May 26, 2022

Putin holds drills with nuclear subs and land-based missiles

Russian President Vladimir Putin placed his nuclear forces on high alert as submarines conducted drills on Tuesday.

“Putin’s decree applied to all parts of the Russian nuclear triad, which like in the U.S., consists of nuclear submarines armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles, nuclear-tipped land-based ICBMs and nuclear-capable strategic bombers. The United States and Russia have the two largest nuclear arsenals in the world, by far,” Fox News reported.

“The U.S. said Putin’s move unnecessarily escalated an already dangerous conflict, but so far has announced no changes in its nuclear weapons alert level, perhaps in part because it was unclear what the Russian president’s order meant in practical terms,” the report added.

The move comes as Russia escalates attacks on cities across Ukraine.

President Joe Biden has called for serious sanctions, arguing Putin will “pay a price” for his actions.

The Russian invasion is a concern not only to Ukraine, but the entire world, as Putin includes leadership over top nuclear weapons.

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