July 4, 2022

Progressive Moveon.org endorses Biden

It’s official: The Democrat party is THE progressive party. Moveon.org, the most recognizable progressive political action organization, just endorsed Joe Biden as their candidate, stating that he is running on a progressive platform.

Biden has moved so far left that 82% of the Moveon committee that makes such decisions voted to endorse him.

Tim Murtaugh, the Trump campaign communications director, commented on the endorsement, saying:

The left-wing activists who endorsed socialist Bernie Sanders in 2016 have officially taken the wheel of Biden’s campaign. In their endorsement, MoveOn praised Biden for running on the ‘most progressive platform’ ever, which includes tax increases, the job-killing regulations of the Green New Deal, free healthcare for illegal aliens, liberal judges, and abortion-on-demand.

Moveon.org explained their endorsement this way:

Donald Trump is racist, corrupt, immoral, and incompetent. He must be voted out. Joe Biden is a leader who listens, who is running on the most progressive platform in Democratic Party history, and whose election would create an opportunity for the big, structural changes this country needs.

The moveon.org political organization is a well-funded leftist group that was formed in 1998. Their name was conceived as an admonition for America to “move on” after the impeachment of former president Bill Clinton. Ironically, they spent months loudly calling for the impeachment of President Trump, proclaiming that “no one is above the law.”

Moveon.org, like the rest of the country, sees the truth about Biden. His election will provide an opportunity for others to enact the “big, structural changes this country needs” like defunding police, removing monuments, the institutionalization of racism taking the form of reparations for people who were never slaves paid by people who never owned slaves, the decriminalization of crime and the criminalization of exercising rights guaranteed by the Bill of Rights, including gun ownership, free speech, and the practice of religion to name a few. All these things are happening right now, and a Biden presidency, with the help of a Democrat-controlled House, will secure this leftist utopia permanently.

This November is the last chance for Americans to preserve the country as it was founded.

Watch this endorsement ad:

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edward d burnett (@guest_1017732)
1 year ago

BIDEN does not have the mental capacity to be the PRESIDENT !!!

Lawana (@guest_1017759)
1 year ago

This guy is a liar like Pelosi, Schumer, Shifty Shift, Warren, and all the other Democrates. I am not saying Trump is the best but he is not trying to turn our country over to the Democrat’s who want to run our lives. All those who are for them read the truth about them not what you are herring .They are going to run this country like Russia you will not have your freedom nothing in this world is free!!!!!!

john green (@guest_1017815)
1 year ago

a matched pare dumb and dumber.

Highsider (@guest_1017832)
1 year ago

That’s George Soros’ group that he used to get Barry Soetero into the White House!

Jim (@guest_1017833)
1 year ago

Moveon.org just needs to move on and disappear.

nan (@guest_1017836)
1 year ago

move on group is nothing more than a radical terrorist group made up by SOROS AND HIS SON….. SOROS IS ANOTHER SATAN DEMON THAT NEEDS TO GO DOWN

William Lockridge (@guest_1017845)
1 year ago

George Soros is not “another satan demon” he IS SATAN”

Buddy Camardelle (@guest_1018092)
1 year ago

YES and he will lead us down the road to a socialist coy just like vensuela.They will tke EVERYTHING from the American people…WAKE UP AMERCA!!!



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