October 4, 2022

President Trump briefed on Nashville bombing

President Trump received a briefing on the explosion that rocked downtown Nashville early Christmas morning. The President received the briefing at Maralago, where he and his family are spending their holiday weekend. In the aftermath of the incident, The White House issued a statement confirming that “The President is grateful for the incredible first responders and praying for those who were injured.”

Early in the morning, on December 25th, a motor home exploded in downtown Nashville as the Metro Nashville Police Department was responding to a shots fired call.  According to The Daily Wire:

“An RV exploded early Friday morning as the Metro Nashville Police Department was responding to a shots fired call, spokesman Don Aaron told CNN. Police officers saw the RV and called the hazardous devices unit. As the bomb squad responded, the vehicle exploded, resulting in at least three injuries and damage to multiple buildings according to the same report.

According to reports, recorded messages blared from the suspicious RV, warning residents and business owners to evacuate the area. People were warned that there would be an imminent detonation. “This area must be evacuated now. If you can hear this message, evacuate now.” After arriving on the scene, police helped people evacuate the area until the blast.

Officials believe the explosion was intentional. At least 3 people were injured, and buildings in the vicinity of the blast were damaged extensively. The FBI is actively investigating the incident.

Seeking information, the MNPD released a photo showing the RV arriving on 2nd Ave at 1:22 am.

After the blast, Nashville Mayor John Cooper declared a “civil emergency” by executive order in the surrounding areas. He included a curfew that started at 4:30 pm Dec. 25 and extends to 4:30 pm Dec. 27th.

Gov. Bill Lee asked the White House on Saturday for federal assistance due to the “severity and magnitude” of the explosion’s impact. At least 41 buildings were damaged, and communications systems — including residential and cell phone service and 911 call centers — failed across the state, he said. Kentucky and northern Alabama were also affected, he said.

Marcus Lemonis of  “The Profit” fame offered a $250K reward for information leading to the apprehension of those responsible for the incident. Others have since contributed, increasing the reward to $315,000 at this time.


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