June 19, 2021

Psaki confirms that ‘Biden-Harris administration’ branding is meant to highlight Harris’s role

White House press secretary Jen Psaki admitted that Vice President Kamala Harris has been elevated to nearly an equal role to President Biden by the White House’s rebranding of the “Biden” administration to “Biden-Harris” in communications.

“I would take from it that Vice President Harris is an important partner, she’s the first in the room and the last in the room on most occasions if she’s in town,” Psaki said, adding that it was a “reflection of the important role she will play moving forward.”

The new “Biden-Harris” wording has been included on the White House Twitter channel, WhiteHouse.gov and other official communications.

Vice President Kamala Harris has taken on numerous duties traditionally associated to the president. Recent examples include taking calls with international heads of state and swearing in cabinet members.

President Joe Biden also recently assigned Harris as the leader to address the immigration surge on the nation’s southern border.

Some have viewed the vice president’s leadership prominence a requirement due to Biden’s health issues. The president has failed to travel frequently or hold regular press conferences.

Other suggest the leadership elevation may serve as preparation for a future Harris presidential run in 2024. Biden has noted he expects to run for reelection.

The unprecedented billing has given Harris notable leadership opportunities. As the nation’s first female vice president, her visibility has served as an important part of the Democrat Party’s plans to solidify female voters.

Psaki’s admission comes as no surprise to most Americans. The only question is where the elevated status for Harris will lead in the days ahead.

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65 Responses

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        1. You are so right we now have a whore for a VP & maybe even President any day
          soon…Democrats wanted it and they got it….

  2. President Donald J Trump was able to.do.his job but Biden Harris need two people to try to do his job and they still cannot

      1. Trump more real than Obama! And you! Racist and hate was started by DEMONcrat and they use black people to push it! Thank to the ones who fail to learn history.

      1. Go back from which you came from doug the bug allam!!! Your black obozo got his 3rd term, obozo joe is just his puppet! By the way, allam, are you a m_ _ _ _ m!?? If so go back, by all means leave my country!!!

    1. Trump did everything legal that he could do to save Americans. Unfortunately we conservatives let him down. He was out their alone trying to keep the election honest. Battleground states did too little too late to help us. The Supreme court did NOTHING. That is an act of treason as far as I am concerned. Vice president Pence had no guts to stand up for Trump – he says he didn’t have the Constitutional right; nothing about the election results had anything to do with the Constitution. He sounds like the Dems that are doing everything they can to circumvent the Constitution. Also the comments he made after the Jan 6 protest were absolutely meant to help justify his decision – I can’t believe Trump would do this to me after all the hard work I did for him”. He of all people knew this wasn’t Trump and he also knew that Antifa would infiltrate the protest to egg on violence. I thought Pence was a good man and a good Christian but I was wrong.

  3. Can you say 25th amendment, Watch, It is coming and the White House Doctor will second the motion, Watch…

      1. You know what ? you are showing your Ignorance by coming here and saying the Crap your saying. The Election was a Bought and Paid for the Stupid Government that is in there now. The Big Tech Companie’s which the end is so long a person couldn’t name them all. I wouldn’t let anyone know I voted for a Man to be put in Office that already had Dementia, your as bad off as the rest of the Kook’s that in there. 10 year old Kid’s can do what these Kook’s are doing and that is Sad. Beijing Joe ( Obum-Dung ) has undone all the good thing’s that was done for this Country and the American People. Look at all the Trash that is hording in across the boarder. A bounch already has Covid and other Disease’s bringing it all in for the Kid’s and older people to get. Don’t bother answering me, I am putting you on block. Like I said your just showing your Ignorance and I don’t care to read your Crap. I do have some advice if you Love what is in the Government so well why don’t you pack your clothe’s and go to Texas and help take care of all those Illegal’s. Stool Pigeon

      2. Hey, Doug…. were you one of the less than 2 percent who voted for Harris in the primary? Wow… really smart, aren’t you!

    1. Biden has already stated that if he and Harris have a disagreement he will get sick and turn it over to Harris. However it happens, Harris is the actual one the “Hidden Hands” want as president. “We can thank the SCOTUS for not doing their job, which allowed the Communist party AKA the Democrat party to get away with worst voter fraud that has ever taken place in this country, even Biden early on talked about winning by having the best voter fraud in place. I cannot recall his exact words, but he seems to have been told in advance about it.

  4. Won’t be long now before Idiot Joe gets booted from office by the other Dems running the government. We really need to say our prayers and hope something happens to keep all those in line to keep any of them from taking the idiot’s place. We can dream!!!!

  5. Even Democrats should be upset since she did not get a vote in a primary and she didn’t get a vote for President in the General election. One has to wonder who chose her for the ticket. My bet is she is Obama’s Manchurian Candidate for his 3rd term. In less than 3 months the plot unfolds. This stinks to high heaven.

  6. obama hasnt left washington because his puppeteer george soros planned this all out and we knew from the beginning this was their plan. i dont think obama and soros will win 2024 too many reps now and getting new ones everyday. you guys think we r chomps well forget that. u did exactly what we knew u were going to do everyone has to pay for being ruthless crooked liars and commies. soros for yrs wants this cty to be communistic and has paid billions and billions but people rule USA not soros .this time there cld never be an election like 2020 we r digging dirt and everyday find more and more on pelosi schumer obama clinton and soros. just a matter of time. in fact on all demos who r rotten to the core. they have created havoc want to take our freedom away .dont think because things r quiet they will stay this quiet. also take our money that we earned working hard to give to illegals. people r getting angrier everyday and wont tolerate much more. have so many new reps who r tough and wont sit back and let it happen.

