August 12, 2022

President Trump promises to put down insurrection following election victory

Politico obtained a preview of Fox Host Judge Jeanine Pirro’s upcoming interview with President Trump in which he promised to put down any violent rioting that might follow an election victory for the president.

We’ll put them down very quickly if they do that. We have the right to do that. We have the power to do that if we want.

The president is referring to the authority granted him by the Insurrection Act, which he has threatened to invoke multiple times since riots broke out in May after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

According to the Washington Examiner: “The Insurrection Act allows the president to deploy the military and National Guard within the country in extreme circumstances to quell civil disorder.”

There is reason to believe that the rioting in major cities will intensify if President Trump wins a second term. Democrats like Joe Biden have hinted that would be the case, and Biden’s media goons have only amplified the threat of impending violence.

BLM leaders have vowed to “burn it down” if they don’t get what they want. However, Trump has stepped fully into his “law and order” platform in recent weeks, so his threat to send in forces authorized by the Insurrection Act to stop the conflict should give Democrats pause before encouraging further violence.

The full interview is set to air Saturday evening on Fox News’ Justice with Judge Jeanine.

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Tom (@guest_1047091)
1 year ago

That will be a GREAT THING. We all know how pissed off the DEMSOCRAPS are going to be. If you think for one minute the Biden/Harris team is not tied in with these riots just look up It will take you tom the DONATION page for Biden/Harris.

Jack Hall (@guest_1047431)
Reply to  Tom
1 year ago

The BLM site will take you to the DNC Donation page too.

Michele a Faccone (@guest_1047437)
Reply to  Tom
1 year ago

If our President has this authority based on this act “The Insurrection Act allows the president to deploy the military and National Guard within the country in extreme circumstances to quell civil disorder.” I urge and support him to act on this authority. Obviously the Dems in charge of cities and states being burned and destroyed either don’t care or are as evil as the rioters, murderers and thugs out there who are so claiming to be BLM Protestors and Demonstrators. Unless these unacceptable behaviors are eliminated and we end this one way or the other; their actions are going to continue. They will always find some reason to violate our Freedom as well as try to destroy any Law and Order. They are fueled by whatever excuse the media reports on their behalf. These are violent, evil, sick beings who want to rule and take over and destroy our Country and should be stopped one way or the other. If our President has the authority, please use it now….

Jean Stewart (@guest_1047105)
1 year ago

Utube stop with the creepy joe / kamela ur really poor sports

SGB (@guest_1047115)
Reply to  Jean Stewart
1 year ago

I guess we could discuss what poor sports the Democrats have been for nearly four years. You think it is sportsmanlike to burn down cities?

russell remmert (@guest_1047376)
Reply to  SGB
1 year ago

SGB I agree if I had the power they would be charged with treason and facing a firing squad

willard weems (@guest_1047117)
1 year ago

The only pro Putin response is the one you just made. FYI the Russian Hoax in Ref. to POTUS has been de-bunked so many times I would think people like you would stop with the lies!

they walk among us (@guest_1047118)
1 year ago

Why should we be surprised they are destroying people’s life long businesses? The demon-rats,,globalists and rhinos have been doing this (and much worse), to other countries and nations for eons. They go in and destroy a country’s infrastructure and then send in their criminal corporations to rebuild it. It’s now just coming home to roost.

Hank Hodgkins (@guest_1047119)
1 year ago

About time! If the government does not use restrained force to bring this to an end, the people may just rise up and end it with little or no restraint. #TRUMP/Pence 2020

Kayley (@guest_1047123)
Reply to  Hank Hodgkins
1 year ago


Tommie Walker (@guest_1047126)
1 year ago


b King (@guest_1047149)
Reply to  Tommie Walker
1 year ago

Trump can’t do it now, the left would say, “And you claim to be against war? You’re declaring a war with your own country!” He has to wait until after elected. So we have to vote Trump in or very quickly learn how to speak Mandarin!

Kenneth Duncan (@guest_1047183)
Reply to  b King
1 year ago

War has already started. They kill they steal and they destroy, no peaceful about it. People with guns are stopped with more people with more guns. Pandora’s box has been open. If Biden wins, it won’t stop.

russell remmert (@guest_1047384)
Reply to  b King
1 year ago

these communists are not our countrymen they are the scum to America

Susan (@guest_1047134)
1 year ago

RIGHT MOVE. There is to be RESPECT for LAW and ORDER that ensures the freedom and safety of its citizens according to the Constitution of the USA – in all areas of American society and government. Democrats are absolutely NOT it. SHAME on them!

Robin Andrews (@guest_1047176)
1 year ago

I’m very happy President Trump acted on this. Demwits already started w fake news President Trump murdered thousands of ppl by lying about the virus. They’re doing everything they can to discredit President Trump. This was back when nobody knew anything about the virus n he didn’t want ppl to panic. I’m sick of These Communist idiots

Vern (@guest_1047181)
1 year ago

bKing you are so Stupid it hurts me.

