August 18, 2022

Pollster: President Trump massively expanded GOP base in 2020 election

Republican pollster Jim McLaughlin says the Democrats are terrified by the massive expansion of GOP minority voters. McLaughlin credited President Trump’s campaign for the expansion.

McLaughlin explained it this way: “The expansion of the base is a really, really big story and I think it shows real inroads and I think it scares the heck out of the Democratic Party.”

The Democrat Party believes it owns the Hispanic vote, so the polling data from the 2020 election must come as a nasty shock to them. 1 out of every 3 Hispanics voted for President Trump!

President Trump reached out to Hispanic communities across the country, and many responded to his message and record of economic prosperity. Exit polls show that President Trump received a whopping 32% of the Hispanic vote.

The Democrat message of increasing socialism from the Biden/Harris campaign repulsed many Hispanics and not just the Cuban Americans in southern Florida. According to McLaughlin, it was a deal-breaker for them.

Mr. McLaughlin said he would hear over and over again from Florida focus groups that Mr. Biden and the Democrats sounded like communist and socialist dictators such as Fidel Castro of Cuba, Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela, and Hugo Chavez, the late leader of Venezuela.

Both Blacks and Hispanics were turned off by the looting and chaos the country has endured for months and responded to Trump’s law and order message.  McLaughlin observed:

They really got turned off by the riots and the looting and the protests and whatnot and they would literally tell you, this is what we left to come here. We saw that. It wasn’t like hey, surprise, look what happened on Election Day.

Senate Republicans have President Trump to thank for the Senate seats they didn’t lose in the last election. House Republicans have President Trump to thank for the increase of their caucus in the House. With the Republican party winning so much in the 2020 election, how did President Trump lose?

As Alice in Wonderland would say, “Hmmm, curiouser and curiouser!”

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John Stuczynski (@guest_1095011)
1 year ago

If Trump increased Hispanic voters, black voters and on and on, how did he loose? I guess one area he did not increase was with the dead voters and the illegal voters.

Sgt. Preston (@guest_1095019)
Reply to  John Stuczynski
1 year ago

You have that right, John. Amazing how many dead democrats suddenly decide to “wake up” and vote for the democratic candidate, ole’ Sleepy, Creepy Uncle Joe, who hid in his basement all during the election cycle. Also amazing is how many democrats voted who had moved from their voting precincts over the years and suddenly decided to “move back” and vote twice or three times in this past election.

Panama Red (@guest_1095103)
Reply to  Sgt. Preston
1 year ago

Maybe Mr. Joe wasn’t in the basement. Maybe he was crawling through mole tunnels to nearby grave yards to wake dead people up.
If you cheat to win, you didn’t win. You may hold a title, and an office, but you didn’t gain it by merit of your past performance.

Elizabeth Carley (@guest_1095112)
Reply to  Sgt. Preston
1 year ago

If there is evidence of people voting twice, or three times, then WHY wasn’t this put into evidence in the law suits.. Sleepy, Creepy Uncle Joe is no more creepy than Pres Trump, everyone seems to forget his radio interviews on wanting to date his daughter or how to get women, now thats creepy or sick . I think if the lawyers have all this evidence then why didn’t they put it in or show some of it to get an extension on the cases. I just think Pres Trump can not accept he lost and has to blame someone other than hisself. Just my opinion.

Lestr50 (@guest_1095197)
Reply to  Elizabeth Carley
1 year ago

Liz… the courts did not allow evidence as they “all” refused to take the cases on “technical” issues / grounds. Is this NEWS to you? They said your case has no standing or is not relevant in one way or another and refused to grant acceptance and schedule the lawsuits on their docket. That means we don’t care about the evidence – we don’t even want to hear it! Is that too difficult to understand? That is what has happened.
The next step was to appeal to the States Legislators. Some of the “swing states” HAVE reviewed the evidence, have held hearings and agreed that “something” DID happen. PA has announced (today?) that nearly 200,000 more people voted than were registered. That’s 20 votes. GA (16 votes) is coming to the same conclusion as are NV, Mi, Wi. Az, in particular is having a fit over it all.
All we need is PA, GA and one other state to decertify the Dumbo electors AND GIVE THE VOTES TO TRUMP. BINGO – it’s all over. Trump wins.
The State Legislators control the election, not the governors, Secy of States, or the courts. IF it goes back to the US House, each state has ONE (1) vote. Republicans hold 26 states. Dumbos have 24 votes. 26 beats 24.. Trump wins.
Do a little research.

