May 15, 2021

Rep. Doug Collins: Christopher Wray should resign

One of President Trump’s most powerful allies is publicly calling for FBI Director Christopher Wray to resign.

Rep. Doug Collins, a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, just called for Wray’s resignation during an appearance on Fox News.

Collins isn’t happy with Wray’s handling of the investigation into FBI misconduct in the 2016 election, and he has a point. Wray doesn’t seem eager to clean the swamp that the FBI has become.

“After what we’ve heard this week coming out of the — more e-mails that have been released from Senator Graham, but also hearing from Senator Johnson as well, I’ve called on, instead it’s time for Christopher Wray to resign,” Collins said. “It’s time for him to move on. It’s time for him to get out of the way because we have seen constant feet dragging from the FBI on this issue. It is taking months to get things that should have already been turned over to Congress.”

“….we’ve had trouble all along with the Inspector General report, making sure that not only what those things were put in place, but other things,” Collins continued. “So we need to get — it is time for him to go. He’s been a problem. It’s time to get the FBI cleaned out.”

Wray’s brand of bureaucratic torpor isn’t the right fit for the FBI, which is in need of a thorough rebuild. It’s time for President Trump to have an FBI director that shares his views on intelligence reform.

Would it be too much to hope for Trey Gowdy?

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74 Responses

      1. Wray should go. He knew what was going on and did nothing. If he didn’t know then he is incompetent.

      2. Trey would be great at Any post.
        WRAY is a dud and must go ASAP! WAY Oveerdue.! Get him out, just obstructed and delayed turning over the docs, no credibility!

    1. BULLS EYE…….and any left over Obama era of corruption DEEP STATERS will flee that TOILET that Comey/Obama created and Waray did NOTHING ABOUT FLUSHING !!!

      1. Trump should have gotten rid of all the Obama holdovers when he took office. He was the duly elected president and he should have chosen his own team not relying on Obama holdovers.

        1. I agree…but probably didn’t want to make more waves than what he was seeing. ANY incoming president should clean out leftovers and institute new people on par with their thinking. Common Sense, yet I see that experienced people in these positions are also needed…….so, this is tough.

  1. I agree that Trey Gowdy would be great but I am not sure he wants to get back into the ugly Washington scene of corruption.

    1. Trey got weary of the corruption in DC, that’s why he went back home. He was tired of fighting the corruption and bureaucracy

  2. wray should be fired, and indicted! He’s in the same category, as comey & rosenstein. Totally corrupt!

  3. Goody seem a loyal patriot and pretty decent and knowledgeable lawyer. I think we can’t do worse than Wray unless we have Biden/Harris in the wh. Then God help us all

  4. Trey Howdy would do a great job . Now only one thing left to say to Christopher Wray ; Bye ! Don’t let the door hit you on your way out .

  5. The FBI has to be cleaned out if the nation is to trust them as they once were. Wray has been at the helm and the trouble still exists. The agency was never supposed to be political or biased but that isn’t what it is presently. Th higher echelons were biased to the hilt. They were actually committing more crimes than they were solving. The Dems involved in the attempting overthrow of Trump still run around free. Comey, Brenna, and the rest of the cronies have not been arrested but they managed to get innocent Trump staff and support treated like crap. It is past time for justice due. The Clintons and Obamas need to be brought to justice before the nation gets any worse.

    1. IT does NOT set a GOOD EXAMPLE for these so called “work for us” evil people! Far too many are guilty and still out walking the streets, writing books and grinning all the way to the bank!

  6. We desperately need change in a lot of areas but nothing ever seems to happen but a lot of talk … no action. Hillary gets off without having to give a deposition on her many, many emails that she needs to explain . Democrats can slam whoever they want but conservatives get shut down. Media is not fair in the reporting . They should be impartial and give BOTH sides Of a story and let voters decide who they want to believe .

  7. Trey Gowdy would’ve America’s answer as Director of the FBI.
    Trey Gowdy is a tell it like it is guy. Always truthful. I just doubt that he will take that job. But I prey he has a change of heart.

  8. I totally agree, the FBI director seems to be a huge protector of the left instead of being neutral and releasing documents and evidence in this case. I also think that Wray is trying to also protect the reputations of those FBI agents who were involved. There has been too many agents who let their personal feelings interfere with making sound legal decisions and therefore they themselves violated the law. Based upon their bias law breaking decisions, they need to face their legal obligation under the rule of law. None of these agents are above the law!!

