April 18, 2021

Rep. Jayapal caught on camera not wearing a mask after blaming COVID-19 diagnosis on GOP

The fallout from the Capitol riots last week generated a number of new side-controversies in addition to the events that left five Americans dead and many more injured in the unprecedented attack in the nation’s capital.

One of those controversies came about as Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) announced that as a result of being forced to hide from the angry mob of rioters with maskless GOP lawmakers, she tested positive for COVID-19. However, according to the Daily Caller, images have emerged clearly showing the Democrat herself not wearing a mask for at least several minutes during the siege. 

“I just received a positive COVID-19 test result after being locked down in a secured room at the Capitol where several Republicans not only cruelly refused to wear a mask but recklessly mocked colleagues and staff who offered them one,” Jayapal tweeted this week.

She went on to accuse Republican lawmakers who were wearing masks during the attack of putting fellow House colleagues in danger, going as far as saying that those Republicans were likely responsible for turning the attack into a “superspreader” event, according to The Hill.

“Any Member who refuses to wear a mask should be fully held accountable for endangering our lives because of their selfish idiocy,” the Washington Democrat said, while adding that she’s pushing for Republicans who refuse to wear masks while on duty in the House to be fined and removed.

As you can see below in a screenshot of Jayapal during the attack posted in a tweet by Daily Caller’s senior congressional correspondent Henry Rodgers, she was clearly not wearing a mask for at least part of the attack. Jayapal’s critics were quick to label her as a hypocrite on the matter.

Jayapal was joined by Rep. Bonnie Watson (D-NJ) in testing positive for COVID-19 following the attacks and blaming her positive test on maskless Republicans in the Capitol Building. As of this writing, however, there is no proof that supports the claim, as the two lawmakers could have caught the virus from any number of events or people prior to the Capitol riots.

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83 Responses

  1. Who needs proof when you are lying thieving democrat. Just blaming someone else clears you of all responsibility. Just ask the mainstream media. They will be more than happy to back you up.

      1. The correct party identifier is DemonRats, as only Demons believe in infanticide and are evil and vile. Rats are carriers of fleas and other contagion.

    1. Lying is what liberals do. Unfortunately, it appears that a good number of citizens (and illegals) have bought into their spiel and so we have a government hell bent on destroying what our founding fathers attempted to create.

    2. More likely, they caught it from one another while in that room. Just easier to blame Republicans than admit their own guilt. Continually telling ‘bald-faced’ lies, especially with today’s technology filming their every action—isn’t doing their reputation any good. How it could get much worse, I don’t know but they’re working on it–daily!!

    3. Masks kill …. thousands of doctors from across the ponds and here have written to this ….. neurologically they can maime you forever. You are breathing in your own waste and as over 90% of these masks let even air come through…guess what…yep you got it..you breathe it in and that goes to the lungs…you get sick, keep masking, you get sicker…please S. Dakota is and has been up and running forever…not social distancing and no masks..their numbers remain low and people are able to pay their bills…Kristi is an up and comer…she no doubt will be slated to run in 2024 and she will win…

      1. CDC has said from day one, the mask will not protect you and keep you from getting the virus. It is like any other virus if you are sick stay the hell home, get treatment and help and quarantine yourself until you are well. Stay way from sick people, and most importantly avoid nursing homes, and some medical facilities. This is common sense.

      2. Masks are not for stopping anything, they are for obedience training. The same is true for lock downs. Lock downs are also being used to keep us from talking and figuring out just what is going on, and how we are being manipulated, to be good obedient [email protected] for big business, and big business is being helped by big tech and [email protected] media. and the Communist Network News.


    1. This was to be a rally; the President said nothing inciteful so if you are believing that…quit!
      He said, “raise” your voices to support our flag, which equates to our country.. PC and DEMOCRAPS are about the most stupid people on the planet.
      Anyone here for exhuming common sense?

  2. Amazing how Piglosi demanded three of the DEMONAZIS to vote in person for her retaining the chairmanship. Yet, they blame the Repubs for the spread of the Wuhan flu.

    Remember, it was too dangerous for American citizens to vote in person for the Presidential election, so mail-in was great…yet, three WUHAN infected DEMONAZIS were forced to vote in person for her.

    1. Pelosi is a perfect example of hypocrisy!! Nearly everything she charges ‘other people’ with, she does, or has done, herself!! When Pres Trump first was aware of this virus in the country and knew it was coming from overseas, he tried shutting down inter-national travel until we could find out more about it. Pelosi was the first to defy him and ridicule him–calling him ‘over-reactive’ and several other charges. Then, she had herself on her phone telling everyone to come down to China-town and eat at the restaurants!! Then, when the virus was traced to China and people in CA were hit so hard, she blamed Pres Trump for ‘not closing down fast enough’!!! She never takes responsibility for her own actions and, when they back-fire, it’s always Pres Trump’s fault. I think her intense hatred for him has driven her over the ‘edge of sanity’! That so many are still willing to follow and support her is incredible.

