June 14, 2021

Psaki: Biden didn’t wear a mask to Lincoln Memorial because he was ‘celebrating’

Newly-minted President Biden made it one of his first acts as President to issue an order requiring the wearing of masks on the federal property — and then immediately broke his own rule by visiting the Lincoln Memorial without a mask.

Biden’s White House didn’t even try to mask the duplicity, admitting when called out by Fox’s Peter Doocy that Biden didn’t need to wear the mask because “he was celebrating an evening of a historic day in our country.”

Biden was photographed, along with his family — all maskless — at the federal monument on Wednesday just hours after issuing a decree requiring “masks and social distancing in all federal buildings, on all federal land and by federal employees and contractors, and on airlines, trains and transit systems traveling between states,” according to Fox News.

Doocy asked Biden’s Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, on Thursday: “Why weren’t President Biden & all members of the Biden family masked on federal lands last night if he signed an executive order that mandates masks on federal lands?”

Watch her response below:

Psaki didn’t even try to defend Biden’s blatant hypocrisy, merely replying that he was “celebrating.” Of course, Biden made no such exceptions for everyone else in his executive order encouraging all Americans to mask up for the next 100 days.

Psaki promised on Wednesday that she’ll bring “truth and transparency back to the briefing room,” but she’s clearly already off to a rough start.

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82 Responses

  1. The old adage is do as I say not as I do seems to be the motto of this new adlemined President.so I,m guessing the virus doesn’t attack people in congress

    1. Only the Republican ones, not the democrats, if you go back and see who has had covid in D.C.. Mainly Republican s!

      1. Yes! I have been saying the same thing. I find it very suspicious that not one higher up in the Democratic Party has gotten the virus. Do they already have a vaccine given to them by the viruses creator, China?!

      2. you are so right…the one that went to the lab in China which was Obama,Nancy and Schumer probably went and got them a shot Biden was there at some point

      3. Lyin’ Biden was hidin’! This why he didn’t get Covid! Many Demonrats did get Covid – the ones who weren’t hidin’, like Lyin’ Biden!

    2. It’s really said but in truth he thinks he is better than all of us and could care less for the american people

      1. Well, the democrats bought his lying words. They were just words said to appease them and they are to stupid to realize it. Democrats are a bun of spineless sheep and can not think for themselves period. Now they can shut their sniveling mouths when they lose their jobs because of Biden, their master they grovel over.

    3. I don’t care if he gets the virus, i don’t care if he runs with scissors, i don’t care if he plays with rabid dogs and i’m still a nicer person than the democrats.

    4. JB only wears mask when the cameras are rolling………..Its been proven after he thought he was off camera but unfortunately it was still on……….JB is nothing more than a lying/corrupt/terrorist………AND that goes for all the DEMS/RINOS that have been kissing each others rump for decades……….ROMNEY lost on purpose just so BO could win……….ROMNEY, a poor RINO, did not even try to win……….Of course, BO & HILLARY, tore each other down like a pair of junkyard dogs…….

      1. Also – Lyin’ Biden is a Rapist – the second president Rapist ever elected – Bill Clinton was the first Rapist elected!

    5. I do believe that the whole Biden family needs to start paying up front for Not obeying his own rules , like the California Newsom Family needs to do the very same thing! I have a better idea, how about The Whole Left side of The US Political Equation Needs to start paying up front for Not obeying their own rules Too!

  2. Who gives a damn about masks when we let a lunatic Pelosi make a mockery of the laws of our land. She should be arrested now for her blatant insurrection,

    1. Pelosi needs help, she has come unhinged completely. I have never seen anyone so consumed with hate, it is affecting her mind , looks, and physic. Acts like someone killed her cat.

