July 25, 2021

Psaki vows to strike the term ‘red line’ from official vocabulary

Democrats are never actually hawkish on national defense, but they like to speak as if they are. Because that has backfired in the past, President Joe Biden’s administration is not about to make that same mistake.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters Monday that the Biden administration would never use the term “red line,” Breitbart reported. Psaki made those remarks about details of the new COVID-19 relief bill, but the implications may go deeper.

“Red line is an old term,” Psaki told a Fox Business reporter asking about salary considerations with new stimulus check distribution. “We’re not going to use it again.”

Perhaps the reason Psaki was loath to use the term this time was because she’d already been burned by it before. President Barack Obama drew a “red line” against Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad in August 2012, threatening retaliation if the country’s president used biological or chemical weapons against his own people.

Then in June 2013, Assad used sarin nerve gas against his citizens. Obama demurred from his previous threat and instead deferred to Congress for permission to retaliate. He was met with bipartisan opposition, likely because he’d already demonstrated weakness and lack of follow-through that would have made starting another war a disaster.

As a spokesperson for the State Department at the time, journalists hammered Psaki about Obama’s failure to honor his commitment. “I’m not talking about red lines,” Psaki said in an Aug. 2013 briefing. “I’m not having a debate or conversation about red lines, I’m not setting red lines. Let’s not talk about red today.”

Although Psaki’s recent instance was about domestic policy, it isn’t a leap to assume the administration will not be drawing any “red lines” in foreign policy anytime soon either. Democrats are often skittish about war and, when they do authorize force, it’s usually part of a piecemeal foreign policy that lacks cohesion, clarity, or many times even usefulness (as evidenced by Obama backing down from formal action in Syria while favoring drone strikes everywhere else).

The press secretary who prefers to “circle back” to everything is simply conveying the type of leadership her Democratic boss prefers. Sure, Biden is quite free with his pen, but Democrats are notorious for running roughshod over America and its laws while tiptoeing around dictators. Biden will likely be no different.

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40 Responses

  1. I expect that Uncle Joe will have no trouble wasting American lives and treasure in places like Syria where our nation has no honest stake but that wherever legitimate American interests are involved he will pursue a policy of preemptive surrender.

    1. Of course she will. With that Clairol Red hair and her constant Circle Back we should start calling her ‘TARGET’.

  2. Biden is going to fail our country he’s like a loudmouth drunk making promises he can’t keep .You’ll let him cheat hope you are happy .

  3. Dollar says that within one week, Biden will use the term “red line” against citizens of the U.S. . Not against China who has already issued it against us.

    1. China issued that remark to biden because he is spineless and they know it. He is also scared of the citizens of America that why he has surrounded him self with military personnel.

  4. Joe Biden really needs to concede before he makes the biggest make towards the USA and it’s veterans!! He will pay dearly when he meets his maker along with the other Demonicrats!!

  5. If the slim majority of our country’s residents (I refuse to use citizens, which is no longer a meaningful term) wish to surrender their freedoms for an occasional promise of freebie handouts from a dictatorial oligarchy, it is too bad that the increasingly less-vocal ‘minority’ must be subjected to the avarice and stupidity of the 1/2 +1 needed to rule us into oblivion. Sorry I wasted 3+ years ‘fighting’ a lost war for a clueless Dem Prez.

    1. I agree with TED! But I have one thing to say! Don’t think for one minute that the Obamas and LUCIFER Hillary isn’t behind this. Joe has always been a puppet throughout his entire “career” in politics!!!

  6. Jen Psaki is an un-American Bimbo raised in
    an elitist bubble. Beijing Joe can give her no
    guidance, and she cannot think on her feet.
    In response all she can do is “circle back”
    when hard questions are asked.

    1. When tough questions are asked and honesty is required of these national leaders, the best they can do is rely on trite expressions like, “Circle back” and “Come on, man.”

  7. Come on Jen. Do we have to wait until you get your instructions from the left before you circle back. Can’t you make any statements on your own. Aren’t you supposed to be in on all talks and decisions. Why do you always have to “circle back”?

  8. I wonder if Sleepy Joe calls her “Packi”, like he calls the Psalms “Palms” and the Psalmist “Palmist”? Maybe she’ll circle back on that question.

  9. Jen is a vessel that spews out anger and hostility when she speaks. Always on the defense . No wonder those who asked for a list of questions for senile old uncle Joe ahead of time makes sense now because asking good valid questions irritate the hell out of them. I wonder if she has a softer side hidden even if small lie the heart of THE GRINCH THAT STOLE CHRISTMAS

  10. REPUBLICAN’S are weak two faced lying TRUMP backstabbing SOB’s!! First TWO no BALLS COMMUNIST RINO’S SESSIONS n BARR next 2 CORRUPT TRAITOROUS heads of the FBI Comey Wray!!! REPUBLICANS made this BIDEN/HARRIS DISASTER HAPPEN for the next four years & it will rip our country apart!!!!

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