September 30, 2022

Rep. Jordan says GOP will investigate Fauci

Ohio Republican Rep. Jim Jordan said on Monday that the House will investigate Dr. Anthony Fauci if it gains the majority after the 2022 midterm elections.

The remarks were shared during an interview with Alex Marlow on “Breitbart Daily News.”

“The top investigation — which I think will primarily be done on the Oversight Committee — is on Fauci and the gain of function and the lab leak, which is the most likely scenario how we got this virus,” Jordan said.

“If the Democrats go down this road of kicking Republicans off committees, trying to put a good man in prison, like Mark Meadows — they shouldn’t do this stuff — but if they’re going to, if they’re going to cross this bridge, if it’s good enough for one side, it should apply to the other as well,” he added.

Jordan had previously argued the Jan. 6 committee led by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is “the weaponization of government.”

Republicans feel strongly about winning the House back in 2022. Now they’re making plans regarding what they will do when in power, starting with an investigation of Fauci regarding the origins of the coronavirus.




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