September 26, 2022

Progressive left ignoring damage of transgender ideology on women’s sports

Stories of gender-confused individuals — their triumphs, struggles, and their gruesome surgeries — are a hot topic on mainstream news sites. However, a male athlete who now dominates on a women’s swim team is being ignored because of one key reason.

Lia Thomas, a biological male, is smashing records on the University of Pennsylvania women’s swim team while the nation’s top newspapers won’t cover it, Breitbart reported. Thomas’s dominance underscores the unfairness of allowing biological men to compete as women.

Thomas is smashing both women’s swimming records and destroying the idea of women’s sports. Biological women simply cannot compete and are facing the prospects of being pushed out by biological males.

Mainstream media outlets like The Los Angeles Times, Washington Post, and the New York Times would normally be interested in Thomas’s story based on other news with a similar angle. After all, Thomas is a talented Ivy League athlete who is “transgender,” a protected and preened class among the establishment media.

However, the problem is that Thomas has broken two national records and three at his university, demonstrating the absurdity of allowing biological males to compete with females even after taking cross-sex hormones for the requisite year, according to The Hill. It’s the right story, but the wrong victim.

Perhaps the Los Angeles Times, which had zero articles about Thomas, has learned its lesson after being burned defending a so-called transgender man who victimized women by exposing himself at the Wi Spa in the City of Angels, the New York Post reported. Women who objected to Darren Agee Merager’s nudity were painted as transphobic bigots — until it came out that he was a serial sex offender with a history of such behavior.

The same goes for the Washington Post which hasn’t covered Thomas’s dominance or his impact on female athletics despite its interest in another collegiate scandal. The 2019 “Varsity Blues” admissions bribery scheme was big news for the Post, but a male obliterating his female opponents gets no ink at all.

The New York Times has been mum on Thomas as well despite the fact that he victimized his female teammates by robbing them of their right to fair competition. However, when Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual misconduct, the Gray Lady was quick to champion women’s rights.

These news outlets don’t want to jeopardize the narrative that gender identity trumps biology, so they simply stay silent as Thomas continues to break record after record. If they can suppress an inconvenient story like this, think of all the other important stories that never see the light of day.




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