August 1, 2021

Rep. Val Demings to step down from House to pursue Senate seat

Rep. Val Demings (D-FL) will enter the Democrat primary to challenge Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) for Florida’s Senate seat in 2022, according to multiple reports.

Deming’s Senate run will add to a growing list of Democrat House members to leave office in recent months. The district has historically voted Democrat, but strikes yet another blow to Pelosi’s efforts to keep control of the House.

In addition, Deming had previously been rumored to run against Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis in the next gubernatorial race. However, the current governor’s popularity may have led her to seek another option.

Many Democrats are already showing excitement over the news of Demings entering the race.

The congresswoman previously served as an impeachment manager of former President Donald Trump.

Demings will face Rep. Stephanie Murphy (D-FL) in the Democrat primary as she seeks to run against Rubio in fall 2022.

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29 Responses

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    1. I am sure that not many Liberals read these sites but I know a couple of Liberals who are now regretting voting for Biden. For over 4 years they would put President Trump down yet when I said WHY they had no come back except he was a lier. When I would ask, “WHAT HAS HE LIED ABOUT??” that’s when they would just turn away. The one thing they had in common, they only watched CNN or MSNBC. I ASKED THEM Just the other day, “SO, HOW DO YOU LIKE THE GAS PRICES??” One said, “OK, MADE A MISTAKE SO SUE ME” I just smiled and said, “YOU GOT WHAT YOU ASKED FOR SO ENJOY”

      1. EXACTLY!!! The Puppet of the US and his camel will never be anything but ruiners of the great United States. President Donald J Trump is MY President.

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  2. Anyone that will vote for a democrat is a communist and a enemy of the United States of America. Look at what we have now.

    1. AMEN! It only proves how easily some people are willing to believe lies. They wear blinders. Like trained animals. Not very smart.

  3. Dems shouldn’t even run 2022 & 2024 THEY WILL NOT BE VOTED FOR. And they WON’T BE ABLE TO STEAL ANOTHER ELECTION!!!

  4. In light of how the Dem party has screwed-up this country in a short 4 months, & how Florida, under the Republican leadership has basically flourished and has a financial surplus, I think any Dem trying to “infiltrate” and change Fl to red in any way is hopefully just “wishful thinking”. The only way a Dem has a chance in this state would be, if all the people who moved from the Blue state of N.Y. could possibly want Fl to be under the kind of idiotic rule they just fled from…but if they’re Dems, they just be S&M and enjoy the abuse!

        1. LMAO you will never get a Democrat to admit it even when the proof is slapping them right upside the head

  5. I as well agree with all of the above and WE the People better get wise and vote all Dems out of DC before we will find all of us under a rule of Communitsts. We cans see what is happening it is sooo transparent!!
    The pentagon is now investigating our armed forces, they are promoting communisum we are teaching in the schools to Hate America and America was founded in 1619 !!! Please All American Citizens wake up
    God help us all

  6. No Democrat should be elected in forever. I have no love for a party that would try to destroy our constitution and enslave the people. It seems as though they didn’t learn anything when they sececed from the Union in 1861. The US is not a nation who condones slavery, whether it be one race or all races. With their viewpoint, we should vote and abolish the Democratic Party.

  7. Michael Saunders, U.S. Army S.F. veteran of the Vietnam war and 23 years in law enforcement says:

    Val Demings won’t win any government office in the state of Fla. All of the citizen of Fla, won’t let that happen.

  8. She is just another big mouthed black woman with very little intelligence. Of course the democrats will vote for her simply because she is black. They don’t care if she’s anti-American or a communist or even if she’s the not the most qualified for the position they only see her color and that she is a woman and that’s all that matters to any naive gullible brain dead democrat which most of them like to be lead by the hand and be told what to do like a child because they don’t want to have to make decisions on their own or take responsibility for their own lives.

  9. Its impossible to vote them out when they are constantly rigging and stealing elections and being permitted to get by with it by our on government and judicial system.

  10. I am so glad she is going to run. She will loose and the Dems will loose a seat in the House. Yeah.

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  12. all the libturds in gov. should be charged with treason and receive the appropriate punishment when convicted!

  13. She just earned herself a few years vacation. Rubio is super popular in Florida even in democrat neighborhoods. I fully expect Rubio to win with ease if she is his opponent.

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  15. We The People of Central Florida welcome Val leaving Congress . After leading Pelosi’s impeachment parade ,Val could not get elected dog catcher anywhere in Fl.

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