June 25, 2021

President Trump to Senate GOP: Fight like Democrats

As the day Congress certifies the results of the 2020 election approaches, President Trump has ordered Republican Senators to fight like Democrats for the presidency in a series of tweets over the weekend,

America is very familiar with the Democrats’ ability to fight. For the last four years, claiming Trump’s win was illegitimate and the product of Russian collusion, Democrats have relentlessly used every tool at their disposal to unseat President Trump. Obama’s corrupt DOJ investigated him. Democrats used procedural powers to block him, and Democrat judges blocked his policies. House Democrats impeached him, and they used their media presence and connections to malign him.

Proof continues to mount that Democrats cheated in the 2020 election, particularly in the battleground states of Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Nevada, and Arizona, using universal mail-in ballots, lawsuits, last-minute rule changes, ballot harvesting, algorithms, dead people, and voter fraud. Election fraud effectively suppresses legal voting and disenfranchises millions of Americans. President Trump is asking Republicans to fight, to use every legal means available to fight for election integrity.

President Trump is urging Senate Republicans to dispute the Democrat electors from battleground states in a joint session of Congress on January 6th. So far, Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) and Rand Paul (R-KY) have signaled they might join dozens of House Republicans who have promised to raise objections, including Reps. Mo Brooks (R-Ala.), Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Madison Cawthorn (R-NC), and Lauren Boebert (R-CO).

During the Jan. 6th session to count the electoral votes, electors from any state can be challenged. It takes one senator and one congressperson to object in writing to a state’s electors to throw the issue into the individual chambers for debate and a vote.

According to the Congressional Research Service:

Objections to individual state returns must be made in writing by at least one Member each of the Senate and House of  Representatives. If an objection meets these requirements, the joint session recesses and the two houses separate and debate the question in their respective chambers for a maximum of two hours. The two houses then vote separately to accept or reject the objection. They then reassemble in joint session, and announce the results of their respective votes. An objection to a state’s electoral vote must be approved by both houses in order for any contested votes to be excluded.

Senate Republicans need to step up to fight because every other avenue to expose election fraud has failed. Insisting the proof of election fraud is irrefutable, the President called out the courts, the DOJ, and the press that refused even to review the evidence gathered since the election.

President Trump is headed to Georgia to campaign for Republican Senate hopefuls Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue, to help the Senate retain its Republican majority. The Senate GOP should fight as hard for him as he does for them.

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104 Responses

    1. YES… this election is a FRAUD ! We cannot have this kind of corruption in a FREE COUNTRY. We are no better than a communist country at this point ! WE WILL NEVER ACCEPT BIDEN OR HARRIS… NEVER !

      1. I agree, it’s right there in all kind of evidence. Americans need to speak out. The election was a fraud and stolen from our President and the American people. OVER TURN THE ELECTION OF 2020. President Trump is our President!!!!!!! Pray to reveal the corruption of each and every demoncrate and other persons involved…

        1. Contact your senators to step up and support president trump
          If they don’t vote them all out especially those wanting re elected in 2022 if the senators don’t fight for trump and this country then they don’t deserve to be a senator of the United States

      2. I am totally sadden being a off spring of parents who were a part of the, “GREATEST GENERATION” who fought for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. They in some cases died, injured, and lived lives substandard to what we see today in so called elected officials. All I see now from the Supreme Court down to those except President Donald Trump liars, corruption, stealing and self serving criminals.

        1. Norman and DS: I totally agree with you both. I see our grandchildren paying for the spending of the previous and potential Dimocrap administrations. And we see people moving from high taxed states but the problem is that they bring their socialist ideas with them. They are spreading socialist poison throughout the country. Courts are caving to the leftists and paid organizaed groups like BLM and Antifa causing chaos and making threats. Is this the America that has lived and promoted law and order and helped more people for the sake of helping people be free legally? Trump and his family withstood lies, investigations and all maner of evil thrown at them by the socialist leftist party, media and Deep State actors but stood strong for the Amrican people. God bless them! Trump is my President and Pence is my VP! Never, never, never Harris/Biden!

    1. Maybe you should listen to the experts such as CISA Director Christopher Krebs and Attorney General Barr’s statements. Trumpets are so vulnerable to Trump’s outright lies because it’s been proven that they are the least educated in the voting population.

        1. Prove what moron? That people have sworn statements, machines shown that they are not reliable, video showing ballets pulled out from under tables after people have been let go. Lets see shall we go on, How about judges lying and not abiding by the law?

