August 1, 2021

Rapper 50 Cent says ‘vote for Trump’ because of Biden tax plan

President Donald Trump and Republicans have never had much success in winning over Hollywood’s elite, as it’s the trendy and hip move for celebrities to trash the president and his policies to their millions of social media followers in an effort to help Democrats.

As Breitbart reported this week, that trend could soon be changing as more celebrities, like rapper 50 Cent, realize what a presidency under Joe Biden would mean for their finances. The notorious rapper, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, recently announced his support for Trump after he saw Biden’s astonishingly high proposed tax rates for the ultra-rich.

Jackson shocked his fans when he posted an image on Monday showing that tax rates in New York City for those making over $400,000 would be at 62 percent. Other areas, like California and New Jersey, were also in the same range.

The rapper’s response was blunt and filled with profanities aimed at the proposed Biden tax rates, but at the heart of his message, he proudly stated “Vote Trump” before explaining that he never really liked New York in the first place.

CNBC confirmed the extremely high tax rates for America’s successful and wealthy class under a Biden administration, saying “In California, New Jersey and New York City, taxpayers earning more than $400,000 a year could face combined state and local statutory income tax rates of more than 60%.”

Some top Trump campaign surrogates had fun with the news of Jackson’s political camp-switch on social media.

“I guess 50 cent don’t want to end up 20 cent,” 2016 Trump spokesperson Katrina Pierson tweeted.

It would probably be foolish to think that Jackson’s newfound interest in Trump’s policies will kick off a wave of Hollywood celebrity support, but it should be noted that Jackson is the second major rap star to jump on the Trump Train with the recent announcement of rapper Ice Cube supporting the president’s “Platinum Plan,” which aims at helping black communities across America.

Perhaps as more of America’s wealthy considers the fact that a Biden win in November would mean that they’ll be taxed into the ground, they’ll begin to see the light.

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14 Responses

  1. Bidon s done. Someone really needs to tell him he’s finished done going nowhere but to jail and joe take all your buddies with you.

  2. A RACIST rapper angry over paying taxes says vote for Trump? I guess it only matters when it hurts their POCKETS? Yeah, otherwise it would be Biden all the way even when Biden has proven himself to be a Racist too.

    1. There is so much proof that Trump is NOT rascist, but some people are not ever going to accept that the sky is blue from the ground. You just cannot fix stupid!!!

    2. Racist? You white bit€h boy. I love white women and my money Nancy boy! Now I support Trump and you call me racist? Be looking over my shoulder now if I was you!

  3. It’s really insane why so many Hollywood elites/rich vote for a candidate who publicly says those are one’s who they are going after to pay for everyone’s health care. Equally amazing billionaires supporting the Democrats who want to strip them of their wealth. These idiots couldn’t have made their fortune they had to inherited it.

    1. They will shelter their money very handily…..They are not stupid! I can bet that most of them have used plenty of maneuvers to safeguard their stolen monies. WAKE UP AMERICA.

  4. Too bad it takes MONEY to get someone to see the “light” and not the bigotry, hypocrisy and cruelty of the Democratic Party!!

  5. The Democratic States are trying to do a virus scare lock down before the election to keep IN person voters from voting, that’s why they have been cohering people to vote early also so they can not change there minds before Nov 3.

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