September 28, 2022

President Trump declassifies all docs related to Russiagate and Hillary’s email scandal

President Trump is tired of the stalling in Washington and has ordered the declassification of all documents regarding Russiagate and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

He is demanding that there be no redactions.

Exasperated doesn’t begin to describe how Americans feel about the outrageous behavior of the US intelligence community during the Obama administration. It comes as no surprise that President Trump is even more frustrated because he was targeted by that same community.

In spite of the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate the origins of Russiagate or what is known as Crossfire Hurricane, the revelations of misdeeds by the likes of Obama administration intelligence officials James Comey, Peter Strzok, and Andrew McCabe are slow in coming.

Not a single one of the main participants in the coup to take down President Trump has even been indicted, much less gone to jail for what the president calls treasonous activities. The Durham investigation has yielded one little indictment of a lowly FBI attorney that pled guilty to tampering with an email.

That lowly indictment doesn’t begin to make up for the hell this country has been put through by Obama administration officials and rogue intelligence agents that did not like the outcome of a legitimate election.

Not only that, but Hillary Clinton is still getting a pass for her improper use of private servers that put our national security at risk.

The American people will be able to see for themselves the documents that FBI Director Christopher Wray has been hiding from investigators, congresspeople, and senators.

President Trump says best what we all are thinking: โ€œSo I had to constantly fight off all of this Scum, achieve more than any other President in First Term, and then they talk Chaos. They created crimes against me and this administration!โ€


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