      1. There is plenty of proof that there was fraud in this election. Trying listening and/or reading other news outlets beside CNN, MSNBC, NPR, The New York Times. There is numerous outlets who have carried both sides.

        1. I agree with you, my friend. Look up the following and try, just try listening to them for a while. Rush Limbaugh (He has someone in for him). Mark Levine, Joe Paggs, Glen beck, Tom Sullivan, Larry Elder, Sebastian Gorka, Jay Sekulow, Bill Cunningham (Sunday Evenings). And there are more. You will find them on A.M. radio. The mainstream media tells lies and withholds the truth.

      2. And you believe frauds like Biden, Harris, and the Kenyan? At least there is plenty of evidence of their crimes! It was not Trump who was in collusion with Russia. It was Killery Rotten and Hiden Biden!

        1. very true! this is our last chance to see a President who’s for the people, and not for other foreign countries. America First!

      3. There’s video proof of voter fraud. The people you mentioned are not “experts” at anything. They are just selling the Democrat’s Kool-Aid.
        Obviously, my dog is smarter than Commie Democrats who want to give the country away. Be honest with yourself. Everybody knows this election was a Big Lie.

      4. If you are as intelligent as you seem to believe you are perhaps you should cite studies to provide substance to your claims. Let’s have it please-at least five verified studies to verify your claim!
        Just because you think Krebs and Barr may have said those things that doesn’t make it true. When you cite references you should always have the appropriate documentation to support your claim.
        Otherwise a person such as myself, very educated, graduated with highest honors, top of my class in one of the most prestigious universities in my field might find your reply less than scholarly, shy on documentation and what we more educated folks might call staggering BS which speaks for itself no documentation needed-your attitude and presentation says it all!
        Since you admire education, let me encourage you to get a one that enables you to maintain civil discourse while making a congenial educated response.

      5. You are a TOTAL LEFT-WING HACK! Anyone with half a brain and even one ounce of logic, can see there was and is, cheating and outright fraud going on here! Also… There is CLEAR EVIDENCE OF FOREIGN INTERFERENCE involved also genius!! In the end the Trump/Pence side WILL PREVAIL AND WIN 4 MORE YEARS OF GREATNESS!! SUCK ON THAT EINSTEIN!!

      6. DRT: Your lack of education is certainly showing via your total ignorance. What a shame because you could have contributed much much more than the lies you spew. I think you have missed out on who the “experts” are because Krebs & Barr and a couple of nothingburgers.

      7. I hate to tell you but all the smart people I know vote Trump ! If your someone who relies on the government they vote democrat or controlled by a union . Sad to say about democrats but your always controlled by someone . Republicans we love freedom and have freedom of mind . We love Trump because he is about the people not control of the government . If your going to bash Trump voters you probably ought to learn who we are

        1. You go girl. Just ask your self. If the dems can treat a judge the way they did. Then what they did for four years to president Trump. Imagine what they could do to you. Scared Right. Contact your senators to reject Biden electoral on January 6th

      8. Richard Tonge oh I see part of the California group and foreign countries explains it all . Your a traitor so of course you support fraud . Well it’s not going to happen buddy not in this country .

      9. Tonge, so u judge from the sidelines right? This means ur right and everybody else is wrong that is being a Trumpet as u call us. Well, listen to this, as u judge u will b judged n r time will come when u list expect it. U c my beloved brother, God truly loves u just as u seem to hate trumpets. Isn’t that amazing? Do u love ur self is the question? Looks like ur the same as the rest of us, we all fall short of God’s glory. These are God’s words not mine good buddy. God bless u and may God have mercy on ur soul.

      10. You are a nitwit. You make some ignorant comment that has no truth to it. Your just like all democrats and your buddy’s at fake news CNN and MSNBC. In the past, one of you military haters made the same fake claim about our military. And statistics proved that people in the military had a higher education then the general public. That’s a fact, not made up like your claim.. Also Pres. Trump can backup what he says. CNN was voted the most untrustworthy News organization there is. MSMBC came in a close second. Attorney General Barr turned out to be a coward. Pres. Trump has done more for this country and ALL Americans then any other president before him. Dictator Obama Destroyed race relations in this country, turned race against race and turned millions of Americans against the police and downsized our military to a dangerous level and made the rules of engagement for our troops more difficult and better for our enemies. He also increased our deficit by 11 trillion dollars, more then all other presidents combined.Get your facts straight before you make a fool of yourself again. I can backup what I say, can you?

        1. i definitly agree with you 100%. god save us now before its too late. get these corrupt demorats out were not going to be america any longer. it will becalledl china the second.

