October 22, 2020

President Trump won the debate

Democrats’ heads are exploding as polling results roll in following the first of three 2020 presidential debates. President Trump resoundingly won the debate according to the C-Span poll, the Telemundo poll, and several others.

After Tuesday’s debate both Biden and Trump claimed victory. The CNN poll placed Biden in the winning category, but the CSpan and Telemundo instant polls reveal that President Trump won over the majority of those viewers. These two polls are important because they are not overtly pro-Trump. CSpan broadcasts government events, and Telemundo serves the Spanish-speaking community, a demographic the Democrats take for granted.

After Tuesday night’s raucous debate, moderated by Fox News’ Chris Wallace, CSpan asked their viewers who won? A resounding 69% of them declared President Trump the winner, and only 18.7% voted for Biden.

Democrats believe they own the Hispanic vote and a recent WSJ/NBC/Telemundo poll seems to support that. According to that poll, Latino voters favor Biden over Trump by a margin of 62% to 26%.

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden holds a significant lead over President Trump among registered Latino voters, garnering 62% of support, compared with Mr. Trump’s 26%, according to a new Wall Street Journal/NBC/Telemundo poll.

So the Telemundo instant poll following this week’s debate must have come as a nasty shock to Biden strategists. 34% of Spanish-speaking viewers said Biden won the debate, but a whopping 66% of those surveyed said that President Trump was the winner.

The Telemundo post-debate instant poll is sending the Biden camp scrambling to reach out to Hispanic and Black communities. Former Democrat presidential candidate and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is spending millions of dollars on a door-knocking campaign, COVID-19 safety be damned.

Unsurprisingly, CNN viewers declared Biden the winner with 60% of the vote, while only 28% said that President Trump won. But this wouldn’t be the first time CNN viewers revealed that they live in an alternate universe that shouldn’t dictate life for the majority of Americans.

In 2016, after the first debate between Candidate Trump and Candidate Hillary Clinton, CNN viewers declared Hillary the victor with 62%  of the vote, while only 27% voted for Trump. We all know how that worked out in the 2016 election.

Scroll down to the comments section and tell us who you think won the debate and why!

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17 Responses

  1. Was it Harry Truman who said if you lay all the pollsters end to end they would all point in a different direction and it’s still true today

  2. I agree 100% and all freedom loving Americans vote Trump so we get him reelected for 4 more years
    as he stands for all Americans but Joe Biden stands for the Democtratic left

  3. I can’t believe the nasty comments on Nextdoor on a post asking for prayers for President Trump and first Lady Melania. The hateful people just can’t hide the depravity inside them any longer. What a shame so many hateful people on the left show how sick they really are.

  4. President Trump – will be named one of the greatest if not the greatest President during my lifetime of 69 years. Never have I witnessed more courageous leadership in a President. He speaks from his soul and connects with all who just really listen. Trump 8 more years.

    1. I have to AGREE absolutely 100% with you,at 63 years of age I have never seen a President love our country and work so hard for all Americans. He is without a doubt going to be remembered as one of the GREATEST of American Presidents unless of course old Joe wins and Democrats lie and write our history to suit them.

  5. President Trump “tried” to state what he was trying to do for the USA while Biden preferred spewing ad hominem attacks – directing verbal insults against Trump rather than any position Biden maintains.

  6. I am 75, used to be a Democrat, BUT, in my 75 years, I have never seen such a commiited President who has done such an outstanding job for ALL AMERICANS… Until the virus, he has hit homeruns in every aspect he tackled FOR ALL OF US… He shows his love for America and REALLY CARED, unlike useless presidents in the past…HE NEEDS US NOW…PLEASE PRAY FOR HIM…

    1. God bless you for being woke in grounded reality rather than in a drugged up haze state of mind like the dimwits that support Biden blindly. We need more like you, how do we lift their fog?

  7. I support President Trump bcs of all he’s done and how hard he works for all Americans. I believed he tried to get Biden be more specific on what he will do as president, unfortunately he evaded to do so. I wish that Chris Wallace followed up in pressing Biden to answer the President’s inquiries on packing the Supreme Court with more justices etc. Chris Wallace in my opinion and on his performance as moderator of the first presidential debate was biased and favored Joe Biden. If President framed his questions on Hunter Biden by maybe pointing out:
    Vice President Biden, why did you threatened to use to withhold the American tax payer’s money of 1 billion dollars to have the Ukrainian prosecutor fired on behalf of your son Hunter Biden.
    This shows Biden knew of Hunter’s dealings using his father’s influence for personal gain, not in the interest of the United States.
    The interruptions were distracting however it showed what each person wanted answers to their questions. Let us king forward to next debate. Is it true that the moderator is a former Biden intern??
    Praying for both President, First Lady & their family a speedy recovery.

  8. There are a lot of Demoncrats that have their heads in the sand, and will vote for the Left’s Poster Boy: Joe Biden.
    His smiling s*** face is an attempt to cover up what he lacks in knowledge. Mayor Giuliani perfectly called him a “moron” on national TV, when asked about his meeting with him during an interview.
    This is Joe Biden’s last hurrah for the ending of his 47 year lack luster governmental career. The Demoncratic machine, with the financial backing of George Soros and others of his ilk, plus many of the Hollywood monied self aggrandizers, will go to the extremes in whatever it takes to get him elected.

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