January 26, 2022

President Trump brokers deal normalizing diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel

President Trump is in the midst of a bitter fight over the preliminary results of a manipulated election, but despite the uphill struggle, he’s still working towards achieving the goals set forth at the beginning of his presidency.

Trump announced on Thursday that his diplomatic efforts have paid off once again, this time by brokering a deal in which Morocco will normalize relations with Israel. 

Trump wrote in a series of tweets Thursday morning:

Today, I signed a proclamation recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over the Western Sahara.  Morocco’s serious, credible, and realistic autonomy proposal is the ONLY basis for a just and lasting solution for enduring peace and prosperity!

Another HISTORIC breakthrough today! Our two GREAT friends Israel and the Kingdom of Morocco have agreed to full diplomatic relations – a massive breakthrough for peace in the Middle East!

Morocco recognized the United States in 1777.  It is thus fitting we recognize their sovereignty over the Western Sahara.

President Trump has long called for reconciliation in the Middle East, and has made some major strides towards that goal within the last year, brokering a number of historic peace deals heretofore unheard of.

According to the Hill, “Morocco now becomes the fourth Muslim-majority and Arab country to open ties with Israel, following diplomatic breakthroughs this year with the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Sudan brokered by the U.S.”

Morocco and Israel first severed diplomatic ties in 2000 during an outbreak of violence between Israel and Palestine which lead to the closing of mutual liaison offices in both countries.

According to the White House, the King of Morocco agreed to “resume diplomatic relations between Morocco and Israel and expand economic and cultural cooperation to advance regional stability.”

President Trump has brokered more peace deals than any other president in recent history, all the while avoiding plunging the nation into another foreign war — but the media refuses to acknowledge his role in the shocking succession of peace agreements once again.

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Robert and Rita Hauck (@guest_1086091)
1 year ago


Leon (@guest_1086142)
Reply to  Robert and Rita Hauck
1 year ago

I am 100 % in agreement with you and as many other real Americans !!!!!!!

ima (@guest_1086171)
Reply to  Robert and Rita Hauck
1 year ago

YES, Robert and Rita we love our President soooooooooooooooooooo much and my family never stops praying for him and his family ! our prayers make him STRONGER AND STRONGER thus helping him deal with other nations like NO OTHER president has EVER been able to achieve in the past…. EVER !
GOD walks with him, leading him and shields him with his MAGNIFICENT LIGHT, so there is no way Mr Trump could fail within God’s guiding light !

Robert W (@guest_1086175)
Reply to  Robert and Rita Hauck
1 year ago

Likewise, I also agree 100%!!

Connie Mays (@guest_1086254)
Reply to  Robert and Rita Hauck
1 year ago


RowZ (@guest_1086287)
Reply to  Robert and Rita Hauck
1 year ago

YES!! Amen!

courtney ralphs (@guest_1086099)
1 year ago

Bless you mr. President
family ralphs

Lorrine Largwnt (@guest_1086105)
1 year ago

God Bless you PRESIDENT TRUMP for the things you have accomplished in 4 yrs AMEN YOU ARE THE GREATISTS OF ALL

Eddie Price (@guest_1086107)
1 year ago

No small feat for any President yet the media just brushes it aside as if it weren’t newsworthy. Anybody else would have a Nobel Peace Prize but the never Trumpers just won’t have it! Please SCOTUS take the Texas lawsuit and give America what it deserves – a fair election!!

Larry (@guest_1086110)
1 year ago

Love our President and First Lady. He has truly done a remarkable job and it is time to give him the credit for what he has accomplished!!! All the demorats have done is NOTHING BUT CAUSE PROBLEMS AND I TRULY HOPE AND PRAY THAT ALL THE DEMORATS ROT IN HELL FOR WHAT THEY HAVE DONE TO OUR GREAT COUNTRY!!!!!!

