August 16, 2022

Presidential debate recap: Donald Trump debates Chris Wallace

The long-anticipated first presidential debate between President Trump and Democrat Joe Biden finally happened. Chris Wallace of Fox News was the moderator. Disappointingly, it was more of a debate between President Trump and Chris Wallace.

During the health care segment, President Trump pointed out that he was really debating with Chris Wallace and that was mostly true for the entire 90-minute debate: “Well, first of all, I guess I’m debating you, not him. But that’s OK. I’m not surprised.”

Wallace recently asked Biden for an interview, but Biden refused. When Wallace finally had a chance to ask Biden tough questions, he instead protected Biden and assisted him when President Trump tried to press Biden to answer the tough questions. Throughout the debate, Wallace rebuked President Trump multiple times while allowing Biden to call the president a “clown,” and a “liar.” Wallace and Biden had a good chuckle together over President Trump’s “ranting.”

Egregiously, Wallace let Biden accuse the president of calling “neo-nazis” very fine people, referring back to the Charlottesville tragedy concerning the Robert E. Lee monument. Supporters of the monument and leftists violently clashed, and in an interview, the president pointed out that there were “very fine” people on both sides of the argument about monuments but the left has labeled the president a “white supremacist” because of his comment. The trope has been debunked, but Wallace did not provide any fact-checking of Biden on the issue.

Wallace ran interference for Biden when President Trump asked about Hunter Biden’s military discharge. Joe denied that Hunter was discharged from the military because of drug use, and Chris Wallace, ever ready to correct the president, did not correct Biden. Ensign Biden was discharged after just nine months in the Navy Reserve after a drug test returned positive for cocaine.

In a direct question to Biden, Wallace asked him if he intended to pack the Supreme Court. Biden said the question was a distraction. When Trump pushed Biden to answer the question repeatedly, Biden told the president to “shut up.” Instead of rebuking Biden, Wallace ended the segment, relieving the pressure on Biden to answer. Watch:

In discussing universal vote-by-mail, President Trump explained why it was problematic and ripe for fraud, but Chris Wallace “fact-checked” the president’s arguments rather than asking Biden to refute the president.

One of the segments was a direct attack on the president without a corresponding attack on Biden. The New York Times leaked the president’s tax returns, and Chris Wallace, parroting the left, asked the president if it was true that he only paid $750 in federal income taxes in the last 10 years.  Wallace did not do a similar segment on Biden’s taxes, even though a new story about the Biden’s evading $500,000 in payroll taxes by using S corporations in 2017 and 2018 just came out.

According to the Wall Street Journal earlier this week:

According to their tax returns, in 2017 and 2018 the Bidens and his wife Jill avoided payroll taxes on nearly $13.3 million in income from book royalties and speaking fees. They did so by classifying the income as S-corporation profits rather than taxable wages.

The consensus about this first presidential debate is that Chris Wallace is biased, partisan, and a debater rather than a moderator. And he was Fox News’ choice. Fox would have done better to have Brett Baier and Dana Perino as the moderators.

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Alen Gasper (@guest_1054589)
1 year ago

If ANYONE in the WORLD doesn’t believe biden is AN IDIOT, then they are also!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

alicia (@guest_1055284)
Reply to  Alen Gasper
1 year ago

“Idiocy is a birth defect, stupidity is self inflicted” my brother told me sometime ago. Hes right. Joethejoke fits both categories. I believe he was wired as he kept his eyesight down almost all the tme as if listening to his cues..

Robin Andrews (@guest_1055649)
Reply to  alicia
1 year ago

He sure was wearing a wire on his right side; our left. He’s such a liar n can’t remember anything. He was listening to whoever he was wired too. I am so disgusting by him. His eyes would turn coal black when he got mad at Trump. Getting intimidated n his handlers keeping him in check along w Wallace.

moon (@guest_1054619)
1 year ago


JRMag (@guest_1055048)
Reply to  moon
1 year ago

Your would-be spelled You’re.

Vincenza Nicholas (@guest_1054665)
1 year ago

The President was debateing both Wallace, & Biden.Not Fair also Wallace helped Biden by letting Biden not answer the questions out forward.

Alan (@guest_1054731)
1 year ago

Democrats knew wallace was going to help biden ,or as we all know ,the Democrats would have attack him and refused the debate .they didn’t say a was a set up .

Viet Nguyen (@guest_1054752)
1 year ago

Christ asked President on Tax return why was not with Sleepy Joe????
Hunter Biden was corrupt, what did Christ know????
Christ should be fired right away!
Sleepy Joe should also shut up when President question him about his drug son

alicia (@guest_1055291)
Reply to  Viet Nguyen
1 year ago

Wallace lacked ppreparation,, on Hunter, on taxees by the President who paid almost $25 million between 2010 and 2017 its in the NYT parragraph 77 of the article that stated he only paid $750!!! We all see how all the media are marxist!

SHERRY MARCUS (@guest_1054823)
1 year ago

Always knew Wallace favored or is a democrat. Fire him from Fox and replace him with a fair moderator. I had no doubt from the get go he would favor Biden. He is not fair and should go just like they got rid of Megan Kelly, another democrat, Good riddens to them all. All are idiots! As Hidden Biden would say, ” come on man” we know you democrats are all stupid, racist and all for yourselves. To hell to the American people. You are power seeking, money hogging A*****. Go Trump 2020. Through the worst debate I ever heard, Trump got my vote for holding his own. He is a fighter and that’s what America needs, Not a wimp that hides in the damn basement!