      11. My daughter has a Doctorate degree. She did not compare party platforms; she does not care that the DNC will destroy our Bill of Rights AND our Constitution; she bellyaches about paying 39.6% taxes but isn’t bothered with the DNC wanting to raise taxes to 75 — 85%. She is a Christian but sees nothing wrong with FORCING ALL Americans to pay extra taxes so a woman can have an unwarranted abortion. If they don’t want to be pregnant the solution is very quite simply: (1) Use birth control. (2) Stay out of beds where you do not belong.
        You want to talk about education? My h. s. basic and required curriculum is nowadays considered the HONORS Curriculum. I have education from both a Jr. College AND a 4 – year. College. My major was American History.
        An education does not erase ignorance. Nor will an education yield wisdom.
        BTW, my daughter voted according to what parenthesized initial is behind the name. In other words, if Jesus Christ had (R) and Judas Iscariot had (D), the good Christian would vote
        for Judas Iscariot (D). She would NEVER compare candidate qualifications.
        I research the important information (especially treason), compare pros/cons and then vote.
        Who would you say had the better method??
        AND, I did not cheat !!!

      12. By making that statement, you have proven that you are an idiot! Keens and Barr are part of the deep state corruption! Do your research!

      13. Ppl are so enraged with lies and unfortunately to dumb and lazy to do the research and all social media platforms are trying to silence the truth

    2. There are 1 thousand affidavids {spelling?} saying under oath, all the illegal things that went on. That should be enough to get 4 more years. I hope many go to jail.

    3. These morons i.e. so called elected officials who swore to up hold the Constitution of the United States, are without a doubt showing they are more corrupt, liars, thieves, and need to be put in jail for life, than those behind bars today. I wonder what fairy land they live in thinking WE THE PEOPLE will knuckle under to their PROVEN BS. They think that they will get all the guns, YEA SURE and PIGS CAN FLY. They idiots are setting on a powder keg. Our country is in trouble because we let it. Unfortunately we will now have to fight to take our country back.

      Too boot we even let a so called President to hoodwink us to think he is African American. Now I might not be the sharpest tack in the box BUT HOW DO YOU MAKE A SO CALLED AFRICAN AMERICAN,LITTLE BOY OUT OF A CAUCASIAN WHITE WOMAN AND A MIDDLE EAST FATHER? UH DUH get a brain

  1. It’s a sad day when people in ‘power’ want to see the values of this country go down instead of standing for what’s right. There is a higher judge Who will take care of each of them, but they have lost their fear of God along the way.

    1. I agree wholeheartedly mam, evil is now in our faces .We must continue interceding for our nation, President Trump ,VicePresident Pence& families. What we’ve learned from the past, helps us make decisions, which affects all tomorrow, thanks.☝️☝️🙏🇺🇸🎄

  2. What the Dems have done is UN American it terrifies me what damage will be done if our country falls in their control. I believe if they’d let our elected President do his job from the start our country would only be battling the pandemic

    1. You must have flunked history. The Democrats have done a better job with the economy than the Republicans and you can actually look up the statistics to prove it. I know Trumpets are the least educated in the population but give it a try.

      1. If you’re so damn sure of what you say, what is your education and what kind of job do you have? Are you ready to give everything you worked for away or are you the TAKER? Seems to be that more democrats are uneducated and standing in the ” I want everything for FREE and you have a job so you OWE me.

      2. You are a complete idiot. Under Obammy and Biden the debt doubled in less than 8 years. So go preach your love of socialism to those ignorant enough to listen.

      3. I have to wonder…where do you get your news from?? Look at my previous comments and just do what I ask. You will thank me later.

      4. I ask you this, D.Richard Tonge, do you “think” that an education alone makes you intelligent?An education alone doesn’t unless you have some common sense as well. All the education in the world means very little unless you know how & when to use it. One thing common sense gives you is the knowledge to not flaunt an education!!!

    1. Communism – a political theory derived from Karl Marx, advocating class war and leading to a society in which all property is publicly owned and each person works and is paid according to their abilities and needs. You ever hear any Democrat advocate we eliminate the stock market and turn over ownership to the state? Get a new dictionary, jerk.

    2. You are so right. I, for one, do not want to give up. The china communist will determine how we live and it is not pleasant. You will be controlled. Tell your government to open all the failing business. This is a prime example of how e will be controlled. Wake up America and fight for your rights.


