June 30, 2022

President Biden shuts down oil and gas drilling operation killing thousands of jobs amid energy crisis

President Joe Biden’s presidency has been fatal to jobs and is about to leave America’s energy independence in critical condition. Apparently, he’s just getting started.

The Biden administration failed to appeal a federal district court ruling against the Willow Master Development Plan in the National Petroleum Reserve Alaska, the Daily Caller reported. The project would have sunken billions of dollars into the economy and provided 300 permanent jobs plus 2,000 jobs during construction.

Conoco Phillips, an oil and gas company based in Texas, proposed the project that was accepted by the Trump administration in October 2020. However, Judge Sharon Gleason of the U.S. District Court of the District of Alaska ruled in August to block construction based on the assertion that the emissions profile wasn’t sufficiently explored.

The deadline for the administration to appeal the lower court’s ruling came and went Tuesday. On Wednesday, climate activists expressed their approval for President Joe Biden’s inaction that essentially killed the endeavor.

“Today’s affirmation of our legal victory against the Willow project is a win for the climate and for an irreplaceable Alaska landscape. We are glad to see that President Biden is taking positive steps in his commitment toward a cleaner energy future,” Jeremy Lieb, an attorney for the nonprofit environmental law group Earthjustice, said in a statement Wednesday.

“We hope the Biden administration’s choice to accept the federal court’s decision of halting ConocoPhillips’ Willow project is the beginning of the end of federal backing of fossil fuels,” Tim Donaghy, a senior research specialist for the extremist environmental group Greenpeace USA, similarly lauded the inaction in a statement. However, the whole congressional delegation for Alaska railed against the administration.

They contended that the drilling would have yielded 100,000 barrels of oil daily and yield $10 billion in revenue for the government in addition to providing the jobs. “This decision won’t do one thing to help the environment,” Sen. Dan Sullivan (R-AK) had said back in August after the judge’s ruling. “To the contrary, it further delays one of Alaska’s most strategic energy development projects, which will benefit our adversaries that produce oil, like Russia, Venezuela and Iran, whose environmental standards are some of the worst in the world.”

Biden has done as much damage as any president could to the economy already with COVID-19 lockdowns and inflation. As if that wasn’t enough, he’s also trying to kill America’s energy independence that will keep the prices of oil and gasoline sky high.

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