July 4, 2022

Rapper Young Dolph shot dead in broad daylight

America’s cities are increasingly becoming unsafe with rising crime rates. Memphis, Tennesse is one such city — and a popular rapper is dead because of it.

Adolph Robert Thornton, Jr., known as rapper Young Dolph, was shot dead Wednesday in broad daylight while visiting a bakery in the city, Fox News reported. No suspects have been identified in the shooting.

A witness claimed he heard more than two dozen shots quickly fired. There was a pause for a bit, and the gunfire resumed with another handful of shots fired off. “He pulled his Lamborghini up to the shop and they got him, man,” a witness said outside Makeda’s Butter Cookies, a popular establishment Dolph was known to frequent. “They got him,” the man said.

Police are still investigating the crime that killed the Memphis native who was known as a philanthropist in the community. There was reportedly another person in the car with Dolph whose identity is not released.

“This shooting is another example of the senseless gun violence that we have seen far too often, locally and nationwide,” Memphis Police Chief C.J. Davis said in a statement. “Too many families, too many mothers, too many fathers have suffered in our city. And quite frankly, I think we are all tired of it,” the chief wrote in a moment of candor.

“Our hearts go out to the Thornton family and all who are affected by this horrific act of violence,” the chief concluded. Dolph was set to hand out turkeys Friday at Memphis’s St. James Missionary Baptist Church.

This is not the first time Dolph has been a victim of gun crime. The artist was shot at twice before in separate incidents and released his album “Bulletproof” about surviving a shooting in Charlotte, North Carolina in 2017.

Crime is on the rise in cities throughout the U.S. Many have been subject to efforts to defund police, and others are just suffering the ineptitude of Democratic administrations. Regardless of the cause, these policies have real-world consequences for the people who suffer at the hands of criminals — and men like Dolph are not spared from it.

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