    2. Good post and thank you… coming out of Sweden, proof that this alleged virus does not exist scientifically so, is there a possibility it just floated in from say the space station?
      Just asking…by the way there is a RED Alert from Oatkeepers…try to find it and spread the word.

    3. It is highly probable that those were the carriers that infected these haters of America. Let’s hope they suffer long and hard for their hate.

  3. Didn’t notice that any of the unmasked Republicans were infected. Must have caught it when Pelosi imported infected House members to Washington to vote for her for the House Majority Leader.

      1. They re elected her last term…she still has to run in CA I believe but she has a group that cow tow to her, maybe she threatens them…

      2. They can’t “VOTE HER OUT” because she has dirt on them all, the entire D.C. swamp is full of nothing but criminals and pedophiles, and Pelosi has a list, just like J. Edgar Hoover did !! The only way that Pelosi will leave D.C. is when she croaks, which WE all hope is VERY soon, she is a hate filled vile excuse for a human being and will not be mourned when she is gone !!! Her district in California is the poorest, most drug infested part of the state and the only ones voting FOR her are the ones that she is blackmailing or has on her payroll, THIS WOMAN IS AND HER ENTIRE FAMILY ARE CRIMINALS, but don’t expect anything to be done about it, SHE IS ABOVE THE LAW !!!! TERM LIMITS IS THE ONLY SOLUTION !!!!!

    1. 1990 Bosnia, The almightys hand maiden the virgin mary has been appearing in Bosnia for over 30 years now, at one of her appearences our lord jesus christ appeared with his mother, several things jesus said the American people will have to take the country back from the crooked government, jesus also said than a new government will be set up in a different state, our government is so corrupt their actually insane sin is insanity

  4. She has demonstrated over and over, as are most Demoncrats, an extremely evil, nasty individual. Lies, deception, projection and corruption is how they roll.

  5. And no ones have comeplained about catching it from her since you can have for a few days before you can show a positive and if she’s positive she must have had had it and was spreader that day

  6. The covid infection could have been spread by covid positive people that Pelosi demanded come back to the House to vote for her. A much more likely cause.

  7. Just another lying, treasonous, hypocritical, trashy democrat, who like many other lying, treasonous, hypocritical, trashy democrats, should be impeached and/or thrown out of the office they hold and then straight into prison!

  8. With all of the liars in the democrat party, I wonder if this b***h is lying about testing positive for the china virus! Time for a lie detector test!

  9. Jayapal is a moron. Like all leftists, she shifts blame, misdirects and obfuscates. Impeachment would be too good for her. I can only hope her constituents find a replacement for her.

  10. I know, as a Nurse, you have an incubation period, usually 14 to 21 days, not 4 or 5 , I got shingles from a recent vaccinated child, 21 days from exposure to when I broke out, Blame Republicans for everything, from temp. to amount of snow we might have, this is pure irrational, We conservatives need to be alert and to be careful whom we mention our beliefs to, AS the liberals are dangerous.

      1. Dems don’t know what a life is, because they got no brain. Cannot buy one cause the store ran out, put on backorder. Problem is that the stupid brainless Dems working in the brain factory went on strike.

        1. They went on strike, because they were not making enough to buy brains. When they got enough they went to the store only to find out that Biden had raised the price.

  11. Pelosi is responsible for bringing covid infected people to house so she would win. She should step down. I hope she gets it

      1. We can if you want to take the time, to get enough signatures on a petition, then put it to a vote. Of, course by then she will probably be dead anyway. Satan said that she was to ugly to go to hell, and God said he had to put it to vote, after he got enough signatures on a petition. Until then he had to keep her incommunicado. So, I guess we are just out of luck, because she will never get enough votes to get into Heaven, Satan will not let her into hell because she is just to ugly, which means we are stuck with her. She is to ugly for Satan, to righteous for God, so, we will suffer.

    1. Her belly was a lousy self inflected liposuction.
      Her knockers were lead balls not silicon, one hug low by the ruptured china man.
      Her face was a botched plastic job.

  12. Probably picked it up when Potbellyosi called the congress in to vote on her speakership…remember the one or ones who came with a positive test to vote?

  13. Nancy is at fault she had to have infected people come on the floor! to vote for her or she would never been elected! Shows again she cares about no one but herself, talk about a rigged election

  14. the said person needs to go home to Mumbi and fight the terrorist there instead of creating them here

  15. As I recall it takes more than 7 days for one to test positive for the virus. that is why there is a 10-14 day quarantine for one that has been exposed.

  16. Good grief, one would think her face would repel the coronavirus as well as most of the deadly diseases known to man!

  17. She was scared _hit less during the breach & should have been a zip tie around her throat, after all the times she talked trash about Mr.Trump. Just another Communist PIG….

