June 13, 2021

President Biden advises caution as family members trade on his name

President Joe Biden, no stranger to pay-to-play and shady business deals made because of his proximity to power, is panicking and has been forced to warn his family that if they plan to trade on the family name, they better be careful.

Frank Biden, the president’s younger brother, traded on his brother’s name on day one of Joe’s presidency in an advertisement for a law firm. Frank is a “non-attorney” senior consultant for the Berman Law firm.

The Berman Law firm ran an ad on inauguration day touting their relationship with the new president. Frank directly mentions Joe as the firms’ guiding light for Berman. “My brother is a model for how to go about doing this work. One of his central tenets is that one should never question another man’s or woman’s motives or assign blame to them. That way, you avoid creating a disparity that prevents any kind of coming together. You can, of course question someone’s judgment, and that’s what we’re doing by bringing this to court.”

Biden responded to the story of the use of his name with a warning for his family — obviously aware of the controversy surrounding his family’s overseas business dealings. According to Politico, the President said:

For Ch—t’s sake, watch yourself. Don’t get sucked into something that would, first of all, hurt you.

Frank Biden denies that he ever used his connection to Joe Biden to attract clients to his firm. “I have never used my brother to obtain clients for my firm.”

According to CNBC, an unnamed White House official warned that the President’s name is off limits for commercial use:

It is this White House’s policy that the President’s name should not be used in connection with any commercial activities to suggest, or in any way that could reasonably be understood to imply, his endorsement or support.

President Biden insisted on the campaign trail that there was a wall between him and his family’s business dealings in the past, and that wall would be maintained in his administration. But Biden’s family has a long history of using Joe’s name. Recently, an associate revealed Joe’s shady business dealings.

In October 2020, Tucker Carlson interviewed a Biden family business associate about Joe Biden’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s business deals. In the explosive interview, Anthony Bobulinski produced documentation of Joe Biden’s involvement and percentage in the deal.

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68 Responses

    1. Yeah they are corrupt and our judges and our supreme Court didn’t even stand against the fraud the cheating and lyingthese judges and our supreme Court is just as bad you cannot count on our judges and you cannot count on our supreme Court they are losers

    2. Why is it alright for the Biden’s to continue doing crooked stuff an not go to JAIL. That’s where they all belong. sick of him already

    3. The tree is nolwn by its fruits!
      There ws this African story abouta this little boy who was all alone, hd not siblings, nor firneds. he went out to look for a firned to paly with , but everyone he asked, nop one wanted him! /finannlyk he met a little snake. THe snake replied thata he wouo be his firned and agreed to go home with him! The
      Boy borught the snake hoime and introu diced the sanke to the fahter! The father said:”It is a snake!!” “Yes,I know. But he is my friend, we are going to play together!” Throught time and space, the snake ate all the people in his family, finally, the boy, asked the sanke: ” I thought you wree a friend, I brpught you home! you ate my eniter fmaily, now, you are to eat mke! Why?” The Snlke replied: ” it is my Nature!”

  1. You can take someone from the gutter but the gutter remains unless there is a change of heart by confessing your sins and accepting Jesus as Lord .Then you do only what is right in Gods sight

    1. Your so right Pollty, hearts need to change but greed and lust for power are strong. Evil is all around us. Pray, GOD is the only way.


  3. Never and I mean never vote for Democrats. As you can see they want to destroy the United States and most likely hand it over to China. Democrats are not and never will be Americans. They don’t belong in the United States.

  4. What ever happened to all the evidence presented by Bobolinski? I am sure it will never be heard of again. And hopefully Bobolinski will still be around and not have met with some unfortunate accident that takes his life. The Biden family has lived high off of the American people for long enough. Come on Republican lawmakers, lets do something with the overwhelming evidence presented by Bobolinski.

    1. I absolutely agree! Bobolinski provided enough evidence to hang Biden 3 times over. Either the Republicans are too lazy or stupid to file a law suit and present that damning evidence, or the Democrats and their partners the media have a lock on supporting criminal activity. Biden should be tried and it’s a damn shame that he is walking around playing president with his useless and damaging EO’s instead of being grilled on his crimes! Talk about crimes that are impeachable, Biden is a champion criminal!