    1. Sheila… well said!!! They can only yank the tail of the tiger so many times before the tiger strikes back. The turning point will be when they try to confiscate the guns of true American patriots. Let’s pray the military sides with the Constitutionalists!

  7. At least from this thread we know one thing for certain. It costs Doug Allam $4 for a haircut! One dollar for each side! Aren’t you lucky to live in a country where you can be as blind, ignorant & stupid as you want to be? Can you string together more than 10 words?

  8. Some game they played gammoning all of those people who voted Democrat! No one wanted Harris who dropped out of the presidential candidate field. Now look what you’ve got, people! You who voted the dems in deserve exactly what you’ve got! Third term puppet Obama with Soros pulling everyone’s strings. I am more than happy to say I didn’t vote for this sham! Don’t you who did feel stupid now! You were warned what would happen and it is coming true!

  9. The people didn’t elect two Presidents? So why is Harris acting like she is President when Biden is still the President! People we have a problem and need to do something about this whole situation! Because the Republicans sure as hell are not doing anything!

  10. I feel too many comments are about transparency and not about commentary. We have failed leadership in Joe Biden and very weak bench strength with Kamala and the cabinet. Kamala can’t wait until Joe gets removed from presidency . What options do we have as citizens to get rid of this failed and destructive administration?

  11. Soros and the cabal paid for and orchestrated the sham of an election to get biden the title of President. They installed Harris as their choice to complete the destruction of America. Biden’s days are numbered. The media basically brainwashed America and continue to support this travesty. They are either too stupid, naive, or driven by hate to see this. America is under seige!

    1. Yeah,
      Soros and The Kenyan both know that Joe is not hitting on all 4, and Harris couldn’t run a brothel, let alone a Girl Scout troop without a fight. And now he want’s to give everyone a better internet and lead-free water pipes and a super train to go across country and visit grand-kids while our taxes go to the moon and unsafe cities and states with illegal aliens robbing us at every corner! Come back President Trump!

    2. You are 100% correct sir, Americans are in a precarious situation and far too many don’t even realize it.

  12. If the US Marshall’s, or military, do not remove these Communist’s from office, we are risking a civil war like never seen before. It may begin in small places but will spread as Communism begins to exercise itself physically around the country.
    God is allowing this to happen so millions of people wake up and turn back to Him. This is a spiritual fight that might well become physical. Satan has recruited many people to protect these evil people. Prayer and returning to the Creator, Who blessed this great nation, is the ONLY hope we have. He has lifted His hand of protection so those who hate Him can have their way. This is the story of Job playing out again as a lesson.
    Choose your direction on this wisely.

    1. I believe that God gave us Trump to show us just how corrupt our government is. America is in a very dire situation. See Revelation 2:9 and 3:9, I believe these Satanists are in control, although temporally.

  13. No prior Admin until now did this in a “official” manner.
    Why Harris Biden??
    Never saw Trump Pence.
    Lame, stupid act for attention or to show OUT of Touch U really are

  14. Someone please get to Sleepy Joe and tell him he is the worst President the USA has ever had. He needs to wake up and realize that the direction his is taking from his cabinet is ruining him as a man, father, husband, grandfather. It’s time to get out before you make a bigger fool of yourself. You are making band public decisions that others are not publicly beaning called out on. Soon you will be out of a job and others will continue to have their jobs. Wake up ! I don’t you be around to go for a second term. NO WAY !

    1. Frank… “second term’??? I don’t want either him, Harris or Pelosi around for this term! He is a phony president and should be ashamed of what his party has done. But then again, Democrats obviously have no shame. Any political party who condones the killing of infants in the womb, and even after birth, and cheating in an election to gain power has no conscience, as do those who continue to vote these animals into office! Trump may have had his faults, but unquestionably he loves America, and despite the obstacles presented by the Democrats, he accomplished much. May God intervene and bring him back to save America.

  15. What ever happened to the Durham effort or Hunter’sproblems? Are they just going to forget everytjing. It’s time for Biden to pay the price. What about lying on gun application. A felony

    1. Felonies don’t apply to those above the law. President Trump did some very good things for this country, even though he was fought against every step, he did one thing that no other president has ever done, he proved how corrupt and dangerous Washington, D.C really is to our Constitutional freedoms. He proved that many big businesses, especially big tech businesses are against a Constitutional America and are pro-Communism. There was a time in America when this scourge would have been stopped. Even the SCOUTUS refused to do their job, according to some it was out of fear, fear of riots from BLM and the other Fascists, “Antifascists”

  16. Biden has NEVER run this Country. He has only used his name to sign some documents that he did not write and did not even know the contents! It is so visible now of his impairment that they have changed it to the Biden-Harris Administration and it will very soon be just the Harris Administration until they can enact the 25th Amendment

  17. Harris is a joke she’s unable to take a question without giggling,she is incapable of running this country only ruining it more than nitwit Biden is doing this whole administration is nothing but a bunch of incompetents

  18. Here comes the Communist take over of the nation. We are in a Dictatorship now; Replacing Biden is easy.

  19. We can thank the SCOTUS for allowing the Communist party AKA the Democrat party to takeover America, the most important job that any Supreme Court could ever have, and this court refused to even look at the mountain of evidence, both physical and eye witnesses, only Justice Thomas stayed the course, the rest seem to fear BLM and the Fascists, who take the name of Antifascists

  20. She’s already failing in the Harris portion of the partnership like the failing Biden portion of the partnership. By the time they continue screwing over the American people, the democrats won’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of winning in 2024. They both reek of incompetence even with all the experience Biden has had in office. Harris is just incompetent on all levels. Communism doesn’t work and all the money they are going to cost the American obvious. hould be pretty obvious at this point.

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