June 14, 2021

Presidential polling gap narrows in favor of Trump

President Donald Trump’s upset win over Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election was devastating to the left because they ignored the rallies and believed the early polls. Is history about to repeat itself?

It may, according to a Washington Examiner report that shows Democratic candidate Joe Biden is falling dramatically in the polls and Donald Trump is gaining momentum in the last leg of the presidential race. This looks very much like 2016 all over again.

Wednesday’s Rasmussen Reports’ White House Watch survey showed Biden’s lead narrowing to 49%-46%, bringing it closer to the margin of error than to his previous 12 point lead just two weeks prior. It also marked the first time in a month the former vice president polled below 50% in the weekly survey.

Even the IDB/TIPP survey, which has Biden narrowly ahead with 48.1% to Trump’s 45.6%, is calling it a repeat of 2016. They would know; the IDP/TIPP was one of the few polls that accurately predicted Trump’s Electoral College victory over Clinton (Rasmussen called Hillary’s popular vote lead).

This is not a shock to Republican voters who have been turning out by the thousands to support Trump at his numerous rallies. A side-by-side comparison entrepreneur Scott Fishman tweeted competing Trump and Biden campaign events in a shocking contrast. Even former President Barack Obama can’t get supporters out for Biden.

Trump’s gain comes after Judge Amy Coney Barrett’s Senate Judiciary Committee confirmation hearings. They were mostly uneventful, save for the usual Democrat posturing and hyperbolic hysteria over the supposed threat to abortion rights and healthcare.

News of Biden’s son Hunter and his shady business dealings and alleged kickbacks to his dear old dad may also be taking its toll. Despite the coordinated social media effort to quash the New York Post story, news continues to trickle out. It’s only a matter of time before that information dam breaks wide open on the scandal.

Trump voters will still need to turn out on Election Day. However, it’s looking today like Trump just might pull off another 2016, sending Biden back to his basement hidey-hole for good.

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56 Responses

    1. I seriously doubt Hillary or Biden ever lead in the polls if it was sampled from every state in the Country. The silent Majority IS HUGE. I’m 64 yrs old and never voted in my life UNTIL LAST MONDAY when I voted for Trump and straight Republican. I have never considered myself as republican but as Libertarian. Government cannot be trusted to run anything. But President Trump has actually done an outstanding job. We as American’s must get together to support a President that loves America and give him the Representives that will change this Country for the better.
      The Democrat Party has proven themselves to be a destructive influence that will do anything to get back into power and they will use that power for their own selfish reasons.

      1. Good for you Jack – most intelligent people think like you do and we pray for another 4 years with President Trump.

      2. Thank you, patriot. The revolution is at the ballot box. We must vote. Trump has been doing his part. The rest is up to us at the ballot box.



      MARK MY WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I am a registered Democrat but voted for Trump in 2016 and will again in 2020. My Democrat party has turned to the left, leaving a lot of voters just like me behind. Voting for Biden is scary as hell knowing Kamala would be President if something happened to Biden and even worse Pelosi would be next. I know Halloween is a couple weeks away .. but that thought scares the hell out of me.

    1. You hit the nail on the head. Obama, in a Democratic stronghold, Philadelphia, only turned out 280 cars, probably about 900 people. Trump, as well as others on the campaign team, turn out 10,000 or more at every rally. Pay attention to the evidence on the ground, and all the things that Americans care about. Trump is Promises Made and Promises Kept. This will be a Landslide.

  1. It’s time these politicians start paying the taxpayers back for all their schemes and robbing us, as well as other countries all the while making them millionaires. Biden could be a billionaire with 47 years of service. God just think how much Pelosi has gotten. THEY ARE CROOKS.

    1. Actually in 2009 Uncle joes Net Worth was $30,000 with Obama Ukraine and China today he is over 19 mil even bought his first beach house clear the lower end of DC

    2. FYI….Pelousey lives in aa $4.5 million house. AND…..when illegal immigrants were outside her door, she called the police to disperse them….now ain’t that love.

  2. Doesn’t seem many people like old “Chim Chim” anymore…They’ll like him less in about three weeks. Worthless Commie

  3. I admit i just don’t understand people! The news the ones that will report it! Joe Biden is nothing but a crook! Millions of dollars went into his pockets. He has done nothing for the people he was supposed to represent if they elect Mr Biden we are in trouble as a country
    God help us all!

  4. Pincha nigerian Hussain Obama campaigning for CREEPY Joe was a flop !!! Hussain was WORTHLESS as president , and he’s still WORTHLESS now !!!! If CREEPY Joe was to get in office , because of his and Hunters underhanded money deals with communist countries ,, CREEPY Joe could be easily BLACKMAILED !!! China would threaten to release bank statements to the press that would put hunter in prison ,,, and CREEPY Joe would fold in a heartbeat . China would end up CONTROLLING our country . BELIEVE IT !!!

    1. Who is this obama person you speak of? American patriots do not use such foul racist language you know. LOL

    2. Trump wins!
      Trump wins!
      Trump wins!
      Get used to hearing that you commie
      liberal Demoncrats, antifa, BLM swine!
      Trump forever in your nightmares…ha!

    3. The corupt Democrats know they cant win with the walking dead biden unless the steal the election in mail in voter faurd..

    4. As I have been saying, a vote for biden is a vote FOR china….Also, biden would be president for a “week” MAYBE then his HANDLERS would DROP him because = they want harris in NOT him……Yeah, and then comes the “chinese RULE”……!!!!!!

  5. Please everyone, be sure to vote for Republicans for the Senate and the House. Trump will play hell to get anything done if Republicans lose both houses!

  6. Biden will be dining on crow during the
    debate tonight while getting an overdue
    final beat down from our President.
    Trump/Pence 2020

  7. Tonight President Trump will again be engaged in a war of intelligence with the same old unarmed adversary.
    Red states must rise or democracy dies!
    Vote Trump and straight Republican November 3rd.

  8. God chose Donald Trump to be the President of the United States. There was no outside intervention, only Gods divine intervention. The democrats don’t have a chance again.
    Biden and the other democrats have been exposed, and there is no way out for them. Each of them will have to answer to God on judgment day
    God bless President Trump and Vice-President Pence! God Bless America!

  9. The corupt Democrats know they cant win with the walking dead biden unless the steal the election in mail in voter faurd..

  10. Donald trump is a very good president, despite what Little Nancy wants, says, or does, she needs God in her life

  11. During the Debate, how did you like Biden saying that in his first 100 days, he’s going to give millions of illegals, American Citizenship?
    There goes America!

  12. Carville might be right we may know the winner by 10:30 on Nov. 3. That would be TRUMP WINNER 2020 for 4 more years. Let do more draining of the SWAMP.

  13. What a sad commentary when the Democratic Party can only put up a P and VP that have accomplished nothing but lying their entire life. What is happening in America Is a choice between freedom or communism. Choose wisely America as your freedom, your children’s freedom and the survival of America is at stake. Vote these scum bags out of office and let’s Make America Great Again! Vote Republican, but we must hold their feet to the fire and demand these crooks be held accountable for their Treasonous acts.

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