June 14, 2021

President Trump hints at possible dismissal of AG Bill Barr

President Donald Trump has dismissed members of his administration for disloyalty before. It may be that his attorney general is next.

Trump isn’t saying for sure, but he could ax Attorney General William Barr for his failure to assist him in rooting out voter fraud that potentially cost him his reelection, the Washington Examiner reported. Barr publicly stated he hasn’t found any evidence of it, but the president contends Barr simply “hasn’t done anything yet.”

Despite the many allegations released to the media and isolated instances of voter fraud presented in court, Trump’s legal team has yet prove the 2020 presidential election was swayed by massive fraudulent votes. The president said the election was “rigged” and has delayed his concession to President-elect Joe Biden while his team works to suss out the malfeasance they suspect took place.

Meanwhile, Barr hasn’t been persuaded and publicly disputed Trump’s assertion. “To date, we have not seen fraud on a scale that could have affected a different outcome in the election,” he told the Associated Press.

The president detests that kind of disloyalty, but Barr might have already sealed his fate when he dragged his feet on the investigation into the misconduct that led to the Russia collusion hoax against Trump, the Associated Press reported. Despite clear evidence that the government illegally spied on the Trump campaign leading up to the 2016 presidential election, Barr did not complete an investigation into the matter prior to Election Day as the president would have wanted.

Had he done so, it would have revealed the role the Obama administration played in the affair. This could have been the key to beating Biden, who served as vice president under former President Barack Obama. Trump not only wanted decisive proof to bolster his chances for re-election, he worried that the investigation would get swept under the rug if Biden was elected.

“Unless Bill Barr indicts these people for crimes — the greatest political crime in the history of our country — then we’ll get little satisfaction, unless I win,” Trump said. Barr has appointed U.S. Attorney John Durham in a move that may ensure the investigation would continue, but the damage may already be done.

Barr has not done all he could for Trump on two of the biggest issues he faced in his presidency. Trump will have to decide his fate in the waning days of his administration, but things aren’t looking good for Bill Barr.

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52 Responses

    1. Barr is a great disappointment to America. I guess the Democrats got to him. Maybe Barr should be investigated because he sure did not do any investigation of voter fraud. I am not a real smart person, but voter fraud is right out there in front of your face. For Barr to make the comment there was no voter fraud is real stupid. He has not even investigated .

    2. This is very disturbing to us patriots in no indictments knowing the corruption of Comeys gang, Obama and Biden working in the shadows to destroy Trump as George Soros has said was his goal, one to destroy our President, and two destroy our democracy. Looks as if he may have accomplished his task.Remember Obama had spies all in the WH which made it hard for him to get trustworthy cabinet members. You need to remember that Barr is a good friend of the drone Mueller even attending church and being part of the children’s weeding. You cannot expect a deep stater, part of the clique to change is ways.

    3. Yes I agree
      So now Barr names Durham Special Counselor over this, like Mueller Probe. Same status.
      Also, there’s rumors about 5 men were KIA in firefight to get the server’s from Frankfurt CIA facility.
      I don’t have truth and absolute trust in this.
      Also, there’s rumors of military aircraft transport from the East coast to places like git mo, but I don’t know. I’m most likely wrong with it.
      If there’s ever a right time, the best time, that the deep state actors that have tried to overthrow our duly elected government, it’s now. They have exposed their evil deeds to the American Citizens, and the media is their propaganda arm party in it.
      Isn’t that election fraud and illegal voting to overthrow our government acts of treason? If so, that’s a military tribunals thing, isn’t it?
      I am not sure. I am curious about it.

  1. I feel the same. Barr has been a BIG disappointment to the President and the American public, he should be fired. Everything that has come along that an AG should be investigating, he has done nothing except collect a paycheck. This past summer has been a show of disenfranchise of the top dog in the legal department. looks the other way as the cities get destroyed, the FBI and the CIA playing politics. Now the fraud. Unreal.