      1. And she claims catholic as her religion. What a sorry liar she is. A disgrace to all women with her hateful rhetoric.

    2. Pelosi should be arrested and NOT given a trial, like she did with Trump! Then she should be drawn and quartered! I would even be willing to volunteer if asked…

  3. So we are all supposed to do what he says and then he ignores his own rules. What a moron. He is going to destroy our country. What a shame in all ways but especially because he won by cheating. Look what happened to 5,000 NGT under his watch already and what he is planning to do with all those illegals. It’s only going to get worse.

    1. I feel the same as you. Can’t believe the doddering old fool got more votes then Trump. There was cheating going on.

    1. You can’t make this _hit up, we’ve lost our country to idiots with the IQ of a root vegetable and they could care less about our founding fathers…

  4. Can someone explain to me why the media keeps printing that “Five people died because of the riot”? I looked it up – 1 person was shot by the Capitol Police, a second person died due to having a stroke, a third person died from a heart attack, the fourth person was crushed by the mob, and the fifth person was a Police Officer who supposedly got hit with a fire extinguisher (they are still investigating). I can’t see how a stroke and heart attack had anything to do with the riot. Also, they don’t seem to know what happened to the Police Officer.

    1. It’s like covid – everything is a covid death now. So I’m surprised these tragic alleged riot deaths aren’t going to be labeled covid deaths.


  5. With no prove of those people who died from the coronavirus or picture taking to show the rest of the country. I will NOT BELIEVE THERE WAS A CORONAVIRUS! The truth is going to come out and HELL WILL BE COMING WITH IT! Biden suppose to be SICK! THIS must be a FAKE AS WELL! But wait for it! The fool on his staff will LIES to cover up the truth! Are we getting a rerun of Obama criminal?

  6. Creepy Joe and obama’s selected HO will never mean anything to me. Both of them are utterly disgusting and useless to this Country, but China will prosper and love them for being traitors to the United States.

  7. This clown and all democrat clowns think they are entitle to do what they please. They all work for us!!! We are the bosses..each and every one of us. I say this Cheatin Biden needs to be impeached along with the entire swamp. Stop votong for these old farts back in…YOU are the problem…you keep voting for these rejects.

  8. Ever play chess? How often would you win if your opponent were allowed to change the rules of how pieces move but you weren’t allowed to object? I feel like the high school nerd being pushed around by the popular bully whose dad is the principal! But a warning to all conservatives: keep a low profile, or they WILL be coming for you!

        1. Are you scared of them? Sounds like you will be a future Democrat. When you get to our age, we’re to old to be afraid of dying. We’ll go out with a bang but won’t be alone!

  9. Our election was stolen, this was a coup! We didn’t vote for this crusty, corrupt old fart. He couldn’t run a daycare! Some brain dead, brain washed liberals did and they are already complaining their gas is going up! How stupid can you be?! They have the actual detailed figures from around the world and Trump won by a land slide. Biden may have gotten less than half of what he was declared. Nowhere near what it took to beat Trump. Our constitution says if there is ANY sign of election tampering an election is considered void. We have already had tons of proof. Other countries tampered with our election. People are being arrested in other countries for interfering in the US election. Go research information from the world. We are being censored, we are not getting the truth. Who voids the election, the military or the worthless, corrupt Supreme Court? They didn’t even give Trump his right as an American citizen to be heard. 3 of these arrogant losers have their seats because of Trump! They are a spineless disgrace. Roberts, God knows what you are and he is coming for you!

  10. MADAM PELOSI should be put in a phyc ward. she is so full of hate that she is unable to do her job. if not throw her out I think she is power mad

    1. Not to bright, you just repeated yourself Motordummy. With all the hatred and bickering this country will take a long time to come together and work together. Trump wouldn’t let it go and caused the riot on our capitol. Trump called our soldiers who died protecting our freedom “LOSERS AND SUCKERS”. Great president?????

      1. You need to get your facts straight! Trump did NOT cause the attack on the Capitol. Democrats started that beginning with Obama the worst “President ” ever.

      2. President Trump DID NOT say that! That was a lie told by the Democrat propagander machine. Trump loved our Military and in turn they loved him.

