August 16, 2022

Radical leftists protest at NRA convention, shout obscenities at Black cops

Liberal anti-gun activists gathered in Houston, Texas, over the weekend to protest at the annual National Rifle Associaton (NRA) in the wake of the mass shooting in the small town of Uvalde, where a deranged teen gunman took the lives of 19 children and two teachers at Robb Elementary School.

Radical leftists pivot to blaming the NRA when anything bad happens with guns, especially mass shootings, as they believe the gun lobby is directly responsible for the actions of mentally sick individuals. Regardless, the activists who showed up this weekend in Houston were also a sick breed. 

The protesters — many of them donning gear supporting Beto O’Rourke — shouted disgusting slurs at some of the Black police officers working security at the event, showing their true, racist colors.

One radical leftist yelled, “Blood is on your hands, Those children’s blood is on your hands.”

Another one yelled directly at a Black police officer, shouting, “How do you f***ing feel? You’re a black cop protecting him! F***ing disgusting, F***ing pig.”

The activists attending the protests are pushing for stronger gun laws, though it has been unequivocally proven that strict gun laws do not mean less instances of gun violence, which can be seen on a weekly basis in cities like Chicago and Philadelphia.

Those cities have some of the strongest gun laws on the books, yet they see some of the highest rates of gun violence, much of which is minority-driven, Black-on-Black gang violence that the white liberals in attendance at the NRA convention refuse to acknowledge.

Liberals will continue to throw hissy fits for several weeks until the situation dies down, while Republicans get to work on actual solutions, such as hardening school security procedures and pushing for increased access to mental health treatment for sick individuals.

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Evelyn Frazier (@guest_1288004)
2 months ago

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Allan Segal (@guest_1288012)
2 months ago

Had this killer used a knife to kill those kids and teachers, would there be demands on the control or confiscation of knives. What about that monster who drove his car into a Christmas parade killing several folks from kids to seniors. Will we expect to see an outcry to decrease the people who can use such items? The dastardly monster who killed those kids and teachers was mentally derange and there should be a way to keep people like this out of schools and away from the kids teachers inside. Once again, the left has the whold thing backwards. Do not vote for these fools.



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