October 3, 2022

President Trump On Olympics: I’ll Do What Obama Never Did

President Donald Trump signed an order on Tuesday promising federal support to the U.S. Olympic and Paralympic Committee for the 2028 Los Angeles Olympics.

“We’ll never stop our relentless pursuit of excellence,” Trump said in Beverly Hills, California. “I’m confident that Team USA will build on the winning tradition in Tokyo later this year and in Paris in 2024, and then in Los Angeles in 2028.”

Trump then noted that Olympic committee asked for his help because Obama had previously refused to support them. “They asked me if I could get involved because the other administration refused to call the Olympic Committee,” Trump said. “And I did make the call, and — it was a very long call. They were starving for love, and we gave them the love.”

“These games will also be a major economic victory,” Trump said, pointing out there is an economic benefit to the Olympic games justifying his promise of federal support.

The 2028 Olympics will create 112,000 jobs and add $18 billion to our economy, at least, including $7 billion in wages for American workers. The LA Olympic Committee is accomplishing all of this at no cost to the American taxpayer. They’ve raised a lot of money and they’re utilizing stadiums that are world class, that are already built. Something nice about not having to build a lot of things. But they’re doing a fantastic job.

Trump then made the federal support official by penning his name on the order. “I’ll now sign a document pledging the federal government’s total support of LA in hosting the 2028 Olympics.”

Trump made it clear he saw his administration’s involvement as a significant improvement on Obama’s previous lackluster enthusiasm. “The Olympic Committee really wanted to come here,” Trump said speaking of the Los Angeles games. “They just wanted some support, and they were not getting it at all from the past administration. We’re going to give them tremendous support. You need the support of the federal government to make it really work. And we have it. It’s going to be a fantastic Olympics.”


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