October 23, 2021

Rep. Maxine Waters campaign paid daughter $240,000 during 2020 election cycle

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been caught again funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to her daughter during the 2020 election cycle. 

This isn’t the first time Waters has come under fire for practically emptying her campaign coffers into her daughter’s pockets, but Waters appears unphased despite the backlash.

According to Fox News on Friday, “Karen Waters received a total of about $240,000 from her 82-year-old mother’s campaign during the election cycle, Federal Election Commission records show.”

The younger Waters also received upwards of $200,000 from her mother’s campaign during the 2018 election as part of her “slate mailer” services provided to the Waters campaign at the time.

The practice of distributing these so-called “slate mailers” — also benignly called “voter guides” — to voters has been legalized in California for decades and allows candidates to purchase endorsements from advocacy organizations in order to “increase name recognition and influence voters at the polls,” the Sacramento Bee reported.

Karen Waters has made a pretty penny running a slate mailer scheme for her Mother’s campaign — though Waters was hit with an ethics complaint from the Federal Elections Commission in 2018 over the use of the mailers.

It’s unclear what exactly the longtime Democrat Representative paid her daughter for during the 2020 election cycle, though FEC filings indicate Karen Waters was paid in part for slate mailing and consulting services.

“Water’s slate mailers have been controversial for years. The California congresswoman reportedly paid her daughter, Karen Waters, and her public relations firm Progressive Connections $750,000 since 2004 to produce sample ballots included in campaign mailers,” Breitbart reported.

Fox News added that “Back in 2004, the Los Angeles Times reported that various Waters family members had pocketed a total of more than $1 million over eight years from businesses and campaigns with a connection to the congresswoman. But she separated herself from any ties to those activities.”

Rep. Waters loves to attack Donald Trump for perceived corruption and unethical behavior but has actively funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to her family over her many decades in government.

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Franco (@guest_1083526)
10 months ago

God bless those Foolish voters who voted for
Maxine Waters again!
Her opponent illustrated her Mansion and
made it clear she will NOT live with her
CONSTITUENTS! Too many minorities!
All of your contributions to her daughter!

Kent Sinclair (@guest_1083537)
Reply to  Franco
10 months ago

Voter FRAUD?

Tom (@guest_1083625)
Reply to  Kent Sinclair
10 months ago

Election fraud every one can see this
Just look at the Evidence And sworn testimony is from people who were actually there and work there.
I love God and country and cheating
And fraud is no way to the White House

Louise (@guest_1083940)
Reply to  Kent Sinclair
10 months ago

Are you asking about the entire election? Or just Waters? Alot of people havnt heard about the widespread voter/election fraud because the news media are paid not to report it.

Dave (@guest_1083572)
Reply to  Franco
10 months ago

That witch needs to be in prison along with a bunch of other democraps.

Terry Bell (@guest_1083792)
Reply to  Dave
10 months ago

I agree or shot dead.

Lori Smith (@guest_1083587)
Reply to  Franco
10 months ago

No. God damn rhem.

russell remmert (@guest_1083634)
Reply to  Franco
10 months ago

she must be giving out wine

Rebecca Spicer (@guest_1083761)
Reply to  Franco
10 months ago

I bet she didn’t win,well by stealing votes she won, but an honest election no way the TWEEKER TWiT won the last Democrat to win an honest election was JFK and they killed him so sad

Carole (@guest_1083976)
Reply to  Rebecca Spicer
10 months ago


Bill A (@guest_1083926)
Reply to  Franco
10 months ago

Maxine belongs behind bars!

debnc (@guest_1083528)
10 months ago

Those foolish voters want America on her knees. Those foolish voters hate America.

TIMOTHY A (@guest_1083529)
10 months ago


N A (@guest_1083551)
Reply to  TIMOTHY A
10 months ago

She’s General Ordinary THUG that needs to serve some serious PRISON TIME along with the WATER’S CRIME FAMILY. Back in 2009 she gave her husband Money out of her Campaign Funds to Compete a Banking Deal.

russell remmert (@guest_1083636)
Reply to  N A
10 months ago


KENNETH KUIECK (@guest_1083530)
10 months ago

Why is she not in jail. Any White person would be.

