August 18, 2022

President Trump is the clear favorite for 2024 GOP nomination

Even before the certification of the 2020 election is complete, buzz about the 2024 election is already building.

As many expected, President Trump has already taken the lead as a favorite potential candidate for the GOP ticket. A staggering 71 percent of Republicans want Trump to run again in 2024, a recent Fox News poll found. 

Though Republicans have more than three years to coalesce around a presidential candidate, the Republican National Committee is holding its annual winter meeting, an important event for 2024 hopefuls to rub shoulders with activists and fundraisers.

President Trump is scheduled to attend the gathering, and according to reports, Trump has already expressed a desire to launch a presidential campaign for 2024 — though he has not yet conceded the 2020 election to former Vice President Joe Biden.

Though Trump is the clear favorite when it comes to 2024 speculation, other potential early contenders include Vice President Mike Pence, former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley, Sens. Tom Cotton (R-AR) Ted Cruz (R-TX) Josh Hawley (R-MO), Tim Scott (R-SC), Marco Rubio (R-FL) and Rick Scott (R-FL), and Govs. Ron DeSantis of Florida and Kristi Noem of South Dakota.

“The RNC members represent the grassroots across the country, and so it’s an important place for potential ’24 candidates to come and talk about their vision for the country,” explained, Mississippi’s Henry Barbour, a longtime national party committee member.

Regardless 0f the outcome of the impending January 6th election certification vote, President Trump has made it clear that he’s not done with his work in Washington — issuing endorsements in upcoming Senate and gubernatorial races and setting up a leadership PAC in the aftermath of the November election designed to help him to continue exerting his influence in the Republican party.

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Louise Shelley (@guest_1096772)
1 year ago

Trump is for God and country. What happened to our justice system in prosecuting the people who committed election fraud? How does one spell / define TREASON?

jim robinett (@guest_1096840)
Reply to  Louise Shelley
1 year ago

It maybe is spelled “pelosi” or maybe “mcconell” or maybe both ways

Debi (@guest_1096911)
Reply to  jim robinett
1 year ago

Lol. Good one, Mr. Robinett!

RB (@guest_1097020)
Reply to  Louise Shelley
1 year ago

Trump is ,Putin has him in his back pocket for years, oh don’t forget those bank accounts he and family have in China.

ee (@guest_1096795)
1 year ago

Yes, why are these people not being tried for treason in this voter fraud. Are they above the law? And why is Stacy Abrams & her fed judge sister not being tried for treason. Why are they above the law? I was taught that no one including the president was above the law. Enough with these people ignoring the voter fraud, the courts not having enough backbone to stand up to the dems. With over 70 million believing that President Trump was robbed why are these that committed the fraud not in jail?…………You know, even if you kick around a worm it will eventually turn……………..if the dems think that We the People will just lay down at their feet an accept this they have a harsh lesson coming to them………….one they brought on themselves……………They need to learn that the law is for everyone, including them……………….

Delvia Irene Streets (@guest_1096948)
Reply to  ee
1 year ago

America has been robbed of a legal voting year . I am sick to death , if something doesn’t happen and that traitor takes office I am done with voting , will never vote again . Biden is traitor , all of the democrats are and Biden will never be my president and we will have no country if he is .

Joyce (@guest_1096835)
1 year ago

Hoping January 6 exposes the honest truth about the fraudulent election and that more voters watch it. Most only watch the MSM who lie or cover up the truth.

Delvia Irene Streets (@guest_1096949)
Reply to  Joyce
1 year ago

I am praying for something to happen on the 6 th too , cannot imagine that traitor getting in , the media are liars and suppressors of the truth . Oan and News Network and still fox tells the truth .

Karen Hainline (@guest_1096842)
1 year ago

Let’s get the corruption out first!!! If the DEMS get away with this one, there is no more fair elections, PERIOD!!!

Betty Lathrem (@guest_1096884)
1 year ago

I don’t understand why these people want to destroy our Nation they have no decency and don’t care what we the people need or what we think they just want the money they will make and I think whoever takes over should not take the pay like president Trump did I bet you would see a lot of them back down.Truthfully I find this whole situation frightening I’m afraid the American people are in for a Horrible time if Trump doesn’t get back in office I believe what the Bible says that there will be 7 years of Tribulations and I believe it is setting up for it now God please have your way in this Situation it also says there will be a plague that will take out one third of the worlds population

George Rambow (@guest_1096889)
1 year ago

No, I want him in 2021 for President. These fraud voter pamphlets were done illegally. This is as never been change from the constitution. These Secretary of States in the States need to be brought to Justice for violating
there oath of Office. They did the same when Obama ran. The Constitution says anyone running for President must be checked to be sure they meet the (3 Requirements to be President). Obama did not me the requirement since his father was not a US Citizen. Polution said he was qualified. She is the traitor to the oath she took to uphold the Constitution. She is a traitor to this Country and she is still going against the Constition.

SS (@guest_1096902)
1 year ago

Why worry about 2024? We that believe in God will not be here and the rest will be facing the fires of hell.

Debi (@guest_1096910)
1 year ago

I want Trump now AND 2024!!

Robert (@guest_1096933)
1 year ago

TRUMP 2024 because Biden is not my President.

Kim Sutton (@guest_1096960)
1 year ago

I would prefer Trump 2021-2024!!!
God forbid that doesn’t happen I’d be over the moon to have him in 2024! However, if the Democrats, media, Soros, and social media get away with it this time:. Can you honestly say that you believe there will ever be another fair election in the United States of America? If Biden takes office, I am personally, completely, and totally convinced that there will NEVER BE ANOTHER HONESTLY ELECTION IN AMERICA AGAIN! Providing they even go through with the pretense of having an election at all!

Karole Conaway (@guest_1097089)
1 year ago

If the steal is not stopped, there will never be another election. America will no longer exist. It will be time for civil war!

Javiernop (@guest_1234581)
1 year ago

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