  9. It wouldn’t be too much for Trey Gowdy but would he take the job? It is time for Wray to go. I’m surprised the President hasn’t fired him. There is no reason for him to allow the FBI to slow walk any subpoenaed documents unless they are just trying to drag time out and then if Biden wins it will all be swept away.

  10. Calling all Senators and President Trump to fire Wray and get Trey (the bulldog) in for FBI director. He would clean up the FBI

  11. I would love to see Trey Gowdy As the FBI director. I can’t see him accepting intil after the election, for abvious
    reasons. He would be fired the first day of Biden’s term (God forbid)

  12. Maybe its time for for Wray to be replaced and Trey Gowdy would be an excellent replacement. He believes in the truth and would be the one to weed through all the hidden lies and truth and to get to the bottom of all the lies that were put out to the public, and put the Democratic party on notice that there LIES WONT STAND. Crush ther lies so the public knows what was all illegally done to President Trump and his people.

  13. Personal believe that there lot of people who need to be put in jail for life. They took an oath to protect the country. NOT THE POLITICAN WHO ARE CORRUPTION! So let be sure we keep those in office that are doing their JOB! And remove those that aren’t! Then try them for their crime against AMERICA.

  14. Trey Gowdy is one of the smartest individuals that has ever served in our government, he would be an excellent choice to head up the FBI. I can tell him if he should accept, he will have the swamp after his hide.

  15. I vote for Trey. I just don’t trust the FBI the way it is now. There needs to be a total cleaning. Trey can do that.
    TRUMP 2020

  16. Since this FBI Cesspool came to light, I’ve maintained the opinion that the only solution is a thorough Top to Bottom Enema of the Bureau. No one, who has allowed their political party affiliation to influence their investigation tasks, has any business in the country’s LE offices. This has been a continuous problem that has plagued the Bureau throughout its history, but it became an even more blatant and egregious abuse under the Obama administration.
    Cleaning Out The Swamp, means that every Federal agency, bureau and department needs reviewed and vetted, not just Congress.

  17. The FBI is only part of the “permanent state”. The DOJ, SES, CIA, etc. are superior in privilege, pay, and legal immunity than we minions who are directed to financially support them . The majority of congress have allowed this development over years and are complicit.

  18. There are still Obama era people inside the Trump government. It’s a shame too. Will anything ever happen to these career criminals? There really does seem to be a two tiered system of justice in place. Judicial Watch, after pursuing Hillary’s in court testimony before a judge for 5 yrs– over Benghazi and her emails– was blown off by two Obama era judges. All the information is out there and yet, she walks away free once again. This shows you how much protection these people have and why they can continue to walk the streets without arrest or prosecution for their crimes. Collins submitted a subpoena to Wray to hand over the documents he’s been requesting for months now. This is truly obstruction of justice from the Director of the FBI. This continued criminal activity against the Trump administration hasn’t changed. Wray is part of this activity. Who knows if Barr and Durham will truly derive any justice against Wray’s buddies in the FBI, CIA, State Dept, Congress and elsewhere…The Swamp runs very high and deep.



    1. Its Barr responsibility to get to the bottom of the coruption of obamagate.that should be his main concern. It’s the biggest crime ever in goverment.He’s not acting as top cop .the doj had lawyers help clinton get away from going under oath for her email just a couple weeks ago.wray is still holding documents after trump told Barr, he want every thing opened up and all documents to come out.the Republicans bring the corupt dem player under oath ,then just let them go..the government is covering it all up ,dont want the public to see how corupt the whole system it is..trump seems to be the only real patriot and want to clean it all up ..if we didn’t have Trump in office we would be in a world of hurt..Trump 2020

  20. Here is my prediction ,,,,,,,,,,,, When Trump gets re-elected , POW !!!! Wray is the FIRST one to get FIRED , then Trump is going to do some SERIOUS house cleaning and alot of people are going to be looking for new jobs . MAGA 2020

  21. Sheriff Clark is the man we want. As much as we like Gowdy, Clark is a law enforcement veteran and has the background to do the job.

  22. FBI can no longer be trusted. Wray has had time to correct and take responsibility but has not do so. He should be replaced. Sad part it looks like FBI have become political and that has to stop. Just do the job that they were meant to do and stay neutral.

  23. Trey could serve his country in no better way than to take FBI director’s position and clean up the FBI and restore the confidence of the American people in the FBI.

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