UT NGUYEN (@guest_1086114)
1 year ago

God Bless Our President Donald J. Trump…. We need you, American Need you, Mr President

Debra J. DeJesus (@guest_1086115)
1 year ago

Without a doubt President Trump has proven to be the best President of my lifetime. Patriot American Citizen’s are so proud of you Mr. President and we’ll stand with you too stop the steal.
TRUMP/PENCE 2020-2024 🇺🇲🙏🇺🇲

Judith Emering (@guest_1086118)
1 year ago

God bless you President. I am very thankful for all you’ve accomplished and I’m praying you
you get the next 4 years to continue.

Douglas Royer (@guest_1086125)
1 year ago

They gave a meaningless Nobel Peace Prize to former President Burrack HUSSAIN Obama and the only reason they gave it to him was he was black and the President because there was no other reason. Now we have a President who truly has brokered peace between multiple Nation’s. President Trump you truly deserve the prize

marie (@guest_1086261)
Reply to  Douglas Royer
1 year ago


Kathy (@guest_1086126)
1 year ago

Praying for you and family everyday. Glad for all you done for our country it shows who cares and who doesn’t .

James Howell (@guest_1086127)
1 year ago

God bless President Trump, he made America great and was in the rapid pace of making America great again! A great American, businessman and now the greatest President!

Miriam Lamb (@guest_1086130)
1 year ago

Thanks Mr. President! We love you and all you have done for our country,
In spite of all you have had to endure. Great job and God bless you and all
Your family.

mbr722 (@guest_1086134)
1 year ago

Thank you Mr. President. You are indeed a great man! Now the Kingdom of Morocco is normalizing relations with Israel as part of your Master Plan. My fervent hope is that you never stop doing what is right in helping to normalizing the Middle East relationships that are so vital for peace in this region.

Lori (@guest_1086138)
1 year ago

I have come to realize that money has ruled my country 🇺🇸 and with money comes power. Most Politicians are liars and do not work for “We the people”. That’s why I voted for our great President Donald Trump. He’s a business man and a great one at that not a politician. When He says he’s going to do something he always achieves his goals! In the era I was raised that is what you call a man of his word!!!! The 60 years that I have been on this earth I have never seen so much hatred for one man. The Democrats are pure evil to the core of their soul. 🖤 Lord have mercy. 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Wake up people!!!! Why are they allowed to Create rioting, lies, conspiracies, fraud, treason, creating a fake dossier the list goes on and on. They don’t focus on that so they invent fake news. The fake news media are only lying to themselves. I don’t believe any news these days. I’m waiting it out like all the Trump supporters are doing. We don’t riot!!!! We wait for the truth to be reveled because the dirt always comes out in the wash. Just saying….
Trump 2020🇺🇸
He is still my president! 🙏🏼❤️☮️🇺🇸

virginia Brock (@guest_1086509)
Reply to  Lori
1 year ago

mainstream liberals HATE him because he is exposing ALL of them…WAY TO GO President Trump….Biden will NEVER be my president….he has been on the “take” for 47 years

Elizabeth Skladal (@guest_1086139)
1 year ago

Many heartfelt thanks for all you do for our country and other nations each and every day.
May God extend many blessing to you and your family in the coming year!

Fred Quinones (@guest_1086140)
1 year ago

Thank you, Donald J Trump ( The Peace President)!

Rick Moore (@guest_1086158)
1 year ago

Way to go President Trump! Your a man of your Word. We love you and appreciate you! 4 more years!

Les Pedell (@guest_1086169)
1 year ago

Thank you again President Trump, you`re the best.
They can beat you, & cheat you, & call you vile names, but in the history of America you`re right on the top. GOD Bless you & America !

From a retired U.S. Marine of the Korean War. Happy Chanukah & Happy New year !!
Les Pedell

Kenneth R Kehl (@guest_1086174)
1 year ago

We want our Billions back frrom Iran that Obama and Keery

gave away.
Kenneth Kehl

KATHY NORWOOD (@guest_1086179)
1 year ago

President Trump,
You are the best President we’ve ever had. You’ve done so much for America and continue despite what the Evil agenda is trying to take you down. I predict you will remain our President despite what it looks like now. May God continue to lead you on all you do.

