August 7, 2022

Putin makes significant changes to key top officials

While Russia continues to make small gains in its invasion of neighboring Ukraine, the war effort, by most experts’ accounts, hasn’t gone the way Vladimir Putin might have hoped.

According to the Washington Examiner, that could be why the Russian leader is reportedly “reshuffling” his top officials, “including Russia’s deputy prime minister for the defense ministry,” the outlet noted. 

An Associated Press report indicated that Russia’s space agency Roscosmos’s chief Dmitry Rogozin was let go by Putin, and replaced by Yuri Borisov, now the former deputy prime minister for the defense ministry.

“In accordance with subsection ‘e’ of article 83 of the Russian Constitution, Yury Ivanovich Borisov is hereby relieved from the post of deputy chairman of the government of the Russian Federation,” an official decree read.

Clearly, given his appointment to the head of the country’s prestigious space agency, Burisove hasn’t exactly been cast aside by the Kremlin, although some experts believe that his lackluster performance in his former role might have led to the reassignment.

A Kremlin spokesperson added that Rogozin’s dismissal from the space agency wasn’t one of a punitive nature. Instead, he will be reassigned to a position managing some of the newly-captured areas of Ukraine, likely on the Eastern front where Russia has made the most progress.

More chances could come depending on Russia’s progress in Ukraine. A continued assault on the country’s Eastern front is expected, though it’s largely unclear if Putin will make another move down the road for Kyiv.

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Rufus (@guest_1290606)
17 days ago

Looks like a sign that Putin’s house is just as f***** up as Joebama’s. (well, maybe not that bad, bad).



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