Robert Cantrell (@guest_1095325)
Reply to  Lestr50
1 year ago

well said.

Randall (@guest_1095207)
Reply to  Elizabeth Carley
1 year ago

get outta here with that psycho babble.Get an extension on the case?You are so out of your mind you haven’t a clue what you are talking about.Keep watching CNN,ya puppet

Aelissa (@guest_1095271)
Reply to  Elizabeth Carley
1 year ago

It was but it is really hard to see something if you refuse to look at it.

Carl J.Schiro (@guest_1095315)
Reply to  Elizabeth Carley
1 year ago

It’s Obvious you are a flaming Liberal. Now who in their right Mind would ever vote for Sleepy joe. Only a person like you.

Una Greene (@guest_1095021)
Reply to  John Stuczynski
1 year ago

How true, John.

Valentinediva (@guest_1095026)
Reply to  Una Greene
1 year ago

Cheating, Cgeatung, Cheating, President Trump did NOT loose! Don’t u get it? LOL!!!

Michele Eastman (@guest_1095028)
Reply to  John Stuczynski
1 year ago

If people like to live in a Communist country, why don’t they just move to Venezuela or Cuba ?? I’m sure there many of us who will help them pack!!

Karole Conaway Karole (@guest_1095174)
Reply to  Michele Eastman
1 year ago

China would be better for them including every demonrat in our government. China’s goal is to take over the entire world and they need to be blown to hell where they belong… after the demonrats get settled in there.

barbara mckelvey (@guest_1095039)
Reply to  John Stuczynski
1 year ago

you are so right

JC (@guest_1095044)
Reply to  John Stuczynski
1 year ago

Don’t forget the lank pcs of paper they ran throughthe machines and the Trump votes they counted a Biden. You bet, they should be dang scared!

John (@guest_1095063)
Reply to  John Stuczynski
1 year ago

No that was Biden and Democrats cashing in on dead and illegal voters.

Robert Trier (@guest_1095082)
Reply to  John Stuczynski
1 year ago

Yes the dead and illegal voters and votes are were the democrats got him …

Jimi (@guest_1095135)
Reply to  John Stuczynski
1 year ago

Still laughing…

Gerald S Ladd (@guest_1095185)
Reply to  John Stuczynski
1 year ago

Voter fraud, John. don’t you get news under your bed?

Carl J.Schiro (@guest_1095312)
Reply to  John Stuczynski
1 year ago

It’s obvious that the Democrats cheated to get Joe Biden elected. What is really scary Sleepy Joe actually thinks he beat President Trump.

Marilyn Lindsay (@guest_1095335)
Reply to  John Stuczynski
1 year ago

This was a rigged election with a lot of money used to defraud the Americans. There is still a lot of money being spent to buy Republican lawmakers. At least the Democrats band together. Republicans better beware of the long term memory of the American people.

James Morgan (@guest_1095013)
1 year ago

There is nothing curiouser here, just fraud and outright cheating..

Mary L Janes (@guest_1095014)
1 year ago

The Dems are bad news they only faked their win I pray the decision is overturned 1/6/21

Magda (@guest_1095048)
Reply to  Mary L Janes
1 year ago

Cheating, lying and stealing, this is what communists do best !!!
We must realize that and stop voting for them … unless we really want to find out what the communist paradise is about !!!
Americans will defined not be happy to live like the Cubans/ Venezuelans do but then it will be too late to go back to the old and free America! !!!

PHILLP Owens Owens SFC RET. (@guest_1095015)
1 year ago

The fact is and always has been that the Democratic Party is and has been the originator and supporter of the KKK!

It has always confused me why the Black community supports the very group that is and always has denigrated them! Why support those who deny your rights and hold you back from succeeding?

Why does the Black community allow the Democrat Party to bamboozle them into supporting the party?

I have served with a great number of Black servicemen and women who I have always considered as equals and often depended upon them with my life. The color of a persons skin does NOT DEFINE THEM it is what they do that is the most important factor, “DO NOT JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER” EQUALLY APPLIES TO THE COLOR OF AN INDIVIDUALS SKIN!