N A (@guest_1083554)
10 months ago

But she’s not White ! She another So Sharpton . Do What I Say ! Not What I Do.

Sharon (@guest_1083567)
10 months ago

I agree why hasn’t she been arrested & put in jail, she is the nastiest, most vile idiot I have ever heard speak. Now she has committed a major crime & I haven’t heard anything about her arrest. You are right anyone else would be in jail by now.

JOEL K GOODMAN (@guest_1083570)
10 months ago

niggers are exempt. if you make them obey the law it is called racism….

Marlene (@guest_1083594)
10 months ago

You did make a racist remark, you know. Are you sure you’re not a democrat?

Terry Bell (@guest_1083793)
10 months ago

I agree……..100 %

David Paquette (@guest_1083968)
10 months ago

Just another corrupt democrat to add to the list of politicians and FBI, DOJ that are above the law.

john fudacz (@guest_1083532)
10 months ago

i have never seen so many crooks in this country ,and wheres the law , these crooks abuse the place in congress ,and the people that they serve !

Stevo (@guest_1083536)
10 months ago

Just another common street thief & her daughter – the same . Just proves again how profoundly stupid liberal voters are !

Leon Donahue (@guest_1083743)
Reply to  Stevo
10 months ago

Stevo. I agree with you about how profoundly stupid liberal voters are, but with that said, I have to ask: Just where are the Republicans on this issue and just what in the Hell are they doing about the corruption in the DIM party. Answer: NOT ONE DAMN THING, not even the DOJ has done anything about it. SAD, SAD situation, one party cheats and lies and the other cover for them by turning their backs on the problem. TERM LIMITS THE ONLY ANSWER! Phone, Fax or email your Representative and two SIN-a-tors and DEMAND TERM LIMITS!

James E. Robinette (@guest_1083539)
10 months ago

Another example of fraud that has made her and Pelosi rich. Will anything happen? Hell no

mspidge (@guest_1083543)
10 months ago


Bernadette Frank (@guest_1083544)
10 months ago

Waters should be in jail with the other corrupt people. Where is our laws. I bet our government will just let her go. What a group of morons. I can”t believe how our government doesn’t see the hurt the people are feeling right now. Pray people for the truth to come out.

RT (@guest_1083549)
10 months ago

i agree with all the people who spoke up, why isn’t she in jail? The demos get by with everything including murder and nothing it done. When will this end? Term limits and add an age limit too. 82 years old! Come on she doesn’t have a brain cell left with all the alcohol she drinks with her buddies. We need to gt the term limit put into effect now, not later.

audrey saltsman (@guest_1083559)
10 months ago

SHE IS A FRAUD AND HAS SEEMS TO HAVE A MEAN DISPOSITION ESPECIALLY WHEN SHE TALKS ABOUT OUR PRESIDENT. She has given her family all this money for what? Their job wasn’t worth that much money. She is ripping off the tax payers.. And she has the audacity to speak against President Trump. He has a much better personality and cares about this country.

SUNFLOWER (@guest_1083560)
10 months ago

The Democratic Party is one of the most corrupt organizations in our country…..but people STILL keep voting them in…..OR DO THEY?? Looking at what has happened with the 2020 election should speak LOUDLY to us all !!

rick (@guest_1083561)
10 months ago

And these morons have the gall to call other countries “Banana Republics”? Hell, they’re running the biggest one right under our noses, but nothing ever gets done! Excuse me, I have to go puke!

Diane S Kochis (@guest_1083566)
10 months ago

If you can not contribute to her arrest and prison, then don’t say crab and continue living in this miserable situation

Patty (@guest_1083568)
10 months ago

All above posts are right on target. That ( woman?) should be in jail for fraud and inciting a riot by telling people to confront T rump supporters! Who is racist? Who are the race baiters? Look at her, Obama, sharpton and others and you will see! Put her in jail, throw away the key, and make her and her family reimburse all the money they stold from our country! Then go after Piglosi and her nephew Gavin “ newscum” fo the same actions! They need to pay for ALL of their illegal acts! Out country is NOT their private “ piggy bank”, they are connivers, theifs, liars, scammers, and un American traitors!