      1. The Republicans are just as bad as the Demoncraps. They all piss in the same trough. Didn’t you see how McConnell was eager to turn against the real President!
        Barr never intended to bring charges on China Joe, he’s a Bush guy just another swamp creature. Durham’s investigation is a big nothing burger. So a drug addict, womanizer, pedofile, thief walks because of his father is part of the swamp.
        Seems our Supreme Court is just as bad! John Roberts name is on the Epstein plane manifest, going to Lolita Island for a weekend of pedofilia. But Roberts has dragged Gorsuch, Kavanaugh, and Barrett into the bowels of the Beast. While Alito and Thomas didn’t do anything about it.
        Our country is being eroded away by these politicians, jurists and people who were sworn to protect the Constitution. We’ve witnessed how much they will lie and cheat, to retain power and destroy our nation!

  5. How can anyone in the Biden family get into trouble? 3 plus years of the Russian hoax and 1 Democrat attorney was convicted of altering a document. Lately there was the Election fraud causing us to not be able to talk about it. Nobody is in trouble for felonies being committed. Now look at what we have for President.

  6. Impeach Biden today impeach Biden today now impeach Harris the clown the laugher at nothing the deranged woman impeach them today now they are bad for this country.also Roberts the supreme Court he’s a chicken he’s afraid to take on anything for fear someone coming after him no guts just chicken. Also how come the White House gets to have a wall and the American people can’t have a wall to keep out the illegals I think the White House needs to take down the Walls and face what’s ever coming to them they aren’t anything special they work for us they don’t own us

    1. The only problem with impeaching Biden and Harris, that would make Pelosi the President. God have mercy. You would just be going from bad to worse to worse. I don’t know what the answer is. I think the best we can do is make sure the Democrats running for election in 2022 are not elected and Biden is not re-elected in 2024.

  7. they are blatantly doing, exactly what they accused the Trump family of doing. And the dimms don’t have a problem with it. This administration is completely corrupt, and the republicans stand by and watch.

    1. Why don’t they impeach Biden if it was a Gop it would have been done. Our Government do not care about the People. the demorat cheat and we can’t vote them out’

  8. This family has been corrupt for the whole time this idiot has been anywhere in the gov. and no one has said or done anything about it. So 50 some years later, they are still at it, and again no one is doing anything about it. They blamed President Trump for this, he was aquited, and now they are doing it and not even getting questioned. What has happened to our country?????? So sad.

  9. You can’t control your own people in congress, you cannot control your family, you can’t control your handlers, you cannot control your staff and yet you THINK you can control our country !!! What a big laugh. You will have to get more strings put on your puppet body and have more controllers working overtime. Joe you are in la la land so ‘what the H, who cares, the press will make it right.

  10. Have you ever stopped to think that every mess we have with our country, every screwed up deal and job lost and judgement made, are made by 545 people, which effect over 300,000,000 people? These 545 people effect our lives in a great way. They are the only people who create problems, then campaign against them and vow to fix the problems they created. The 545 people consist of congress, the president and the supreme court. All decisions are made by them and have a huge impact on our lives. The lobbyists and special interest groups are not to blame, yes, they offer big bucks, but it is the CONGRESSIOAL people who take the bribes. They have the ability to say no but so many don’t. This is why it is imperative that we vote out ALL those that have been in congress for more than 8 years. The Founding Fathers did not expect this to be a life job paying $$$. They did it for free because they loved their country. Digest all this for a few minutes.

  11. All the responses I’ve read covers anything I can add. I will emphasize that the Biben/Pelosi Corruption Cartel will be difficult to clean-up.

  12. The Constitution gives ” We the People” power over these clowns in D.C. they only operate by the “consent” of the governed. “We the People” are the governed. It is “We” who give joe, pelosi, schumer, etc. the power to remain in D.C. It’s time to remove that “consent” and these bad apples w/it!!!

  13. These people make the MAFIA LOOK SCHOOL KIDS. Thats why they have to get ride of the mafia they were cutting in to there turf

      1. Box of inkpens, hasn’t had time to research what he’s doing. 2 months from now , we’re screwed because no one is stopping him.

  14. The crime family leader is Joe Biden who is in bed with China. Biden should never have been president with his crooked ways and it was taken away from the real winner. Biden is a clear and present danger to America and her people.

  15. Wickedness abounds and the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ is almost here. Read the book of Daniel in the Old Testament and the book of Revelations in the New Testament! Listen to the Prophet and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. Keep the commandments!

