October 20, 2020

Pre-election bombshell tracker: Part 1

We are in the final stretch approaching the 2020 election on November 3rd and the carpet bombing has begun. Here at the American Digest, we want to keep track of all the Democrats’ desperate attempts to take down Trump as the Biden campaign collapses in spectacular fashion — starting with The Atlantic article detailing President Trump’s alleged disrespect for fallen US soldiers buried in a foreign cemetery.

The Atlantic broke the story using “anonymous” sources who claimed that the president called the soldiers “losers and suckers.” After both former Administration officials Sarah Huckabee Sanders and John Bolton, who were both with the president at the time he allegedly uttered the sentiment, have denied that Trump said that.

We are still waiting for “fake news” and Democrats to excoriate Ilhan Omar for actually publically disparaging American troops that died in Mogadishu trying to bring peace to Somalia. At the time dead American soldiers were being dragged through the streets, Ilhan Omar and her family were safely living in the United States.

The second bombshell was lobbed by Bob Woodward, of Woodward and Bernstein fame, a man who knows how to destroy presidents. Apparently, unbeknownst to many, President Trump sat down with Woodward for some one on one time with Woodward asking questions while the president answered.

Woodward released audio of the president talking about handling the coronavirus crisis in the US and saying that he “downplayed it” so as not to cause a panic in the population. The president’s admission to downplaying the virus seemingly played right into Joe Biden’s hand, bolstering his claim that the president mishandled the crisis.

Democrats and the mainstream media are in a feeding frenzy over President Trump’s admission and are practically foaming at the mouth as they lay 190,000 dead Americans at his feet.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, Top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci, their hero, denied that the president was unserious about the federal government’s response. There is also abundant video evidence of Democrat leaders also “downplaying” the dangers of the virus, from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Fauci, saying the virus was less dangerous than the flu, while at the same time labeling President Trump a xenophobe for shutting down travel from China in late January 2020.

We’ll keep tracking the bombshells as they arrive.

Scroll down to the comments section and let us know what you think of the Democrats’ latest attempts to take down President Trump!

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15 Responses

  1. The Democrats will do anything to take out our President. You cannot believe anything they say.
    i know from personal experience 50 years that Joe Biden doesn’t keep his word. I wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him!!!!!

  2. The democrats will do anything to take out our President. You cannot believe anything Biden says.
    I know from personal experience 50 years ago that Joe Biden doesn’t keep his word. I wouldn’t trust
    him as far as I could throw him!!!!

  3. The democrates have shown they will do anything to stop President Trump. I know from PERSONAL
    experience Joe Biden doesn’t keep his word. Wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him!!!!

  4. Dems have NOTHING to offer America except same old, same old. The peons are supposed to work & fork over their $$ to the congress so congress gets to give it to people who don’t work. How DUMB is that? Better yet, how DUMB are we who keep re-electing these morons……

    1. George you are so right , thy only say what you want to hear then go their own way, not keeping their promises at any time

  5. The DEMS are pathetic! This 90 year old was a registered Democrat for 60+ years and left the party last year out of complete disgust with their current actions. TRUMP 2020!!

  6. I doubt very seriously that President Trump would even consider using such words……unless of course he was actually referring to the Communist/Socialist/Marxist Democrats. The Democratic Party has lost sight of why they exist….so they just babble on and on -with nastiness as their opening comments. Sad. The Dems will lose! They don’t even acknowledge that there are millions of their opposition voters who don’t say anything….they just VOTE.

  7. Jean all it took was a belly full of oBUMa and Bribe em for you to walk away from the demonRAT party just like many many Americans are doing right now to get off the demonRAT plantation and 4years of TRUMP has proven how great America can be

  8. I have to laugh at the way democRats bend the truth – Kamala Harris says that Trump told everyone to inject bleach into their bodies! Not true. He also never called the virus a hoax. But they keep repeating these lies!

  9. I think that the Democrats are going to use all they can to put him down and try to make President Trump look terrible so that people won’t vote for him. I hope that the American people are smart enough to see that he has been working for us and not against us like the DemocRATS are saying. I don’t see where they have been working for the American people at all. If they had been, we would still have unemployment checks for the people with no jobs and a second stimulus check to try to get the economy going again. Instead they are going against everything that will help the American people and are saying NO to unemployment checks and a second stimulus check

  10. The attack on Trump was nauseating. ‘Trump lied; people died’?? Fauci stands with Trump. Dems played COVID down for months. The media sneered at Trump for banning travel to/from China. Cuomo sent infected people to nursing homes actually causing deaths.
    The REAL problem with all of these facts is that the average dem voter never hears both sides. They watch/read the MSM only which is now and has been since 2008 strictly far leftist and anti-Trump 93% of the time. These voters wouldn’t even think of watching FOX or OAN to hear another viewpoint. Leftists follow a very thin one-way road; no exits allowed for original thought processes. Their gods are Maddox, C Cuomo, Lemon, Reid, Tapper. Can’t really blame the young adults for swallowing this garbage since our system of public education and virtue-signaling teachers have provided them with 13 plus years of leftist/socialist indoctrination.

  11. I’m hopeful that by now all Americans can actually see what the left has in store for us and our country and we are going to re-elect President Trump for at least 4 more years! HELL, I would vote for him as many times as he is willing to put up with us!!

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