Same as the President )then 8 years of pension and unable to work at any other job for the time they are under Pension!


  9. Term Limits May Serve Those Of You And Us Whom Are Justly Frustrated And Justly Angered By The Overwhelming Difficulty It Is To Try And Get The Putrid, Obnoxious, Lying Reprobates Out Of Our Government, But There Are Still Some ( A Few) Statesmen & Women In Our Government That Are Honourable, That Earn Their Pay. These Persons Need And Should Have Our Respect And Support, That Includes Our Votes. There Is Little Area For Good Replacement And Effective Government When It Comes To Longer Terms Of Genuine And Dedicated Experience. Dedicated Short Term Persons Cannot Put Forth Their Best In, Simply Because They Do Not Yet Have Enough Experience And Do Not Have The Time Now To Bring Their New And Fresh Ideas Through Our Very Difficult Government. Shorter Terms Will Not Remedy That, As That Process, At Present Will Take At Least Another Generation. Be Extremely Careful When Considering ” Term Limits ” As When And ” If ” That Happens Along With The ” Possibility ” Of Eliminating Some ” Scum ” You Will Also Be ” Limiting And Shortchanging ” Some Bright And Honest “Upcoming” Integrity Persons That Just Need A Little More Experience And Maturity Time To Bring Some Real Integrity Back To America. Short Term Limits Are Not Going To Help Because If You Still Listen To All The Media Crap And The Reprobate Scum Politicians That Still Get Voted In Short Term ! What Good Is That ? And That Puts All That We Want To Accomplish In REVERSE At High Speed ! The Best That We Can And Should Do Is Stop Listening To All The Political And News Media Crap And Pay Accurate Attention To The Persons That Are Running For Political Office And Remember That ” They Are Promising To Run Our Country ! ” Let Us Hold Their Feet To The Fire, Day In And Day Out To Make Sure That They Do The Job That They Have Promised To Do And That They Have Been Voted In To Do That Job ! Accomplishing That Will Show Persons That Want To Run For Political Office That It Is Now A Serious Undertaking !

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