  16. Basically, the corrupt, conniving Demmunists are in control of ALL THREE branches of government, so there is NO separation of powers, much LESS a “balance” of powers now, there is only Demmunist THIEVERY and crookedness as far as the eye can see, and Republicans who are, as usual, TOO GUTLESS to call them out and hold them accountable for their BRAZEN election thievery! And now they are looking to punish Trump supporters for having the GALL to throw their sorry fannies out of power in 2016, eliminate free speech for ANYBODY who dares disagree with them, and rule in perpetuity, starting with giving Obama that THIRD TERM he was so hellbent on having by allowing HIM to pull the strings on the O’Biden PUPPET.

  17. Now is the time for Joe Biden to go. His family has made millions off his name, Hunter got money from the Russian mayors wife. money from the CCP , and a Ucrainen company for what influence from daddy. Joe will never live this down, I feel he should resign take no pay and remove his illegal organization.

  18. TONY BOBULINSKI’S TESTIMONY SHOULD HAVE BEEN ENOUGH TO DISQUALIFY JOE FROM THE ELECTION, oh wait a minute the so-called elite investigators in the FBI and DOJ took It upon themselves not to mention the investigation on HUNTER IN FEAR OF DISRUPTING THE ELECTION, well thank you personnel of the FBI and DOJ for giving us A P.O.S. like JOE BIDEN who was obviously good enough for DELEWARE, what are the people thinking about to have this LOSER represent them for 47 years and now we get this idiot and his lame policies to screw the AMERICAN CITIZENS for having all of OBAMA’S idiot’s and BERNIE telling him how to do a job that he should not be doing and certainly not QUALIFIED for.

  19. Biden’s new name howdy doody the puppet that works by pulling strings doesn’t think doesn’t care that’s howdy doody (Biden) can’t the American people get biden out of office and the idiot the laughing clown. Hopefully in 2024 when Trump wins again we can reverse every single thing that Biden did and rub it in his face

  20. History repeating itself! There is nothing new here the Biden’s have been doing this for years! This is a family of individuals who are only interested in enriching themselves and do not give a dam about the American public other than to lie to them to get what they want!

  21. Biden the President said:

    For Ch—t’s sake, watch yourself. Don’t get sucked into something that would, first of all, hurt you.

    Blasphemy, Say it ain’t so JOE!!!

  22. Pay attention how this goes …..Bet any amount you can this will be buried and this guy will probably be buried with it,,,,,When you have the balls to remove all Military flags from the WH , an absolute slap in the face to all the troops just outside the building ,then you can do just about anything you want to..
    Law enforcement act as if they are scared of this administration….Just strange ,,,very strange…
    Something is going on that we are missing, cant put my mind into it, but it just isn’t right…

    1. I totally agree with you something smells very bad. This is very scary something needs to be done praying is great and I know God is listening but nothing is happening and talking and voting is not working either what do we do to stop this insanity? if God’s not helping if voting is not helping what else is there ?war in the United States?

  23. the laws that apply to us should apply to the bidens, but tyhe crooked judges wont convict them of anything ! which sucks !!

    1. There probably will be a revolution or a civil war. People are getting extremely irate losing their jobs having somebody unethical making decisions.everybody is so corrupt up there voting will not change anything it’s going to take more than just talking and praying. I can’t believe that anybody would even protect howdy doody and the laughing clown .

  24. After seeing the article about Pelosi buying $1,000,000 dollars worth of Tesla stock one day and the next Biden
    announces he is putting the W/H force in Tesla vehicles. I have not heard a thing about insider trading. Everybody is closed mouth about this crime. Pelosi and her husband own their own stock company. I sure wish some body had
    the guts to bring charges about illegal insider trading. She is not fit to hold a high place in our government.

    1. This whole government is so corrupt nobody’s ever going to be charged with any illegal activities from the FBI the supreme Court the CIA none of them are trustworthy in anything if I could move out of the United States of America I would leave today I just see it getting worse and worse here the Republicans aren’t fighting hard enough they’re not holding people accountable in going after them every minute of the day is it the American people need to start rising up and demanding these people being held accountable or nothing will ever happen . It’s a shame I cannot believe this is happening there are so many righteous people in the United States of America that were not able to stop this really

  25. EVERYTHING they accused Trump of they just DO and no one – not the Press, not the Justice Department – NO ONE cares. Must make Democrats sooooooo proud.

  26. I hope the lid of this pressure cooker we are in blows off soon. They’re not in this to help unite the country they’re in this to line their bank account.

  27. Joe taught all of them everything he knows. What did he expect from them? They are following his lead & teachings.

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