    1. Christopher Wray should be replaced immediately as well. There are only a few people that can be trusted to perform the job with integrity in order to clean up the executive management in the FBI accross the entire country, the CIA management needs to be replaced as well. They are all part of the swamp. I just pray to God that Donald J. Trump and all of the Conservative Congress and Senatorial people support Donald J. Trump. Those that do not support Donald J. Trump need to be thrown out of office.

    2. Barr is and always has been a member of the Swamp. He has never been on President Trumps side or the side of America.

    1. i agree100% TREY GODY should have been there from the very start and if anyone is fired it should be the BAC STABBING KIPLARY THE BUTCHER OF BENGHAZI WANT A BE LOVER, FLIP FLOP QUCK, QUACK, QUCK DR FAUKI YOU…

      1. Yes Trey Gowdy should have been Attorney General. However it looks like Biden will become our next President. God help us all when he is sworn in.

  2. Kimberly Guifoyle for DOJ when TRUMP wins, she will be loyal an go after corruption

    America wants the DOJ to stop the corruption

  3. This is what happens when you don’t get outside of the Washington belt way when picking your team. There is other places in the state’s to find much better people to fill government positions. Let’s move the white house to some were in the mid west. It’s the only way to really rid the swamp.

  4. well Bill Barr was off to a good start when he was hired but it didn’t take to long until he started to drag his feet, I think the LEFT got to him, Clinton is still walking free and that should have been his #1 job to take her down, then he started doing less and less, I do believe he was threatened by the LEFT/NWO to back off of everything.

    1. No, the Swamp Critters got to him before the left could. They took a chunk out of his hide and left him too afraid to fight the fight, I think.

  5. Who touted this man as being tough on crime? Those are the people not to trust! All these government agencies are filled w/traitors at the top it seems. It is time to start pushing ethics and truth again. W/o truth there can be not equity. W/o a moral anchor there can be no integrity, honor, etc.

  6. Way too late now to fire that POS! Look at the video tape Mr Barr!! It is evident that something fishy was going on in Georgia!!!

  7. Barr did not deny the fraudulent election results. He said that the numbers were insufficient to alter the result of the election. So, it’s okay to cheat as long as nothing changes? Fraud negates legal votes. That means that you and I may have had no voice in the election. And just for fun, let’s blame Trump for making Americans lose their faith in the process. I see. Democrats cheat, but only those who question the outcome are harming the system. Barr should be calling for a thorough investigation to restore our belief in the system.

  8. 100 percent Mark. Clinton should have been the first to go down. Then maybe the rest of the SHEEP would have gotten the message. These people need consequences to what they did. People don’t realize we’re the ones going down.

  9. Barr Wray Harpel should have been fired years ago. Too bad Barr is wearing his deep state, globalist blindfold when looking at evidence. But isn’t that true about everything. Look at comey McCabe Brennan clapper and host of others who should be in prison but Barr and Durham slow walked it off a pier so no one charged for treason. Barr is a bush globalist. Hope you like food lines to pick up a few pieces of bread, gestspos shooting people on the street, no freedom to do anything, speech, travel, earn money, higher taxes to pay for all the jewelry, booze, cars, mansions and slaves for the elite. The rest of us are peons. Heavy on the pee.

  10. American digest misrepresents the content of the message with a misleading headline—much like the books put forth in congress

  11. BARR A TOTAL DISAPPOINTMENT. I listened to some of the witnesses about what went on in some of these polling places. I WAS TOTALLY DISGUSTED. I believe every word these witnesses said. Yes there was wide spread fraud. Barr apparently didn’t look to good. H e should be fired by President Trump.

  12. His firing has been along time coming i am surprised you have not done it sooner.the guy is lazy and is for the Democrats .he already proved that.kick his fat A– to the curb he is very disrespectful, disloyal.Do it ASAP One more out from stabbing you in the back.