    1. Maybe you should listen to the experts such as CISA Director Christopher Krebs and Attorney General Barr’s statements. Trumpets are so vulnerable to Trump’s outright lies because it’s been proven that they are the least educated in the voting population.

      1. Richard, Your dirty diaper mouth reminds me of your stinking and lying Democratic party. So apparently you don’t know the history of America or even the history of WWIi Cause if you did, you would have never voted to repeat it!!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    2. Rosalie, worry not, bother not with these statements which are very empty of truth. To len d credence is to believe what is said. What these folks dont know and realize is whats coming at them very very quickly. Then, they will return to self destruction thru their own faith and it will not return empty. U c brother if he really was intelligent he would love people and above all, God. This speaks to the 4 Angels of life my beloved brother, love, mercy, grace and forgiveness. Ask ur self, does tonge have them in his life? His voice is heard loud and very clear. The answer is no. In Christ Jesus amen.

      1. No your going to lose once dementia Joe screws every thing up. Biden will not be president Spread legs Kalama will take care of you.

  4. You might not like Trump’s personality, but he is a man of his word!! He is the only president who has followed through on his promises. I voted Democratic most of my life …until Reagan…and then I became an Independent. The Democratic party is no longer the party of the working man…in fact, the Democratic party of today is more Socialistic…and if Harris becomes President, which is the whole idea behind this year’s election, we, Americans have lost our independence. What a shame!! The next four years will give you a test of Hell! Please, Dear God bless America for “they know not what they do!!”

    1. Amen, my father (God rest him) was a life long Democrat, but his Democratic party was nothing like these losers and their constituency had brains… He lived through the great depression, and fought in WWII but I know he would be ashamed if he saw his party today. I am a Democrat for Trump myself, I do not claim to be any better than anyone else but it seems today’s pseudo-democrat have taken those claims to the extreme

  5. Mr. Trump make one error no send Hilary clinton to jail now this country is belong to the mafia . Ask to Barack Obama were is confront the millions he has maybe from Ukraine, Russia China or stolen from American people

  6. I guess all that proves to the American people that if you have a lot of money, in most cases, anything can be bought…this is a disgrace to this country and I am humiliated that other countries are laughing at us…guess that most people in congress would sell out their own mother if the price was high enough…

  7. I fully agree with the President, Republicans should fight tooth and nail with the Democrats as it has become extremely obvious to anyone with a functioning brain that the election was rigged!
    One need only to observe the turnout at the various rallies held by both Biden and Trump, then ask yourself which one had the largest turnouts?
    Does anyone with even half a brain actually believe that the ratio of supporters for either candidate would change in such a degree as to flip the totals?
    I know the mainstream media thinks American people are stupid but not all of us fall for the reports of the media!
    The mainstream media has flouted there importance to a degree where they no longer maintain even a small margin of integrity or believability! They are no longer newsworthy as they have become PROPAGANDISTS of the highest order!
    At 83 and 32 years in the Military I have had the opportunity to observe the customs and courtesies of many nations, some that are truly Banana Republics, some that are Communist in nature, and others who truly value honesty and integrity. It has also provided me with an insight to the indications of fraud and deceit, this is abundantly present in the recent election and functions taking place in Washington!
    When our elected representatives feel it is more important to support foreign nations with our tax dollars than it is to support the American public then WE THE PEOPLE perhaps need to remind them why they are there.
    I am asking the general American Public to look closely at who is doing what, not what they say but what they do, then based upon that reality vote accordingly.
    Perhaps the most difficult condition which need to change is those working within the Government that are NOT elected but actually run the government. They need to follow the law and not usurp the workings with their own personal opinions!
    Until our Government is free from this internal problem we will continue to face serious conditions!!!!

      1. Sure, And for the first time ever, we will have a child monster in the WH…he should be in a prison cell with the door rusted shut. biden is worse than a weasel.

    1. Thank you. My father (USAF) said the same thing!! Too much truth to ignore it. Hope we fight for this country. We are the last hope for the people who came to escape what the New Democrats want to accomplish.

    2. I have not read a better assess of what is happening here in this country to date. We are proving what Russia has predicted. That as a country they would not have to attack but that we would be destroyed from within and fall into their hands like an overripened fruit. My fellow Americans look around what are our leaders doing? What is happening to us as a country? I too spent 32 years in the military and deployed to many countries that had government that ranged from Republics to deep Socialist Communist governments yes I must just say that I agree with SFC Phillip Owens.