Randall (@guest_1095209)
Reply to  PHILLP Owens Owens SFC RET.
1 year ago

True story

david (@guest_1095016)
1 year ago

The Dems cheated to get basement Joe in the white house, maybe. There are 133,000,000 voters in this country and not all of them voted in Nov. President Trump got 75 million votes so there is no way in hell basement Joe got 80,000,000. Do the math if you are smart enough to do it. So much cheating went on but the courts are do a blind eye to it, WHY? If this happened to the Dems fake news would have it all over the news for the last 7 weeks. So what are 75,000,000 to do or say, nothing. I do not think so. The Dems have gone to far this time and will wake up a sleeping giant if this is not fixed. Maybe this country needs another war, I hope not. It would be right against wrong. That means GOP against Dems, who do thing is going to win?

Tommie Walker (@guest_1095018)
1 year ago


Gordon (@guest_1095020)
1 year ago

You will have a very hard time convincing me that a cognitively declining basement hermit hiding under the media protection plan got 15 million more real and legal votes than either B. Obama or H. Clinton.

Magda (@guest_1095050)
Reply to  Gordon
1 year ago

To Gordon :

You are 100% right !!!
No way the “ sniffer “ got those many votes !!!!

Benjamin Blumberg (@guest_1095033)
1 year ago

The answer to the question “How did President Trump lose?” is very simple: he didn’t lose. The Dems manipulated the voting, both the mail-in ballots and the machine voting, to give Biden/Harris the semblance of victory. But they know, and we know, and surely Trump knows, that it just ain’t so. This republic was founded with three co-equal branches: the executive/President the legislative/Congress, and the judicial/Courts. Trump has tried to get the courts to declare the stolen election illegal and reverse it, but SCOTUS has shrunk from this responsibility, as have most but not all of the lower courts. Trump has appealed to the State legislatures, but most have also declined to set things right, except possibly Nevada; after all, the State legislatures, which are constitutionally the overseers of elections, were delinquent in their duties in the first place. There is now one possible avenue or righting this wrong through the Federal Legislatures; the VP might still rule the selection of electors invalid, and send the final choice into the House. Beyond that, there is still martial law and the military. After all, Trump has been quite literally attacked by the DNC with the aid of BLM and Antifa and some DEM-run City and State governments; it is within his purview as commander-in-chief to sieze all voting machines and insist on a military-controlled in-person and hand-counted revotation. I hope he does this, if it comes to this point.

MikefromTexas (@guest_1095045)
1 year ago

About time they all grow some brains instead of doing the same ol stuff.

Fred Parsons (@guest_1095047)
1 year ago

I ruly cannot understand how any African American can vote for the democrats…. For the first 75 years after our independence from England the south was ruled by the democrats. The demecrats were in power in each state
that left the union. They fired the first shots of the civil war and are there fore were the ones who started the civil war. Afterwards theyu continued to rule the south and were in power when the kkk got started. it continued into 20th centry iwith many southern democrat politicions in power. After all of this it would seem to me that so called miniorty voters would see the writing on the wall or ask a lot of questions

Lynn (@guest_1095057)
1 year ago

Something is going to Happen…Some Guy from Ukraine sent an E-mail saying that Joe Biden and his Son commited Tax Fraud…So Old Joe Does know what Hunter is doing…Hold on …!!! They are all turning on each other…Maybe Ukraine will file charges on them….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Choctaw girl (@guest_1095059)
1 year ago

I hope there’s not another civil war but if that’s what it takes to save our construction and Bill of Rights then so be it!

larry ossler (@guest_1095089)
1 year ago

If needed; Vigilantes to restore truth and liberty back in U.S.

Dave Pokorny (@guest_1095118)
1 year ago

What if we took this major screw-up about the cheating in our own hands?

I think “We The People v The Supreme Court” and get them to listen to voter fraud arguments.

Richard L Ratliff (@guest_1095133)
1 year ago

The people who voted for Biden thank they have won this election will get their payback on January 20th after taking office when all start paying higher taxes and he sells their freedoms to China we all will pay dearly.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1095177)
1 year ago

Killery, all of the rinos including Mitchy… and the anti-American demonrats like Sci(tt), Scummer, Pisslosi and the list goes on should all be removed from office and sent to hell. Should have been done a long time ago.

Aelissa (@guest_1095272)
Reply to  Karole Conaway
1 year ago


Harold Severson (@guest_1095899)
1 year ago

It’s very obvious that cheating and fraud existed in the election. The courts won’t even accept the cases so the evidence can be presented- courts are corrupted too.

Elisha Battenhouse (@guest_1166214)
1 year ago

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Bobby Cardon (@guest_1189707)
1 year ago

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