Curt Sinclair (@guest_1086184)
1 year ago

President Trump is our present day George Washington!!! If he was from Virginia, he would be perfect. Hang in there as we all know U won this election and need your next 4 years!!
Curt Sinclair – Army Ranger

Patrice E Kerstetter (@guest_1086199)
1 year ago

Wow who could top the comments above. I am going to be 70 in January. I have never felt more proud to say “This is my President”! I have seen a lot too. It’s a crying shame that people follow like they do. I am a Staunch Republican, funny I’ve voted but never really cared about much of the outcome. Like so many I just took what they dished out. I realized when Obummer was in office we were in tremendous trouble. We were saved by God through His Cyrus, Donald J. Trump. I never get excited about much anymore. Then came a man I admired years ago for his fortitude many years ago. He is a die hard and I admire him even more. He has gone above and beyond anything we hoped for. He’s the Man! What a man, what a man, what a mighty fine man. We are blessed by God and in the knick of time. We were sinking and God gave us you. Thank you for enduring through all the scum and dregs you’ve had to endure. God bless you, your family and America in Jesus’ Holy name Amen

Wayne Quade (@guest_1086241)
1 year ago

These comments are those of dream world imaginings. We are now fortionate to have fired Trump for both his criminal actions and disruptive administration. We now have the opportunity to really “Make America Great Again” by getting rid of the disrupter in the WH and gaining respect again in the world.

marie (@guest_1086268)
Reply to  Wayne Quade
1 year ago

show evidence of his “criminal actions”!! you have none. On the other hand criminal actions for Biden who is in stage 4 senile dementia are too many to list!! First of all he blatantly showed off his quid pro quo when he threatened to withhold US aid to Ukraine if they didn’t fire the prosecutor investigating the company where his son was employed. This act alone should disqualify him from running for Pres, a crime that the left tried to impeach Trump for, which Trump never committed!!!

Betty (@guest_1086285)
Reply to  Wayne Quade
1 year ago

I believe you mean giving the United States back to China after Trump took it back and made i America again and was on the way to making it the greatest country on earth again until Satan and evil democrats stole the election by cheating like Satan and people like you do.

Katydid (@guest_1086250)
1 year ago

President Trump has done more for not only America (despite what the looney liberals think) but for the world peace than any President in history. Deny it if you want, it doesn’t change the fact. Open your eyes Dems and libs. Are you willing to sell our country out just to prove that you hate Donald Trump? Apparently so.

James (@guest_1086256)
1 year ago

Reading all the comments and I agree. Our president Trump is the best of all time. He goes beyond all he said he was going to do. If we don’t keep him for 4 more years this country is in trouble. Biden is no good. God bless Trump amen 🙏

donny williams (@guest_1086270)
1 year ago

trump or succeed ! no more bs is right…four more years

Suzanne Michaels (@guest_1086325)
1 year ago

We also love Donald Trump and want him for our President again. It is obvious from all the preceding comments that it is the people of our great country that want him back not the politicians. He does not let them get away with much and therefore they do not like him. We pray for you and just know we speak from the heart and are fully aware of what you have done for our country.
God Speed President Trump.

Maria Deang (@guest_1086386)
1 year ago

President Trump walk the talk. He will remain to be my President and the People’s President. May God Bless Him the 4 more years and more that he definitely deserves. He works so hard for all of us and for our great country. God Bless President Trump and His Family. Thank you MR. PRESIDENT.

Charles Cullens (@guest_1086583)
1 year ago

President Trump and the ones doing the actual putting these agreements together are due a standing ovation. President Trump is the greatest president in the history of this great nation of ours He needs to be the fifth image on Mount Rushmore. If he had been the President during the Revolutionary War and the Civil War, we would not have had a single causality wounded or dead.

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