  18. 1990 Bosnia, The almightys hand maiden the virgin mary has been appearing in Bosnia for over 30 years now, at one of her appearences our lord jesus christ appeared with his mother, several things jesus said the American people will have to take the country back from the crooked government, jesus also said than a new government will be set up in a different state, our government is so corrupt their actually insane sin is insanity…….. ……

      1. That is how the Rhinos got to be Rhinos.
        Come reelection they will need to register as democrats.
        If they have any hopes of staying in office.

    1. They are the super-spreaders of misinformation, from Russia & China. Putin wrote the Russia-Clinton Dossier, when is Xi going to do the China-Biden dossier.

  19. On this site, you are not allowed to post the truth, the Communist Censors will not allow the truth to be posted !!!! The first amendment does not exist when explanations are subject to the opinion of tyrants !!!! I WONDER WHAT THEY ARE AFRAID OF !!!!

  20. Rep. Jayapal and others in the gallery were told by Capitol Police to remove their masks and prepare to use gas masks.

  21. Dear Ms Democrat,

    If it were that easy and that fast…you had it before you even went in the closet; oops, room with Republicans. I must applaud on your slow thinking that Republicans can cause all things you believe around in America while Democrats will have the USA as a territory of China shortly.

  22. Conservatives were having a “Peaceful Rally”, when a bunch of liberal Antifa and BLM terrorist activist infiltrators working with the democratic party started trouble, k!lled a cop and four of the “Peaceful Rally” goers

    1. , damaged the capital building. and tried to blame it on the “Peaceful Rally” goers. Shame on the members of congress that try to give the terrorists a [email protected] These congressmen need to be relieved of their jobs and put in jail, for aiding Terrorist groups, especially Democrats and Rhinos.

  23. I urge all true republicans not to work with the Rhinos, Cheney, McConnel, Romney and others in the leadership of the party as they are working to help the Dems, and will only cause problems with in the party. We need to remove them as quickly as possible, and deny them access to the party organization, or any help from the party. If they are going to help the dems, they will have to find another way. They have betrayed the people, and are no longer deserving of their support.

  24. Hope you die dirtbag slowly and painfully after your family goes 1st from you! If covid doesn’t get you maybe a drive by that shoots you in the face with oo buckshot


  26. I am both proud and ashamed of my name for the Democrats: democu*ts
    And Biden is Xiden
    Stumbles McMyTurn for Hillary/Felonia
    Pencil-di*k for Schiff
    Bang Bang Fang Fang for Swalwell
    Of course, Nadler is Nadless
    Pelosi is Formaldehyde Nan
    The Squnts in the Squad
    Sheila Jackson ‘I stand here as a freed slave’ Lee
    Hank ‘Will Guam tip over if we station troops on it?’ Johnson
    Last but not least, repeat offender Sheila Jackson Lee asked if the Mars Rover would be close to the flag Neil Armstrong planted. When told that was on the moon and not Mars, she said it was racist to correct her. We have a winner!
    Tossing out a question here: why do YOU wear a mask? To protect yourself from MY large particles of snot and spit, right? Since YOU ‘RE protected, why should I wear a mask? Too logical for you?

  27. Rep Jaypal’s right face just called. It’s fallen and it can’t get up. Too cruel?

    Imagine you’re a jihadist sacrificing yourself. You go to Paradise for your 72 virgins. Every one of them looks like Tlaib or Jaypal and talks like Ilhan. Even worse, no one has a goat you could use instead.
    Trying to be an equal opportunity blasphemer/bigot.

  28. Serious post: Chinese scientists discovered the COVID virus in moths. At that time it was not transmissible to humans. The scientists were sent to Wuhan where other chemical and biological acts of war were being weaponized. It was never about the ‘wet market’s or bats. The team developed COVID 19, transmissible to humans. ‘volunteers’ were infected and sent out as human vectors to Western nations: US, Europe, Israel. With the virus came the bull and scare tactics. It’s a flu. Like every year. Every death is reported as C19 because federal funding is based on case numbers. Even with the inflated numbers, survivability is 99.7%. The Spanish Flu in 1918-19 killed 10% of the population. 90% survivability. The Black Plague in the Middle Ages killed one out of three people- 67% survivability.
    Masks are worthless, now a fashion accessory for virtue signaling. 80% Of the people who get infected have no symptoms at all. Only high risk people: heart, lung problems, diabetes, immunicompromisedand, old age. Of course, there are some who die who are not in this group. That’s what we are bombarded with every day. Last year, C19 deaths were less than 2 million worldwide. In that same period of time, 42 million babies were aborted. Puts that in perspective.

  29. This woman jayapal is a hideous, obnoxious demopuke. Even a mask wouldn’t help her except to keep her filthy spit from reaching others when she spews her garbage. A brown paper bag would be better over her entire head. McRant….loved reading your entertaining comments. Right on point. You have an excellent observation about three rags in a fountain. That is how I refer to them. They all need to return to hell.

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