August 16, 2022

President Trump puts people, not D.C., in charge of health decisions

The political left does not want Americans to make choices for themselves—unless your choice is to do exactly what they say.

When it comes to personal health and wellbeing, they think they know best. That has been on full display recently from coast to coast, with sanctimonious comments about others’ behavior and choices during the COVID-19 crisis. And it was on full display as, in their last days in office, Joe Biden and the Obama administration cut off health care choices for Americans under the false pretense of “protection.”

Instead of leaving health care decisions between a patient and their doctor, or between a person and their own family, they did what the modern left so often does—attacked another freedom and put government in charge of personal decisions. Before leaving office, Obama and Biden effectively undercut, through executive fiat, health care coverage that didn’t fit their plan for government takeover of health care and left families with fewer health insurance options than ever before.

In stark contrast to this bureaucratic limit on the options available to Americans, President Trump has been clear that individuals and families should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to their health insurance and the care they wish to receive. That’s why he took action and reversed the Obama-Biden health plan ban and allowed people to purchase much more affordable coverage.

Affordable in this case is a huge understatement. The short-term plans the Trump administration added to the health care menu for America are anywhere from 50 to 80 percent less expensive than the few choices that had previously been available for purchase. They offer a superior value for millions of consumers—with better provider networks—whether you’re in between jobs, just left your parents’ insurance plan, or are retired and need gap insurance before qualifying for Medicare.

These temporary plans can be purchased any time, not just at open enrollment, and thanks to President Trump, they can now be renewed for up to a total of three years. The old plans were limited to just three months by Biden and Obama.

As premiums went through the roof under Obama, health care felt out of reach more than ever, despite all the empty promises about health care for all and the poorly named Affordable Care Act, commonly known as ObamaCare. ObamaCare premiums more than doubled between 2013 and 2017, and the country still had 30 million uninsured individuals. And there were no options. More than half the country had just one insurance provider offering plans.

To those many millions of uninsured Americans, and the people who have to pay as much as a second mortgage in many cases to get health insurance, President Trump allowing a new product has been welcome relief. A new choice. Another option available to take care of their health needs. And millions are taking advantage of it.

A recent report from Congress estimated that at least three million people now have short-term plans, a huge increase from recent years. Unfortunately, the left cannot abide Americans having more choice and making decisions for themselves, so they have relentlessly attacked the President’s decision to expand health care options for the country. What for many is a relief and exactly what they need, has been lambasted by the left as “junk” and unworthy of their stamp of approval.

New York and California, among other liberal states, have banned short-term plans while the left took the administration to federal court over the issue. But they lost and the president and the American people won. Going forward, individuals and families will have the option to purchase these affordable short-term plans at a fraction of the costassuming they don’t live in a socialist state like California.

President Trump allowed plans that are significantly more affordable, can be purchased anytime, and have far more options available. The leftBiden, Obama, and Californiabanned that choice and has no track record of tangible success in the health care realm.

President Trump’s vision is for Americans to have more control over their health care and more options. The left’s vision has only once choice: more government.

Thankfully, millions of people around the country, including the previously uninsured, are benefiting from Trump’s clear vision on health care.

Sam Adolphsen is the policy director at the Foundation for Government Accountability.

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Lyn (@guest_1055924)
1 year ago

Where are the facts to back-up your statement?

The Redhawk (@guest_1055950)
Reply to  Lyn
1 year ago

si is mine BELOW>>>

Tip (@guest_1056004)
Reply to  Lyn
1 year ago

Fact 1. Trump has already published his health plan, as he said and he has stuck to working on it. Newt Gingrich mentioned this several days ago and Trump said he had a plan at the debate podium.
Fact 2. The Democrats developed this plan behind closed doors, in secret. None of Obama’s promises about the plan came true.
Fact3. The Dr. who invented the plan said in public,”I can’t believe we pulled this off in front of the American people.”
My belief: Obama knew the plan would fail. This was all preparation to try to move the public to a single payer system. Again, the Democrats knew this would fail.

The Redhawk (@guest_1055948)
1 year ago

Well DID YOU READ IT BEFORE it was exposed as a LIE??? Pelosi recommended that before the roll out got so confused that not even OBAMA “promises” were erased before the ink dried….YES I an talking “ODUMBO CARE “>>>>>.GET REAL !!!

Ruben (@guest_1055986)
1 year ago

You are just as phony as they are. A daughter of mine went through that BS, and she paid through the roof, under going chemotheropy, so don’t give us your BS

Ruben (@guest_1055991)
Reply to  Ruben
1 year ago

My comment is directed to altlurker.

Walter Robertson (@guest_1056318)
Reply to  Ruben
1 year ago

My wife applied for obummer care and they sent her the application in brail. She is not blind.



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