      Carlos Salazar CMSgt. USAF (retired)

  8. The mounting evidence of weak , spineless Republicans, and co-conspirators like Romney, a few like Mitch McConnell might well be compromised by the CCP !!! And since the FBI, CIA, NSA, DOJ,along with the Federal JUDICIARY including the supreme court , have all demonstrated by acts of unlawful overt dimensions, that they are involved with the insurrection!!!! Leaving us and our great president and Commander in Chief with only one final course, NATIONAL EMERGENCY, SUSPENDED HABEAS CORPUS, MARTIAL LAW, Traitors tried under UCMJ !!!! Save the Constitution!!! Save the Republic!!! NO OTHER CHOICE.

  9. Please, please hear your voters and KEEP TRUMP IN OFFICE WHERE HE BELONGS AND WAS ELECTED TO. The left is as criminal as other criminals, and their criminality is seen via their attitudes, their nasty language, their personalities. We on the right have NEVER, EVER done such a thing as the left has done, OPENLY CHEAT AT VOTING, and our “GOVERNMENT” which isn’t much has done very little if anything to help out our President and the US citizens. If nothing is done to help out our duly elected President Trump, we can honestly say that we have no government worth paying for.

  10. May God help President Trump be declared the TRUE winner of this election! If all the fraud were exposed and the actual votes counted, he definitely won this election in a landslide!!!

    1. Yes, President Trump won in landslide. Why don’t the Democrats want integrity with our elections? Because they cheat!

  11. I think trump should use the military for martial law and arrest everyone involved. He will loose if it goes to court, they are all against him and paid off. If the republicans don’t stick up for him we should never vote for
    any of them again.

  12. The Republicans don’t have the [email protected] to stand up to the Democrats. If they truly were Republicans they would stand up for the President. They have let the Democrats run all over them. Except for a few the rest are @ss kissers like McConnell and some of the others. GET SOME LOYALTEE TO A PRESIDENT THE PEOPLE WANT TO SERVE ANOTHER 4 YEARS. This election was a fraud and it was fixed. FIGHT FOR YOUR PARTY AND THE PEOPLE OF OUR COUNTRY LIKE YOU WERE ELECTED TO DO!!

  13. If there was not a fraudulent election why wont the Democrats allow the Dominion voting machines to be audited? This tells us all they are afraid of what would come to light. Time for Military Tribunals.

  14. According to popular media, God is dead, the truth is subjective and the rule of law was never as important as raw political power achieved by what means are necessary. There are real questions about this election, very, very large ones that swung hundreds of thousands of votes without a supporting number of voters. After Russia-gate, the no evidence, no due process impeachment, we should be ashamed to be Americans in 2020. But the ends do now justify the means and the media will swear to it. Lies have become the currency of American politics and the rule of law is less than a tattered memory. If we do not solve the questions of the 2020 Election and the swing in the swing states in the night, we deserve the death of our republic and the end of our kids and grandkids freedoms. But, if “We the People” are truly exceptional and not all sad versions of Hillary’s deplorables, collect the tools of your second amendment rights and go to Washington to convene a new Constitutional Convention and to reprogram the national media.

  15. D Richard Tonge you have to be a Dem, Lib, commie or all 3 because you talk like you’ve been brainwashed or you’re just plain stupid and you know what they say “you can’t fix stupid” and your proof!!! You sound like your on the side of everything Evil, corrupt, pedophiles, murderers, liars, destroyers, Traitors and you dont mind them taking your money and spending it on themselves or sending our hard earned money to other countries and dont care about us and this country. Wow I’ll pray for you🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  16. Now wouldn’t that be a NEW CONCEPT!!! All REPUBLICANS KNOW HOW TO DO IS CAVE & roll over – they r spineless!!! Corrupt Dems Stole this election our vote & our voices – we the ppl r now shown we don’t matter!!!😢😢😢😢😢
    Welcome to Communist USA

  17. Hey facebook. This election was the biggest fraud ever on an American election. If you cant see this you need better glasses. Fact check that

  18. I agree republicans are spineless if your a democrat it ok to cheat steal and scam and they have no problem destroying going into stores and stealing

  19. I wouldn’t lose one second of sleep if Pelosi, Biden, Harris, Obama and the DNC Leaders all turned up dead. In fact I would drink another beer. They are all Corrupt, Crooked and will DESTROY AMERICA

  20. We the people of this country will remember who stood with President Trump during these fraudulent elections. God knows who has committed fraud and the judges that allowed it to stand. I’m asking for God’s Devine intervention into this corruption. In Jesus name amen.

  21. While your at it Mary contact your senators tell them to stand up on January 6th to vote against Biden’s electoral votes

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