Gilbert Boisvert (@guest_1047187)
1 year ago

Arrest them all! All without bail. Send them to that special island (land of no return). Return our calm and peace of mind. Let no traitor create a shadow on our land.

Nannie (@guest_1047193)
1 year ago

A special island in Antarctica!

Linda johnson (@guest_1047316)
Reply to  Nannie
1 year ago

That would be great !

CJS (@guest_1047207)
1 year ago

He just needs to evoke the 14th Amendment! Gives him the power to stop all insurrection, including remove Congressional representatives from Congress of states involved in insurrection from Congress, including mayors/governors, as well as, delegates from these states to electoral college!
Allows him to confiscate property from all involved in insurrection, and prevents federal government from picking up expenses for states/cities which allowed insurrection activities to occur!
Also could control voting fraud!

Kenneth Barr (@guest_1047242)
1 year ago

If the citizens of Oregon & Washington don’t see how corrupt and evil their city & state Elected Officials are and Vote them Out of Office, well, You will continue with the Same for much longer time!! Your Police are arresting these thugs and your Corrupt Politicians & Judges Immediately release them, with No Bail, same day!!!! Is That what you really want for your cities???

Kim M Prestholt (@guest_1047421)
Reply to  Kenneth Barr
1 year ago

Unfortunately portland as well as Eugene and bend are primarily blue and rarely does a republican run against them. After the election we will fight back.

WALTER FLATT (@guest_1047346)
1 year ago


Percy (@guest_1047517)
1 year ago

AMEN To This statement , its time get all the criminals out of our government

russell remmert (@guest_1047365)
1 year ago

we all need to to get into the libel removing of the communists/ nancy and chuckie and their minions first, leave or go to prison

alicia Cervera (@guest_1047371)
1 year ago

Oh stop it with the only argument you fools use to attack Trump! So fed up with your corrupt lies, you dont even believe them any longer but you must still keep on using them since you have nothing else you can argue over.
Your line is so worn out and proven it was entirely made up by all your felonious creeps. Are you blind, a brain dead idiot or simply a sheep with no judgement of your own????

russell remmert (@guest_1047381)
Reply to  alicia Cervera
1 year ago

alicia you speak the truth

Robert Cantrell (@guest_1047661)
Reply to  alicia Cervera
1 year ago

Well said 🙂

Robin Andrews (@guest_1047675)
Reply to  alicia Cervera
1 year ago

Truth!! Well said n exactly right

Eugene Ross (@guest_1047405)
1 year ago

go get them Mr. President were with you

David Byrne (@guest_1047406)
1 year ago


Sharon (@guest_1047555)
Reply to  David Byrne
1 year ago

When are people going to wake up….SOROS is the leader of all these idiots trying to bring down our country. He did it to Hungry, England, etc. Get the midget, satanic creep out of our country. He has had the influence of everything that is going on. He has about 183 organizations!!!!! We must get him out of our country!!!!! He is EVIL!

Ernest Gross (@guest_1047856)
Reply to  Sharon
1 year ago

I will never understand that a born devil Soros is still walking free and able to buy up millions of votes for the democrats unhindered.
Is our democracy just a hot air baloon?
Tonnes of inriminating evidence against hundreds of traitors yet hardly
a few behind well deserved bars.
The old addage fits todays situation
“gemitur montes, nascitur ridiculus mus
“Mountains are growuling, giving birth to a ridiculous maus.

Stephen M. Ripley (@guest_1047420)
1 year ago

The “GIANT” is yawning, when he wakes up the thugs will be made fully aware of what real law & order will do to bring them to justice.

Richard Milton Wise (@guest_1047472)
1 year ago

Why wait, how many more lives are going to be lost? The party of hate is paying for all this mayhem. Get George Soros and Pedosa’s. Arrest the the companies donating to BLM and ANTIFA. The politicians as well.

Jeannette Davidson (@guest_1047482)
1 year ago

Why wait, lets put a stop to it now and show how corrupt Biden and Harris are, not to mention the cities mayors who refuse to do anything to stop this now.
I believe that Joe Biden has been so crooked for so long that he doesn’t have control over his life right now. His wife should go hide in the basement and keep her husband protected from the predators that are using them for their own good.

Barry (@guest_1047499)
1 year ago

The Demonic Ratz , BLM (baby killers), the MSM and Antifa equals

A Big Piece of 💩💩💩

McRant (@guest_1047646)
1 year ago

Here’s my idea:
Give Calif and Oregon to the liberals. Give Florida to the Jews. Give Georgia and Alabama to African Americans as reparations. Give New Mexico to the Hispanic legal and illegal aliens. Give Utah to the Mormons (of course). Nuke Oklahoma per Eric Swalwell. Thrown the UN out and turn their offices into homeless shelters.
Each state(s) is 100% responsible for governing the population and for taxing residents to cover the costs of their asinine social programs.
Suggestions on New York?

Don (@guest_1047655)
1 year ago

If he wants help there are plenty out here willing to provide it.



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