September 29, 2022

Rep. Omar accused of repeated antisemitism

Attorney Brooke Goldstein criticized Minnesota Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar on Sunday over claims of systemic antisemitism.

Goldstein’s remarks were made during an interview on Fox News’ “Fox News Live” on Sunday.

“There is an alarming rise of Jew-hatred to the point where it has become systemic … I use the word systemic for a reason because Jew-hatred is no longer on the fringes of society – it has become systemic. [It comes from] politicians like Ilhan Omar, who accuse Jewish Americans of having dual loyalty,” Goldstein said.

“This is coming from someone in the United States right now in a position of power,” she added.

Goldstein also noted the rise in antisemitism in America.

“The FBI has recently reported that Jewish people are three times more likely to experience a hate crime than any other ethnic group,” she said.

“That’s 2.6 times more likely than the black community and 2.2 times more likely than the Muslim community. And over one-third of Jewish Americans have personally experienced a hate crime an anti-Semitic hate crime,” Goldstein added.

Omar’s controversial remarks regarding Israel have certainly come across as antisemitic. However, it is ultimately the voters of her district who have the power to change the leadership that many believe is causing damage to Israel and the Jewish people.




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