July 31, 2021

Progressive challenger unseats Pelosi-backed New York Democrat incumbent

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) worst nightmare is coming true: Progressives are taking over the House at breakneck speed.

Fox News reported on Friday that Rep. Eliot Engel (D-NY) a powerful establishment Democrat that has held his seat for over three decades has been defeated by a progressive challenger backed by freshman Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY). 

Never have the shifting power dynamics been so apparent in our nation’s legislature.

When Nancy Pelosi first caught wind that Engle might actually lose his seat in mid-June, she offered her ringing endorsement of him. It wasn’t enough.

Several other establishment Democrats rallied around Engel as well, but challenger Jamaal Bowman, a former middle school principal and first-time candidate, already had nabbed endorsements from a number of leftist heroes including Sens. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Elizabeth Warren (D-MA).

Now, nearly three weeks after New York’s June 23 primary election, the Associated Press has called the election for Bowman. By the AP’s tally, though some mail-in ballots have yet to be counted, Bowman’s lead is too much for Engel to overcome.

Engel’s loss is a major blow not only to establishment Democrats’ hold on the House, but it is also a direct blow to Nancy Pelosi’s agenda.

Fox News reported:

Engel is one of the original sponsors of the House Democrats’ sweeping police reform bill, which passed late last month. He’s also been a leader in the push by House Democrats to hold the Trump administration accountable and played a role in this year’s impeachment efforts over the president’s dealings with Ukraine.

Do you think that Nancy Pelosi will lose control of the house within the next several years? Scroll down to the comment section to let us know what you think!

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141 Responses

  1. Yes, I want to see Nancy Pelosi impeached and removed from Congress. I think she has a serious drinking problem and her deteriorating mentality is getting worse by the day. She has been in Congress way to long. I am a firm believer in term limits. These positions were never meant to be lifetime jobs. Hey rid of her immediately.

  2. Nancy has been nothing but a trouble maker since the President took office. She wint accept the fact that her Hillary is a born looser, such as herself. I am a former Democrat. From what I observed what they are capable of, I will be voting everything red on the ballot for 2020! No questions asked.

  3. I’m glad I won’t be in her shoes when she see’s GOD. He is in control so keep the faith. Keep praying for he is good to answer his grace will pull us through.

  4. Nancy Pelosi needs to go how she got her job is beyond me. She was horrible her first round then back in again? This is unthinkable that’s for sure. Get her out she is a disgrace to the American people what a traitor to our country.
    Get her, Soros, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer and Jerry Nadler out. They are a disgrace to thier district they are in charge of. I would never go to their district in fear of being attacked.

    1. Carolyn, she resumed the position thanks to traitor former SOH Ryan, who all but personally handed the gavel to her. Traitor Ryan refused to follow Trump’s thus our Agenda, instead following Ryan’s “Better Agenda”; refused to support PRESIDENT Trump’s thus our wall – constantly lying, not now, later, in Sept., after the election (knowing full well he had all the plans in place to purposely lose the House); Traitor Ryan refused to financially support Conservative candidates and only funded those who were libs (as SOH he controlled the Repub House re-election committee funds); often publicly disagreed with PRESIDENT Trump, as well as refused the Freedom Caucus’ requests for subpoenas on the DEMONRATS. Ask Nunes, Jordan, Scalise, Meadows, etc.. He’s happy now being on the Board of FOX which is heading far left.

      1. Heartbreaking but true. Thanks to Ryan, the Dems got the house because the Republicans became the “do nothings” and with the Dems, it has been pure hell for President Trump who is trying to do a great job. Pray for him! He has it very tough.

  5. Ken you’re so right. Pelosi needs to go and her nephew to they need a conservative in in California and clean that state up with all the homeless out there is disgraceful. If Newsom spent the budget better there wouldn’t be so many homeless out there he should be tarred and feathered. He is only thinking about his own selfish wants.

  6. More proof we must have a #REDTSUNAMI2020
    to stop these evil progressives from destroying our country. Since Bowman is backed by AOC and is a middle school principal, we KNOW exactly what garbage he’ll bring to Congress. Vote RED up and down the ticket to save our beloved USA from the likes of Portland, NYC, San Francisco, Atlanta, Chicago, etc..

  7. Liberal, Liar, Progressive, Criminal, Communist, Terrorist are all acronyms for Democrats destroy the Democratic Party before they destroy us

  8. As the speaker Pelosi has been a complete failure with nothing of value to account for her years in congress. She definitely needs to be put out to pasture and someone with common sense replace her for the good of the country.

  9. I’m praying that Pelosi is out in November.. our country cant and dont want her in Congress any longer than we have to… SHE MUST GO!

  10. Good job, all! She is the most worthless POS ever to have a position of authority. She has set back democrats credibility as far as eye can see. All they have left are worthless scumbags hanging on to their ridiculous salaries and benefits which should be returned to the US since they accomplished nothing except bringing shame and laughter at US expense.

  11. shes losing it now and better late thannever the demoncraric agenda is over you awoke the beast God Bless America our President and our Patriots Police and Armed Forces

  12. A democrap lose? Not in America. Only the Republicans lose. We have a two tiered system here. Dems win and Reps lose. Simple. PERIOD!!! I would love for the conservatives win back the House and more senate seats but I doubt that will happen.

      WE MUST WE MUST NEVER ever give up! We willl prevail! God is with us.!

  13. Nancy Pelosi will lose the speakers gavel in November due to the ENORMOUS OVERREACH by the DESPERATECRAT party. America does NOT WANT and WILL NOT SUPPORT a Marxist, Socialist form of government. It’s time to get back to being a system that is founded on and SUPPORTS THE RULE OF LAW!

  14. dems must go far left or moderate democraps MUST GO, VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN , win back house and increase senate soas to get this country back to where it was going before man made virus and riots of democrap backed antifa and loser blm mater BLUE LIVES MATTER , all lives matter you idiot.
    VOTE STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN if she or he is worthy compared to what is there now.

  15. I recieved my state voting ballot and voted RED all the way to china! I am a Democrat however don’t approve of how Jay Inslee and the rest of the demon-crates are acting. They have proven themselves communist with a socialistic agenda. Very global strengths leading to a one world order. I think the world of demon-crates should move to China.

  16. I recieved my state voting ballot and voted RED all the way to china! I am a Democrat however don’t approve of how Jay Inslee and the rest of the demon-crates are acting. They have proven themselves communist with a socialistic agenda. Very global strengths leading to a one world order. I think the world of demon-crates should move to China.

  17. I keep wondering what she has been promised and by whom if she is instrumental in defeating Trump by hook or by crook? Mostly CROOK in my estimation.

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