October 4, 2022

Rep. Maxine Waters campaign paid daughter $240,000 during 2020 election cycle

Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) has been caught again funneling hundreds of thousands of dollars to her daughter during the 2020 election cycle.ย 

This isn’t the first time Waters has come under fire for practically emptying her campaign coffers into her daughter’s pockets, but Waters appears unphased despite the backlash.

According to Fox News on Friday, “Karen Waters received a total of about $240,000 from her 82-year-old motherโ€™s campaign during the election cycle, Federal Election Commission records show.”

The younger Waters also received upwards of $200,000 from her mother’s campaign during the 2018 election as part of her “slate mailer” services provided to the Waters campaign at the time.

The practice of distributing these so-called “slate mailers” — also benignly called “voter guides” — to voters has been legalized in California for decades and allows candidates to purchase endorsements from advocacy organizations in order to “increase name recognition and influence voters at the polls,” the Sacramento Bee reported.

Karen Waters has made a pretty penny running a slate mailer scheme for her Mother’s campaign — though Waters was hit with an ethics complaint from the Federal Elections Commission in 2018 over the use of the mailers.

It’s unclear what exactly the longtime Democrat Representative paid her daughter for during the 2020 election cycle, though FEC filings indicate Karen Waters was paid in part for slate mailing and consulting services.

“Waterโ€™s slate mailers have been controversial for years. The California congresswoman reportedly paid her daughter, Karen Waters, and her public relations firm Progressive Connections $750,000 since 2004 to produce sample ballots included in campaign mailers,” Breitbart reported.

Fox News added that “Back in 2004, the Los Angeles Times reported that various Waters family members had pocketed a total of more than $1 million over eight years from businesses and campaigns with a connection to the congresswoman. But she separated herself from any ties to those activities.”

Rep. Waters loves to attack Donald Trump for perceived corruption and unethical behavior but has actively funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to her family over her many decades in government.


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