Keyboard Whiz (@guest_1054842)
1 year ago

These debates are a joke!!. They were started just a few years ago… I never watch them. They are not debates. Debates have strict rules about timing, rebuttal, etc The networks have to give up their freedoms to broadcast them. People are not interested; they don’t watch them. Why bother?

Linn (@guest_1055556)
Reply to  Keyboard Whiz
1 year ago

I remember the Nixon Kennedy debates!

Pat (@guest_1054894)
1 year ago

There were many things that Wallace did not press or allow Biden to answer. The Dems were happy with Wallace but those that know his bias were not. Fire him from Fox. He never has given this wonderful president any kudos. The debate was a sham and Wallace was the biggest sham

Henry D. (@guest_1054943)
1 year ago

It was very obvious that Biden was wired. He openly adjusted his listening device when he put his hand in his jacket, just above his right shoulder. His eyes showed his caution as he was doing it. I could be wrong but I don’t think so. If I am correct, who was President Trump debating with, Biden or a hidden mouthpiece for the Democrats? It is not my place to accuse Biden, however, I would like to know so that I will withdraw and apologize to him.

alicia (@guest_1055298)
Reply to  Henry D.
1 year ago

You arent the only who thinks he was wired. James Woods on twitter shows where a smal cable is showing and biden trying to pull it back in. should be INVESTIGATED! or why was he looking down all the time and eventually looked up when he had to answer.?

Linn (@guest_1055562)
Reply to  Henry D.
1 year ago

If you go on Twitter, both James Wood and Land of the Free have tweets out today showing closeups of Biden’s wire device, sticking out from his coat kapellmeister and on the inside of his left wrist – Land if the Free also shows a wire device ad which looks exactly how Biden would have been wearing it – quite elaborate!

Linn (@guest_1055565)
Reply to  Linn
1 year ago

Coat “lapel” (dumb keyboard!!)

Robin Andrews (@guest_1055652)
Reply to  Henry D.
1 year ago

He absolutely was wearing a wire. You could see it but he fixes it quickly. That’s why he was always looking down. Making sure it stayed covered. You are correct!!

Rev. Walling (@guest_1055020)
1 year ago

Yes Wallace was so obviously shielding and helping Joe Biden. This is just honest observation not intended as bias for either side. WALLACE SHOULD be fired. Oh I guess money from his democrat buddies made the decision easy.

Sherri Pruett (@guest_1055030)
1 year ago

What pissed me off is Wallace calling Biden Mr. Vice President. Biden is no longer the vice president and should have been called out on that!!

Tumbleweed (@guest_1055112)
1 year ago

Wallace should have never done a debate involving President Trump as he hates Trump’s guts. As for Biden he is not going to be truthful when cornered as he is nothing more than a proxy candidate with no power of his own.

JUDY HARKINS (@guest_1055184)
1 year ago

I am a Trump supporter, and at first listening to the debate I was becoming disappointed in Trump as it seemed he was tired and just not with it. He was on the defensive defending everything Biden was throwing out. Then my husband reminded me that Trump is NOT a Politician – he is a Businessnan and a negotiator. He is a mover and a shaker and gets things done – Biden on the other hand is a talker (a politician) and does nothing. We have to remember that. Trump won’t “shine” in a debate, it isn’t his forte` – when he’s challenged, he’ll come out swinging, but with the moderator clearly on Bidens side last night, Trump was at a terrible disadvantage. Since the media won’t talk about all the wonderful things Trump has and is doing for we the American People, we MUST read between the lines and realize what a great President he is and thank God for bringing him to us.

Linn (@guest_1055579)
1 year ago

So true I was thinking the same at first, but then I realized my goodness, POTUS is busy running a country and with the weight of the world on his shoulders, he’s been out campaigning because nobody will remind the people of all the great things he has done for this country, if he doesn’t keep it in the public consciousness, no one else will. He goes from dawn to dusk, actually more while Biden sits all day in his basement “resting” or being given his marching orders by those leading him by the nose. No wonder he looked rested. POTUS never gets any rest!

R.S. Helms (@guest_1055252)
1 year ago

Can’t say more, except a great article and I agree 100%.

Pattie Kelly (@guest_1055865)
1 year ago

Dana Perino would of made a great moderator. She knows what she is talking about and can ask questions in ways that get you to answer. Watch her two shows on FOX one is The Five and the other is on at 1pm ET. She is great.

GetAClue (@guest_1056162)
1 year ago

I believe Brett Baer or Dana Perino would have handled the debate in a much more professional manner than Wallace. Wallace allowed Biden to start the interruptions at the 2nd question then he admonished the president for interruptions while laughing along with Biden. Very bad form! What happened to being an unbiased moderator? What happened to maintaining control of a debate? Why was one person allowed to call the other names? Why was the president not allowed to rebut Biden’s false claims, or even answer questions uninterrupted? I saw Biden allowed rebuttal and several times the president stood patiently listening to Biden make false claims. Biden even refused to answer direct questions. Since the media is not going to allow the American people to hear the truth about Biden’s illegal and immoral dealings with Russia, the Ukraine and China, how he sold out our country to these foreign powers and colluded with Russia in a coup attempt against a legally elected President and Strong armed Ukraine to protect his Son, the media should be held complicit in those crimes. A first step in redeeming some credibility would be to fire Wallace.

William Riggs (@guest_1056495)
Reply to  GetAClue
1 year ago

Going into this “debate”the moderator said he was going to be un known at the end. Now would be a good time for him to be unemployed!



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