July 25, 2021

Psaki: Biden is ‘committed’ to federal $15 minimum wage

President Joe Biden wants to “build back better” — by destroying millions of jobs with a number of economy-killing initiatives.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki confirmed on Monday that Biden’s latest foray into economic reconstruction will come in the form of a federal $15-dollar minimum wage requirement, despite warnings from the Congressional Budget Office that the move would likely cost 1.4 million jobs. 

One of Biden’s day-one actions was to cancel the Keystone XL pipeline project, immediately eliminating thousands of American jobs within hours of entering the White House.

Now, Biden has his sights set on a much larger reform. Psaki confirmed that Biden is “firmly committed” to pushing a minimum wage order into his coronavirus relief package currently being considered by the Senate.

Biden’s plan would give employers nationwide just four years to get their employees up to $15 an hour — regardless of the current minimum wage in their particular area.

The Congressional Budget Office warned that the plan could eliminate up to 1.4 million jobs nationwide but could also raise 900,000 Americans above the poverty line. Leftist lawmakers are pushing hard for the minimum wage hike, but moderate Democrats have balked.

In response to a reporter’s question about Biden’s view of the bombshell report, Psaki replied that Biden “remains firmly committed to raising the minimum wage to $15,” but allowed that the office’s official presentation of its analysis could influence Biden’s viewpoint on the matter.

The Senate approved a preliminary version of Biden’s coronavirus relief plan that excluded the minimum wage clause — inciting the fury of leftist leaders such as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), who are pressuring legislators to reconsider.

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18 Responses

  1. One article says he isn’t and this one says he is. Who are we supposed to believe? Biden has already been caught lying on several things!

    1. It has become instantly apparent that Biden does not care if he lies or is caught lying. He does not care what is constitutional or not. Just as Obama and his cabinet did not either. Why in the world would they? Where was the penalty for Benghazi, fast and furious all the missing bleached e-mails, all the time (money) wasted on the Russian collusion hoax? On and on and on. The swamp ultimately, appears to have a red star at the top of it!
      It’s as pitiful as the phrase, Why bother. Republicans in name only, compounded problems and exasperated all solutions to events that harmed America’s breakthrough for achievement.

      1. I do agree with you Roger that should have been taken care of but Dems are Dems and they don’t care about us.

  2. I bet in within 3 months we will be a third world country with brainless basement sleepy Joey as out new king and we can not stop this. the left has power and they will not stop doing what they want. They do not care about the people, They just want power, power, and more power.

    1. I know the libocrats won’t agree with this but if you look up the definition of tyranny, this is why the fore fathers created the 2nd Amendment. And before Biden can come confiscate our guns he has to change the 2nd Amendment and get I believe 34 states to ratify it. If our worthless Supreme Court would do their job all the rest of the gun control laws would be declared unconstitutional. The fact is if the government is feared by the people you have tyranny; if the government fears the people you have freedom. Where are we today?

    2. I’m paying forty cents more per gallon of gas today, than I was before China Joe was installed in White House, gas will keep going up in price, as will everything else that relies on oil for delivery. Amazing the workers who have and will lose their jobs, many belong to big unions that supported Biden, I wonder how many will make the connection that their Union Dues supported this Marxist in the White House who is determined to destroy America.

  3. It’s no coincidence that those places with the highest minimum wages have the highest poverty rates and the biggest gaps between the rich and poor. Unions want a higher minimum wage because many union contracts have automatic escalator causes if the minimum wage rises. Raising the minimum wage hurts the poor in two ways. It causes the price of everything to rise and kills most entry level jobs making it impossible for one to get the practical experience necessary to get better paying jobs.

  4. He wants people to loose their jobs. That’s one of his plans to destroy our country. Something like this should be voted on in Congress or by the people not Joe’s executive decesion.

  5. Get ready to pay $15.00 for that thin piece of hamburger meat they call the Whopper or Quarter pound”er,,,, because stupid fools,, called teenagers,,, who have no sense of any thing thought it was a great idea,,,Uh Gee,, I can make $15.00 an hour and still be as dumb as a box of rocks,,not realizing pay goes up,, so do the prices of everything else,, Uh Duh,,,we are so dumb ,,, but full of cum,,,, He,, He ,He,,,

  6. I have a question for everyone, who has put postings on this website to have them just disappear? Mine seems to alot lately.

  7. They say BIOG TECH is controlling our speech.. Who is big tech, half dozen guys that are making millions off of us little people and could care less what we have to say

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