  13. William Barr is anti US Constitution because he opposes the 2nd Amendment and the right to own arms. He was also directly responsible for ordering FBI agent Lon Horiuchi to kill members of Randy Weaver’s family at Ruby Ridge.

  14. What more does Barr want than all the evidence presented by Giuliani and Powell in their lawsuits? I think he must be turning a blind eye for some reason?

  15. Barr should’ve been fired last year. He’s part of the deep state. He’s been sitting on the fake dossier all this time and you can’t tell me he’s the only one that doesn’t know that the Obama administration was behind it. Barr has been sitting on the findings until his Presidential run is over. They should all be in jail for that, the money that was sent to Iran, Bidens threat to withhold money until the guy was fired because he had evidence on his son. Now they intentionally defrauded the American people by setting up people to CHEAT. The election needs to be voided and done right with ID and in person. If the Democrats truly believed they won, then they have nothing to worry about.

  16. Let her rip tatter chip fire Barr President Trump he is a tyrant and a traitor. Part of the deep state. And then fire the little Nazi fauci I never did like that rat.

  17. If you are a citizen of this country, call your Republican Senator (if you have one) to stand up with Mo Brooks to oppose this election of one of the most stupid and corrupt people ever to grace the halls of the Senate and that is Joe Biden, dumber than dumb. Mo Brooks, House of Representatives, needs a Senator to stand up with him and oppose this fraudulent and crooked election and President Trump will stay in office. Republicans this is the time to do your job. If you have a Republican Senator, call him right now to stand up with Mo Brooks to root out the corruption that has overtaken this country. With Dementia Joe in office, WE ARE NOW VENEZULA.

  18. Barr is a do nothing guy. He hired Durham to do what he is supposed to do. Just like Mueller hiring all those lawyers to do what he was supposed to do and when they tried to question him, he had to look at the answer sheet he had before he could answer the questions, because he didn’t know what had been taking place. Barr and Durham will be the same way. They wont know because they haven’t been doing the job they are getting paid to do.
    Congress is the same way. They each have 14 staff members to do the job they are supposed to be doing. It seems that all government jobs are the same. 10 times as many people as they need. Most of them doing nothing.

  19. It figures, more and more the traitors show their colors. We knew this was a probability (versus a possibility) yet barr did nothing. They know it took FOUR years for russia, ukraine, and all the other scandals the ;iberals wasted so we knew it would take a while to fix. And it will be solved eventually by history (whoever that is) wil say “trump was cheated” “oh dear, oh my… oh well, next time we will get it right” by then biden will be installed, america will be in the process of destruction, and americans will say, oh well it doesnt afect me what they do in washington. good luck wth that. maybe they should move to californis and king scarcetti with his “we (actully YOU) have to cancel EVERYTHING!” not for us rich just for you. I bet by march or so biden will be out, kamala and pelosi and schimer will say, well trump left us a mess (remember obama? bush did it all and in 8 years nobamabiden could not fix it. But did never lose sight of blaming bush for the state of the country. to demonrats – What makes you believe biden in another four will change for the better? but in 2024 demonrats will say that trump screwed it up sooo bad they need another four to fix it, and then again and again and again. while they destroy the country demonrat americans will say hey we won! none of them are sure of what they won, they replaced (according to them) a white old racist and relaced him with an older racist white also. I guess black presidents did not ake a mejor impact by race.

  20. Some of us are in hopes that the apparent dismal results of this guy, is a delaying action strategy. You never want the enemy to see the catchers signals before the pitch. So we’re waiting, and waiting, and waiting!


  22. Bill Barr is such a disappointment to us all if you’re a Republican. He showed so much promise in the beginning that we finally have an adult in the position of the AG and he means business. He hasn’t done a thing to help our country or his President. I’m appalled at what he has shown himself to be. It’s all puffery.

  23. Barr has been very disappointing. Acting like he will do something then not moving on it. Might be time for him to move on.

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