Valerie Dodds (@guest_1083918)
Reply to  Patty
10 months ago

I agree 100%.

Lyra (@guest_1083573)
10 months ago

Until those who break the laws are arrested it will continue. It is totally disgraceful that our FBI and DOJ see nothing wrong with this. Tax payer dollars pay their salaries and nothing is done in defense of the American people. They should all be overly scrutinized due to their positions of authority and power. CLEAN UP WASHINGTON—Repeal the current income tax and replace with a consumption tax—GET RID OF K STREET.

Betty Laxson (@guest_1083574)
10 months ago

When you serve ungodly people and go along with people who are murderers, rapist and are following the way the devil wants you to go and Democrats pay peope to turn their heads this is what people who has been turned over to a reprobate mind. Quit electing these ungodly people.

Carol Hewitt Dey (@guest_1083578)
10 months ago

Looks like only a civil war will correct this situation! Even with all the election proof of fraud… not even the DOJ will pony up and admit it!!! What are they all being paid to shut up, and by who? So sickening!
I say, TRUMP for King and screw the 2 party scam system! Even Covid is a created pandemic to cripple our country, collapse our economy, and foster methods of an illegal election so they can execute the end of our constitution. They don’t even pay attention to it! God gave us the gift of Donald Trump! Will he make the right things happen for people of faith…the Trump supporters. God please save us!

Geri1043 (@guest_1083583)
10 months ago

I don’t understand how this pig Maxine Waters can get away with this corruption paying her daughter thousands and thousands of dollars since 2004 she was caught doing it in 2018 and nothing ever came of it that’s not right you steal from the people you should go to jail nobody is above the law especially this low life scumbag Pig lock her up come on DOJ FBI do your damn job for once or are you getting your cut.

Maryruth (@guest_1083598)
10 months ago

I agree with comments above, but trust they are not getting away with all the evil actions. God knows all, sees all, hears all. No one is exempt from sin. God is in control. We are going to have the light shine on the darkness in this country. Pray Pray for our special country.

iamvirgo (@guest_1083633)
10 months ago

I’ve always read that Mad Maxine is a lawless wench (more family enrichment @ our expense)! This is a prime example of why term limits should be set! Her constituents obviously voted her back in, therefore I have no sympathy for them! You get what you pay for (lies & graft)! Wake up, you are at fault for not researching your representatives! Are a lot of Americans that dumb that they perpetuate tyranny?

Magda (@guest_1083670)
10 months ago

Shame on you !!!!
My third try to post my comment and it’s been
nullified every time

Shame on you !!!!

Magda (@guest_1083671)
10 months ago

The democrats are nothing but a bunch of thugs !!!!!!

Magda (@guest_1083674)
10 months ago

God Bless our President!!!!

All the worst spells on the so called democrats!!!!
They don’t deserve to be called humans !

F F Tramutola Jr. (@guest_1083729)
10 months ago

Why isn’t she in prison. Clear felony.

Avatar666 (@guest_1083779)
10 months ago

Let’s face it. The democrats and their media allies can do practically anything, up to and including murder.

Tsw (@guest_1083908)
10 months ago

So when is this sorry POS fascist scum going to jail?

Ron (@guest_1083916)
10 months ago

Mad Max is a real winner.She funnels hundreds of thousands of dollars to her daughter which is illegal.
She does not live in district she claims she represents. A black district that needs help while Maxxy lives in a lush LA area of multimillion dollar homes which is gated.How does she explain that.
She is one of the most corrupt House Representatives in the nation.This woman is worth millions or dollars.
She needs to be IMPEACHED!

Sic&Tired (@guest_1084084)
10 months ago

SOMEBODY…..Better Prosecute that miserable Waters.!!! When will we see a Real Judge do something – Right ??

XMC.PL (@guest_1116609)
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