October 1, 2022

BREAKING: Biden’s MASSIVE Failure… Biggest Presidential Promise FAILS

President Joe Biden promised to “shut down” COVID-19 during the 2020 presidential campaign. Yet like everything else he’s had a hand in, things have only gotten worse.

There were more deaths from COVID-19 this year than there were in 2020 despite Biden’s campaign promise and the advent of effective new vaccines, the Daily Wire reported. More than 353,000 succumbed to the virus in the first 10 months of this year, a thousand more than occurred between March 2020 and the end of that year. 

Aside from lamenting the mean tweets, there wasn’t much the Democrats could do to attack former President Donald Trump whose robust economy was humming along in a peaceful nation. However, with the pandemic ramping up as the months ticked closer to the 2020 presidential election, Biden ran on the promise that he would “shut down the virus.”

Biden took office with a vaccine already being delivered into arms of millions of Americans but somehow has still presided over the worst of the pandemic. Experts are blaming the delta variant and lack of herd immunity.

“So there were a lot of people being exposed, in the face of not really having herd immunity anywhere, and having the delta variant, which is much more contagious,” Dr. Mary Jo Trepka, professor and Department of Epidemiology chairwoman at Florida International University, explained. “The more cases you get, the more deaths you’re going to have,” she added.

Trepka also noted that the more cases there are across all age groups, the more deaths for vulnerable elderly populations. The delta variant has by all accounts proven to be highly transmissible in all populations.

It’s not that Biden should necessarily be blamed for this, of course. However, it’s telling Trump’s detractors pinned the former president with the virus that has proven to be difficult to control around the world despite the best efforts of governments.

If there was one thing Biden was elected to do, it was to fix the pandemic. He has clearly failed, but the media will continue to prop him up even as the bodies pile up.





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