September 29, 2022

Professor resigns after claiming adults being sexually attracted to children is not immoral

A professor from Old Dominion University has resigned after criticisms over claims that it is not immoral for adults to be sexually attracted to children.

Allyn Walker, 34, will officially be on leave until stepping down in May 2022 the professor announced on Wednesday.

“Today, Old Dominion University and Dr. Allyn Walker are announcing that Dr. Walker has decided to step down from their position as assistant professor of sociology and criminal justice at the expiration of their current contract in May 2022. Dr. Walker will remain on leave until that time,” the university statement said.

“We have concluded this outcome is the best way to move forward,” Old Dominion President Brian O. Hemphill said.

“We hope today’s action helps bring closure for our Monarch family. As we move forward, I encourage all members of the Monarch family to continue our efforts toward healing and civil discourse,” he added.

The controversy has been dealt with swiftly by the university following the strong response from school and community leaders.




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