June 30, 2022

Presidents wife hospitalized with Coronavirus

The wife of the president of Ukraine has been hospitalized with Coronavirus.

Breitbart reports:

The wife of Ukrainain President Volodymyr Zelenskiy has been hospitalized with double pneumonia after contracting the new coronavirus, joining the ranks of several first ladies around the world who got infected with COVID-19 earlier this year.

Zelenskiy’s office said in a statement Tuesday that Olena Zelenska’s condition was stable and the president himself and the couple’s children tested negative for the virus on Monday.

Zelenska is only 42 years old, a sobering reminder that the sickness can be hard on younger patients as well as the old and sick who are most vulnerable.

We still have much to learn about the virus. Why does it affect some people severely and barely touch others? Why does it spread nearly as fast during a lockdown as it does after reopening?

Whatever the answers to these pressing questions, it’s important to understand that the virus is still here, and still dangerous.

That doesn’t mean that we should go into panic mode, or take away constitutional rights. Instead, we should use our God-given common sense to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

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pierre (@guest_1009595)
2 years ago

She has pneumonia. not stating its covis ..WE GET THAT HERE EVERY YEAR ..MEDS .,REST , AND BED….I HAD IT MYSELF …NOT COVID19…

Anthem (@guest_1009769)
Reply to  pierre
2 years ago

What??!?! Did you read the article?!

“”””after contracting the new coronavirus, joining the ranks of several first ladies around the world who got infected with COVID-19 earlier this year.“””

Al Mierz (@guest_1009743)
2 years ago

Real pres. Trump
Elena Zelenka ‘s. Son is. NOT in heaven ,
Quit believing the FALSE PREACHERS.
TRUMP 20/20.

Alan Munder (@guest_1010028)
Reply to  Al Mierz
2 years ago

Just a memory nudge…Jesus replied to the other crucified victim who asked JESUS to remember him saying…Today you will be in paradise with me.

Breaker 19 (@guest_1009744)
2 years ago

But she tested positive for the virus. If she dies, it is another virus death.

Judy Birdsong (@guest_1009748)
2 years ago


Ann J Hussey (@guest_1009755)
2 years ago

Unsubscribe me

JOHN ERKER (@guest_1009759)
2 years ago


Jo (@guest_1009764)
2 years ago

Prayer have gone up.

Myron O Everson (@guest_1009773)
2 years ago


Jean Smith (@guest_1009792)
2 years ago

Unsubscribe me I am tired of the phony and misleading headlines. People would read the articles without your phony headlines. Ugh

Ron Hansen (@guest_1009878)
2 years ago

Cheap journalism at best

Karen Wallis Villasenor (@guest_1009918)
2 years ago

Our PRAYERS are with her, her family, and the country. Period!

May God heal you, completely, and bless you! God is our healer!!!!

Jamie (@guest_1009954)
2 years ago

As a nurse I can tell you there is such a thing as double pneumonia but it does not mean it’s coronavirus!!! Big difference between pneumonia and coronavirus. double pneumonia means she has it in both sides of her lungs or in both lungs. Still does not make it coronavirus

Barry w vann (@guest_1009969)
2 years ago

It’s just communist propaganda. They call themselves democratic socialists which is just a pretty name for communists.

Mary Slaughter (@guest_1009975)
2 years ago

Unsecribe me your lies and deception to stir up continual death threats of crono virus was not a virus at all it was bacterian you allowed thousands to die for no reason it was treatable antibotics asperine etc. Still you want to use virus threat to control enviroment trying to trace all our movements..no more enough is enough.

Sue Rich (@guest_1009988)
2 years ago

The president of Ukraine’s wife? Why does the media do that? They like to worry us or concern us, all for the sake of getting someone to open their site, their paper, or watch their show. I speak for the American people. We are sick of these lies. Tell us the truth upfront.

Barry w vann (@guest_1010129)
2 years ago

More lies and propaganda from the communist ( democratic party ).

Margi Peterson (@guest_1010156)
2 years ago

I don’t like the misleading headlines either. Made it sound like Melania has it! I’m sorry for the Ukirne’s President’s wife. I hope she beats it and gets better soon, but there’s no need to scare us with a headline that’s misleading! I wish all of you people would stop that!

Lori Terpening (@guest_1010182)
2 years ago

UNSUBSCRIBE me NOW!! I’ve had it with misleading headlines

Richard Chadwick (@guest_1011043)
2 years ago

The whole virus thing is pure BS!!
It’s a bacterium which decreases and even cuts off oxygen throughout the body!! When too much oxygen is not made available humans die!! FACT OF LIFE: without oxygen an organism will soon die!

ปั้มไลค์ (@guest_1011268)
2 years ago

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