June 25, 2021

Progressives turn on Joe Biden after he announces smaller direct payment proposal

Even as Democrats will soon control both chambers of Congress and the White House, there already appears to be a battle brewing between the radical, progressive wing of the party and those who play closer to the center.

According to Breitbart, that was evidenced once again this week as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) made clear that President-elect Joe Biden’s recently announced COVID-19 relief package proposal, which would include $1,400 direct stimulus payments, falls short of the left’s expectations. 

On Thursday, in a primetime address to the nation, Biden proposed a massive, $1.9 trillion relief package that heavily focuses on bolstering his COVID-19 vaccination distribution plans. It also includes the $1,400 checks, which the Biden team argues when combined with the recent $600 checks sent out, it equals the $2,000 originally promised.

“We will finish the job of getting a total of $2,000 in direct relief to people who need it the most,” Biden said on Thursday night, according to Vox. “$600 is simply not enough if you still have to choose between paying rent and putting food on the table.”

However, if you ask Ocasio-Cortez, she’s not buying it. “$2,000 means $2,000. $2,000 does not mean $1,400,” she said.

As you’ll recall, the idea of handing out $2,000 stimulus checks to the American people was something that President Donald Trump strongly advocated for, calling on Congress multiple times to make it happen. It was a blue moon-level rarity of a moment in which a number of progressive lawmakers actually agreed with the president on something.

Other members of “The Squad,” such as Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) and Pramila Jayapal (D-WA), have called for sizeable recurring payments to eligible Americans during the pandemic, to the tune of thousands per month, in order to keep financially-struggling people afloat during these tough times.

While it’s unclear what the final numbers will be, what is clear is that with Democrats controlling both chambers of Congress and a number of Senate Republicans backing the idea of larger checks, it looks as though we could be in for another round of stimulus checks in the somewhat near future.

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73 Responses

      1. If you read the rest of the bill you will see that tax payers from every state and municipality in the nation will get to pay the liberal states and municipalities for allowing blm and antifa to destroy their cities with impunity.
        The filth of this once great nation gets paid to insult and pick the pockets of us all.
        Third world here we come by way of NY, SF, LA, detroit and chitcago.
        BTW chitcago’s little black troll mayor just reopened her city for business. President elect of the steal biden fixed the covid-19 pandemic already. What a man and he only has half of his brain!…

        1. Ted, Hello I am George, Do you think Obiden really has half a brain? Man you give that old perv more credit than I do. Biden HA,, what a guy, right. G.

    1. Supposed to be for 2000.00 total, if you received 600.00 you will get on for 1,400 which adds up to 2000.00. But as you and I know, things could change!

    2. No it means they would be receiving another check for $1400 so that it equals the $2000 payment that President Trump wanted to give to the American people.

      1. Neither have I nor anyone else that I know. Exactly WHO received those $2000 checks? Or the$1200 checks? Or the other checks mentioned?????

        1. My husband and I got the first stimulus check and the 2nd stimulus check. We’re on Social Security. It automatically deposited to our checking account. We are Conservatives. We live in Eastern WA State.

        1. Thank you for info, but we have been there several times. We filled out forms on the computer and by mail. Still no check. I am talking about the very first check never received. Dealing with the IRS is like trying to deal with the dems.

  1. Biden is going to be a nightmare. He never does what he says he’ll do. He’s the biggest liar who’s ever been in politics. The dumb fell for it


  2. Hold on to your hats folks – this is just the start of a downturn spiral. Thousands of illegals staging at the border as I type this. We need to be real worried about the security of our country with the left wanting to cut military spending and Iran,North Korea,Russia, China looking at a weak dottering old man leading the country on the 20th and with worse in the background.

    1. Perfectly Said Barry! With this administration I fear for this country! I have said from the beginning that this would be an Obamas 3rd term! So sad! His policies are absurd!

    1. Nancy, the nightmare is just starting. Watch for the next phase of this administration. It will be in the form of biden will be calisified as not able, that puts harris as president, then she appoints obama as vp (which she can do since this is an appointment not elected) then he runs the country as this third term, like he wanted. Then we have the total NIGHTMARE!

  3. YEAH! monthly checks! no more work, let the illegals in, to earn $15 hour, and we sit on our butts!
    China rules! we have to eat what they say, and medicare for all.
    Who cares, old people have medicare that they earned, and paid for, we want it too!