      3. Well what a fool you are! Trump did not cause that riot at the Capitol. That Riot was caused by black lives matter and antifa. If you people are learning disabled or don’t understand English, then maybe we need to get interpreters to put this into a language that you do understand. Mr. Trump is the best thing that has ever happened to this country and Biden and his press secretary, will never make it because they’re both own the losing team!

  11. Welcome to Obama 2.0! Biden and Harris are the “ stooges” to put Obama and Rice in power, it will be happening soon. Piglosi “ thinks” she has an “ in”, but her time is short. As soon as her usefulness is gone, she will be out! I hope Graham makes her answer for not securing the capitol building, and HER capitol police letting people in the building! Major set up to destroy President Trump, but it is backfiring already!

  12. Biden is not wearing a mask BECAUSE HE DOES NOT BELIEVE IN WEARING THEM. If they were so helpful to prevent COVID – then we all know that Biden would never take his off!!! So Miss Jen, please don’t lie for the (fake) president!!! Your briefings so far have been VERY BORING!!! So please don’t add Biden lies because then they are even MORE BORING!!!

  13. They are nothing but EMOTIONAL BLACKMAILERS! I am the Employer and they are the Employees;; YOUR FIRED!

  14. Impeachment is coming for lying Biden, will see how corrupt congress is. If they don’t vote for impeachment. They will be breaking the constitution and not working for the American people. The electoral college had a responsibility to vote for a competent president,they failed their votes were invalid, so much corrupt it makes me sick. Biden illegitimate.

  15. Not to worry folks, Jean Psaki, Bidens Press Secretary, promised on Wednesday that she’ll bring “truth and transparency back to the briefing room,”

    Whew! Thank God we have the honorable democrats back in office.

  16. We are now entering a point in time where we the people are to be “RULED” instead of represented!!! Ruled by mobs!!!

  17. If God is with all of us, I am still hoping for a MIRACLE – and that the DemoRATS falling flat on their faces – still hoping the “Shining Star” on the hill – President Donald J Trump – will continue some way to keep America a FREE – and Prosperous Country – have the right to bear ARMS – support our Military and Lawenforcement – and lets start a THIRD Party called the American Patriot Party APP – lets get all the good people who are WORKING for us the American People -signed up for this….Initiate a PAY CUT to those politician who only care for themselves and NOT for us the Amrican hard working people- As long as there is a President Donald J Trump – he will ALWAYS be MY President…

  18. We the people would like to know , What is the fine or punishment for we the people if we don’t obey his mandate? And if it’s a fine or jailtime, Why wasn’t he and his entire family that weren’t masked fined or jailed? We the people DEMAND to know!!! Joe Biden made the mandate, so he can’t say he didn’t know.

  19. Folks, you’re just going to have to get past the fact that a Ruler was placed in the seat of the President. A Ruler Dictates what he/she wants other to do, while he /she does what they wish. It’s a simple little rule of do as I say or we will put you away. While a Ruler does as he/she pleases, after they are the Ruler. You don’t have to like it, just do it or else! Remember Biden is the receiver of 80+ Million votes of the system. I’d say the People but they may entail a LIE and I would not want to mislead anyone.

  20. Folks, you’re just going to have to get past the fact that a Ruler was placed in the seat of the President. A Ruler Dictates what he/she wants other to do, while he /she does what they wish. It’s a simple little rule of do as I say or we will put you away. While a Ruler does as he/she pleases, after all they are the Ruler. You don’t have to like it, just do it or else! Remember Biden is the receiver of 80+ Million votes of the system. I’d say the People but they may entail a LIE and I would not want to mislead anyone.


  22. I guess some people ARE above the law but only if they are democrats. Not my president or VP and NEVER will be.

  23. Psaki stated that they will not see a rally on the South Lawn for Biden. Well DUH! He couldn’t get more than a dozen people to ANY of his rallies! This even included a free concert by a famous group, the people still did not come! LOL!

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