June 30, 2022

Psaki signals WH support of Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s decision to scrap national anthem

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki has only held her position for a couple of weeks, but she’s already drawn heavy criticism for her evasive style.

Psaki typically refuses to give real answers to pressing questions about the Biden administration’s plans, but when she does give a definite answer, she exposes the administration’s decidedly anti-American agenda.

Case in point, after the internet exploded in controversy when it was revealed that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban had blocked the national anthem from being played before NBA games, Psaki appeared to agree with Cuban’s shocking decision.

Fox News’s Peter Doocy asked Psaki about the Biden administration’s opinion of Cuban’s removal of the tradition during Wednesday’s press conference, and Psaki responded that “Biden would say” that he supports the basketball team recognizing that “we as a country haven’t lived up to our highest ideals.”

“I haven’t spoken with the president about the decision by Mark Cuban or the Dallas Mavericks,” Psaki said of Cuban’s order. “I know he’s incredibly proud to be an American, and has great respect for the anthem, and all that represents, especially for our men and women serving in uniform around the world.”

She continued:

He’d also say that, of course, that part of the — that pride in our country means recognizing moments where we as a country haven’t lived up to our highest ideals, which is often and at times what people are speaking to when they take action at sporting events. And it means respecting the right of people, granted to them in the Constitution, to peacefully protest. That’s why he ran for President in the first place, and that’s what he’s focused on doing every day.

Psaki’s answer was still a non-answer, but it revealed a very sinister trend in the brand new administration. “America First” as foreign policy is officially dead — Biden himself made that clear.

“America First” as a domestic policy is cancelled — a decision Biden might not be so quick to announce publically, but Psaki clearly has no problem affirming.

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Mad as Hell (@guest_1131116)
1 year ago

Biden, his team & the Democrats are getting crazier & crazier, they are crooks & idiots that are turning this country from great to pathetic! Biden/Obama are the worse Presidents ever!

stephen barrette (@guest_1131138)
Reply to  Mad as Hell
1 year ago

Trying to turn America communist

PAT (@guest_1131166)
Reply to  Mad as Hell
1 year ago

anti-America, Puppet Dementia, Criminal, LIAR, Communist Lover, biden, is controlled by all the Obama Cartels that he has on his team together with all the Radical, Progressive, Racist, Hateful, anti-American, anti-Semetic, Power & Dark Cash money hungry scum of the earth DemoRATS,.

Franco (@guest_1131523)
Reply to  Mad as Hell
1 year ago

It is no longer America first!!!
We are allowing many immigrants in with the Biden’s
signature NOT knowing if they are Corona Virus Positive???

Jane Collins (@guest_1131541)
Reply to  Mad as Hell
1 year ago

Biden has picked the worst of the worst to represent him. Jen Psaki really is do unintelligent and the poorest commentator of WH news. Lets be honest Obama is really running the WH.

Ray Madeja (@guest_1131675)
Reply to  Jane Collins
1 year ago

That’s one ugly woman she wouldn’t even look good with a bag over her head

alicia cervera (@guest_1131585)
Reply to  Mad as Hell
1 year ago

Im from Dallas and will NEVER go to a Maverick game on account of Cuban wanting to ban the Anthem. pSAKI IS A TOTAL ignorant SOROS PAYED WORM.

cn (@guest_1133020)
Reply to  Mad as Hell
1 year ago

her answers are what I call Lawyer speak. A Legalease way of talking and saying nothing committal. (ie. a lie) I am beginning to think all the past Russia nonsense was a smoke screen for the biggest threat to our republic and it is China.

David G. (@guest_1131125)
1 year ago

If you don’t start voting against the Commie left, your freedoms and rights will be stripped from your life, as you can clearly see with this fraud Biden administration, there is no respect for the Constitution or bill of rights, democrats are down right globalists liars.

cn (@guest_1133037)
Reply to  David G.
1 year ago

We do need to vote out these communists, but how do we guarantee the vote will be legal? Plans, I believe, are already in place for conservative voices to be squelched and an avalanche of undocumented votes for democrats will win the day.

Thomas Goss (@guest_1131126)
1 year ago

She never answers a serious question…she is a disgrace and should not be there. Biden and the democrats are doing all they can to destroy my country

soosue (@guest_1131503)
Reply to  Thomas Goss
1 year ago

She needs a early morning wake up call at around 3 AM.

rick (@guest_1131136)
1 year ago

What a moron! Remember America, Drink Beer!, Pee Saki

Don (@guest_1131152)
1 year ago

Psaki is evasive because she hasn’t a clue about the real world…..but that’s what the Kommiecrats want. Slugs who follow the party line without question.