    Gimmee. gimmee, gimmee….FREE FREE FREE

    hope you like rice..lots of rice GMO food SOLENT GREEN

    1. Lol, I have offen thought, if anything would happen here how many countries would welcome us as REFUGEES? Would Canada? Mexico? I would almost bet NOT!!!

      1. Canada will be building a wall next. Im sure they’re already making plans for it when they heard about brain dead Biden getting appointed to be the president.

  4. FREE MONEY FREE MONEY FREE MONEY…. no wonder the illegals want to come to this LAND OF OPPORTUNITY! who is paying for this again???? oh that’s right… our children and grandchildren and great grandchildren. Because Congress keeps voting themselves exempt from all of this nonsense that we the ‘regular’ Americans have to deal with.

    1. AND a fact not seen on any news! They just gave themselves all raises! And they work for us? We are a suffering and they give them selves raises? MUST BE NICE WHEN YOU GIVE YOURSELF RAISES FOR DOING NOTHING!!!!!!!

      1. I remember when congress gave themselves a hefty pay raise and the citizens got a raise in taxes!! It didn’t matter that the public, who pays their salary and their bills, were against that raise….they took it anyway. Plush job for sitting around drinking your favorite mai tai and accomplishing nothing for the public they allegedly serve.

      2. Yes they built in the raises for Congress into the last relief bill . I believe it was more than a $5000.00 raise and they now will be only working 101 days out of the year ! ! And they didn’t want to give us $2000.00 ! ! ! Who the he’ll do they think they are ? It’s time they were reminded that they work for us , we the people ! And how on earth did they get the authority to vote themselves raises ? Must be nice ! With their new raise they will be making at least $300.00 per hour but probably more , I haven’t redone the math . I say that if they only work 101 days a year then we don’t really need them . I don’t think that they even worked that many this past year . And we did just fine without them . I say fire them all !

    1. Well apparently the demonocrats think that any time they want a few trillion dollars , all they have to do is go to the treasury dept. and have them start up the printers ! ! When are they going to realize that this is running the economy into the toilet ? I bet that this country is if not yet but already on the cusp of being bankrupt . I think we all need to fall to our knees and beg God for forgiveness ! He is the only One who can save us now !

  5. President TUMP proposed 2,000 check for the people was not approved.Now Biden wants to give 1,400 check to the people plus the 600 check already approved to make the total 2,000.Why should it be approved now and not when President Trump wanted to do it for the people.It’s been a month since the 600 was approved.Is it for the people or the party.

  6. talk to the 8million idiots and a corrupt election.Cant believe what this country stands for.Its down right evil

  7. This stimulus money is going to be paid back thru higher taxes. What else is going to be pushed thru, how much more to other countries? With U.S.A Incorporation already bankrupt, so just who will financially take over the US, China already has its foot in the door. That’s why they want our guns.

    1. Well Sheryl I am pretty sure that now joe is in charge that the covid virus will disappear pretty quickly . But they can always bring it back again if people start think for themselves again , because they definitely can’t have that !

  8. Well, something SHOULD be loud / clear to Biden. With all of the financial distress caused by the democrats / Chinese CoVid, DO NOT CLOSE CHURCHES because churches have help the needy.

    1. I don’t believe the government can legally shut down churches . Isn’t there supposed to be separation of church and state ? They have no right to tell the churches what they can or can’t do , and shame on the pastors and priests that allowed their churches to be closed ! If we don’t believe that God can protect us in the church then what kind of Christians are we ?

  9. Little joey is saying a lot of things, but it isn’t the 20th yet, so he can THINK he is believed. On the 21st I’m pretty sure $1,400 is something that will go away real quick. He is still promising the earth, moon and stars and some people are still buying it. Of course knees kamal is really in charge so he can say anything he wants, she will take away EVERYTHING, so just hang in there suckers!

  10. Glad to see people get anything. I’m unfortunately not 1 of the lucky ones, we receive nothing. Self employed and no work at this time. It’s a shame that the Democrats use a terrible situation for political gain. Sooner or later S..t is going to hit the fan. The every day working american is fed up and rightly so, even some democrats are getting fed up, look at California and New York. REAP WHAT YOU SOW!

  11. Your dealing with a freaking Communist Puppet, so lay it on nice and thick, he rattles pretty easily. Do it often enough and they will put him back in his basement.

    1. Is that you President Trump? I just wanted to say we love you and the American people loves you. Your the best president this country’s had in my lifetime.

  12. I’d forfeit mine if Trump was in office but would never forfeit to some illegal who is probably bringing COVID in large quantities as Biden opens the front door!

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