October 2, 2022

Poll: 23 percent of GOP voters in favor of replacing Trump, 28 percent of Democrat voters say the same for Biden

As dissatisfaction with Democrat nominee Joe Biden grows within the party, Democrats may be shifting their focus towards fomenting unrest in the GOP.

Case in point, a new Rassmussen poll released on Thursday found that 23 percent of Republican voters would prefer that Donald Trump be replaced on the ballot for the November election.Β 

However, the poll found that 70 percent of Republican voters disagree with the notion of replacing Trump as the nominee, and only seven percent were undecided.

A similar poll brought much worse news for Joe Biden. Rasmussen released a poll on Thursday that surveyed Democrat voters about their opinion of Biden.

They found that only 54 percent of Democrat voters are satisfied with moving ahead with Biden as the Democratic nominee.Β 28 percent said he should be replaced altogether, and 18 percent are still undecided, just weeks away from the Democratic National Convention.

A Morning Consult poll released last week corroborated this sentiment, with 26 percent of respondents confirming that Democrats should nominate someone else for a general election matchup with Trump.

There has always been a disgruntled contingent of the GOP that will never support Trump, but his voter base remains loyal. As Joe Biden’s favorability collapses before our very eyes, Democrats are desperately hoping that Trump will lose favor in the eyes of his base, but it appears that the opposite is true.

A newly released CNN poll — the results of which have been minimized by the mainstream media — found that although Biden is currently leading Trump nationally, Trump is leading in key battleground states.

This finding does not bode well for Biden, who is already significantly lagging in voter enthusiasm. Despite the media’s smear campaign against Trump’s coronavirus response, Trump still holds an approval rating of 45 percent and as the economy reopens, it’s likely to continue improving.


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