JIM (@guest_1131903)
Reply to  Don
1 year ago

Miss circle jerk is perfect for Bidens spokeperson.

Glenn S Todd (@guest_1131163)
1 year ago

If anything is causing me to vomit it is Psaki whenever she tries to answer questions that the news media asks her. Most of her answers are DUMB. Where the hell did biden pick this loser?

Robert Schultz (@guest_1131487)
Reply to  Glenn S Todd
1 year ago

She is most likely one of his victims

Robert Schultz (@guest_1131493)
Reply to  Glenn S Todd
1 year ago

It was either this or charges

Robert Schultz (@guest_1131497)
Reply to  Glenn S Todd
1 year ago

She was probably 6 when he “sniffed” her.

Robert Schultz (@guest_1131499)
Reply to  Glenn S Todd
1 year ago

Had to break my comment up so that the censors would post it

Dan F. (@guest_1131502)
Reply to  Glenn S Todd
1 year ago

WHAT ANSWERS ???? She is so evasive she should be a fly on a hot summer night ! She only responds to questions she has previewed before the news conference. Its bad enough there are only liberal news people in the audience.

cn (@guest_1133042)
Reply to  Glenn S Todd
1 year ago

her comments aren’t dumb they are calculated and diabolical.

Brad (@guest_1131189)
1 year ago

Well Biden’s losers are all the losers from the O’bama years. Whoever voted O’bama in for the 2nd term should be put in front of a firing squad. He is a disgrace to the black community. We are all disgraced by his actions. It showed when he put a stop to the National Day of Prayer. He is a MUSLIM and doesn’t care about the Christians at all. As Biden doesn’t either.

rm (@guest_1131535)
Reply to  Brad
1 year ago

Brad, look at a picture of biden’s cabinet. All faces of EVIL.

Emma Lou Jones (@guest_1131401)
1 year ago

Psaki doesn’t seem to be knowledgable on the issues here! She needs to study the Constitution and the Bill of Rights of our country. Then maybe I’ll listen to her.

Robert Schultz (@guest_1131509)
Reply to  Emma Lou Jones
1 year ago

She knows the right answers, but cannot reveal the truth.
What is she going to say?
” I know my boss is a thief and a commie, but we all know what is best for you”
“I know this is an illigitamate presidency, but just sit tight, because it is going to get a whole lot worse”

MEHIDA AGNESETTI (@guest_1131498)
1 year ago

If you noticed, Psaki rarely look at the press when they ask questions, she is always flipping her notes looking for answers?

Wes (@guest_1131542)
1 year ago

So, if we post on here are we going to be banned? It shows Twitter and Facebook on the bottom? Also, their is a article in the New York Times that says FoxNews Should be on trial with President Trump. The columnist is Nicholas Kristof. Funny or not. New York with Cuomo. I am not surprised. Maybe we can message that guy and tell him he is an idiot. As far Psaki. Since the questions have be approved before press conferences, maybe no reporters should show up. That would be awesome. Mark Cuban and others want to ban the National Anthem before sports games. Allow transgender people in any bathroom they want. Guess when they shower together with the girls they can talk about it. God Bless everyone.

Claxson 68 (@guest_1131551)
1 year ago

Liars never look you straight in the eyes. Psaki is lying for corrupt China Joe !

Diana Maus (@guest_1131553)
1 year ago

She is a disgrace but she fits right in to this administration. Very evasive not an open book like president trump was. They talk about transparency not in this administration. I like Kaleigh she had her book tag like she should and could answer question in a split 2nd. This one is a bozo like her boss

Jorge Markin Sr. (@guest_1131567)
1 year ago

Jan Psaki only brings one qualification to her position (sucky)

Rob (@guest_1131671)
1 year ago

Phuck Quid-Pro-Joe and his hood rat administration!

Billy Wilson (@guest_1131702)
1 year ago

I can not wait to hear them declare that we are a Communist country. There will be heck to pay for all his Anti-Trump acts we may be under Obama again !

Bea (@guest_1132123)
1 year ago

Jen Psaki looks, sounds, and acts like a dump truck pouring gravel when standing next to a Ferrari – Kayleigh McEnany who is brilliant, educated (a law degree), always prepared and very well spoken. It is pathetic for a supposedly educated woman like Psaki to use so many filler words, ahhhh, ummmm, circling back. What a boring person Jen is to the point of making me YAWN.

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JosephWew (@guest_1262101)
1 year ago

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