August 14, 2022

Poll: Tucker Carlson shows up as potential contender for 2024 presidential nomination

Former President Donald Trump dominated the conversation at last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), it was also a chance for 2024 presidential hopefuls to get their names out ahead of the burgeoning election cycle.

One name that may come as a surprise to some as an early contender for the 2024 GOP presidential nomination is that of Fox News star Tucker Carlson.

A straw poll conducted by CPAC and released on Sunday found that Carlson took three percent of the vote in a potential primary against a slew of other GOP figures.

Carlson is up against heavyweights like Donald Trump himself and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis — an early favorite for the nomination — taking 43 percent of the poll’s vote when Trump’s name was excluded.

The poll was released in two versions — one without Trump’s name included, and one with it, due to uncertainty about Trump’s 2024 intentions.

In the poll including Trump’s name, he came out the overwhelming favorite with 55 percent of the vote and DeSantis taking second place with 21 percent.

In the poll conducted without Trump’s name, the results were drastically different, with DeSantis leading the pack taking the lead from South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem (R), Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), and Donald Trump Jr.

Though Carlson is certainly not the overwhelming favorite, this isn’t the first time his name has been floated as a potential candidate for the 2024 election due to his enormously popular Fox show.

For his part, Carlson has slapped down rumors that he has an interest in taking a stab at running for the nation’s highest office, telling Mediaite in August that he “never wanted to be involved” in a presidential contest.

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Junius (@guest_1160069)
1 year ago

Not my choice.

Lynn (@guest_1160095)
Reply to  Junius
1 year ago

mine either! Great commenter though! Watch him a lot, don’t turn on my tv until 8pm for Tucker and Hannity then off!

Robert W (@guest_1160142)
Reply to  Lynn
1 year ago

You are missing out not watching Laura Ingram

Joi North (@guest_1160816)
Reply to  Robert W
1 year ago

I agree

Helga Renfro (@guest_1161181)
Reply to  Robert W
1 year ago

yes and Judge Jeannine, Mark Levin and Steve Hilton. Shannon Bream is also very good. I watch mostly Newsmax now all their hosts are great.

Jackie (@guest_1161360)
Reply to  Robert W
1 year ago

I agree.

Patricia Martin (@guest_1160239)
Reply to  Junius
1 year ago

I want Allen West, or Ted Cruz

Ken H (@guest_1160757)
Reply to  Patricia Martin
1 year ago

These are great conservatives but remember, we need a Bulldog in the top office,
not just a conservative.
Kristi Noem (SD) might just be who will be a good candidate in a few more years.

Political Observer (@guest_1160787)
Reply to  Ken H
1 year ago

Love to see her with PRESIDENT Trump, but both are alpha personalities…talk about fireworks, but lots would get done by both if allowed her head, too.

Helga Renfro (@guest_1161183)
Reply to  Patricia Martin
1 year ago

yes they are very good. Best thing would be if we could throw out Biden and Camel toe from the white house. They are destroying our country.

Wyn (@guest_1161182)
Reply to  Junius
1 year ago

He’s not even a choice for his biggest fans – me included. This is a NOTHING article. Tucker doesn’t want to be President.

mikemm (@guest_1160071)
1 year ago

Tucker would be a good choice BUT Trump and DeSantis will be the ticket.

Kathleen O'Hara-Pitisci (@guest_1160101)
Reply to  mikemm
1 year ago

I agree. How great would it be to have Trump back as POTUS and DeSantis as his V-P? Then after the 2024 run is over, DeSantis could run for POTUS and I think he would win! But then again, just as was shown to WE THE PEOPLE this past November…the future is FULL of shocking outcomes…some great, some okay and others horrific. What would be a DREAM COME TRUE for me, and I’m sure I have at least 74+ million people with me on this…is if this disastrous fraudulent election could be over-turned and that the proof is so solid that it could not be refuted by anyone who wasn’t completely insane. To me, personally, THAT would be THE BEST WIN of all.

Wishful (@guest_1160128)
Reply to  Kathleen O'Hara-Pitisci
1 year ago

Agree 100%! But who has the spheroids to take the action to begin the action?

bob onit (@guest_1160639)
Reply to  Kathleen O'Hara-Pitisci
1 year ago

After Trump ,DeSantis .It will be DeSantis , Trump ticket , either Ivanka or Jr. .But Jr. Will probably go down ticket as congressman or senator ,same with Ivanka too .then who for vp ,gaetz, nunez ? No ,Thought they screwed them selves last time giving those cabinet jobs to votes they needed later from the houses so who knows ?

CeeDee (@guest_1160109)
Reply to  mikemm
1 year ago

Trump and DeSantis all the way

Larry M (@guest_1160149)
Reply to  mikemm
1 year ago

As much as I like Tucker He is the only person at Fox that I can tolerate anymore with the exception of Jesse Watters who is right near the top of my list But President TRUMPSTER / DeSantis is my #1 all time favorites

Bottom line I betcha Tucker will vote for that ticket and support those two wonderful Patriotic Men without any glitches

Pierre (@guest_1160204)
Reply to  mikemm
1 year ago

Yes for sure.but….The more conservatives the better.

Dale (@guest_1160081)
1 year ago

could be mine

Hula Maiden (@guest_1160090)
1 year ago

I agree that President Trump and DeSantis are a great choice! We need leadership, TRUE LEADERSHIP. Not a bunch of backstabbing, lying RINO’s who show their true, deceitful colors at times when it really counts! Are we not all sick of the Rino’s, democrats and liberals? Get people who can and will stand up against this sewage! Our country, our freedom, our future, our children and grandchildren, our constitution is at stake! Get clean people who are not compromised! I realize this is hard to find….but not impossible! Take back America my fellow Americans! God is with us!

russell d remmert (@guest_1160265)
Reply to  Hula Maiden
1 year ago

A good choice

Jo Rae Criss (@guest_1160096)
1 year ago

I have said for months that I wish Tom Fitton would run for President with Tucker Carlson as his VP !!!

Michael Zwick (@guest_1160098)
1 year ago

Tucker Carlson’s is not my choice. He maybe a choice for some, but he is way out of his league if he runs for a high political office. No pun intended!
I do like him as a journalist, and believe he is honest, but he would be better off staying in that profession.

James (@guest_1160113)
1 year ago

Trump has the best plan for America.He is not a politically correct he just tells it like it is. You know where he’s coming from and that is good thing.The rest of the politicians void the truth they beat around the bush.

Merv Deason (@guest_1160125)
1 year ago

Jim Jordan and Candace Owen would be my choices.

mimi (@guest_1160229)
Reply to  Merv Deason
1 year ago

I totally agree this would be out of Tucker Carlson’s league!

Raymond Wyatt (@guest_1160136)
1 year ago

Trump and Candice Owen would work for me to shut up all the racist talk Stop the communists

Pierre (@guest_1160213)
Reply to  Raymond Wyatt
1 year ago

Hhhhhmmm,Yes,I really like her as well.Plus she is young and very BRIGHT.

bob onit (@guest_1160643)
Reply to  Pierre
1 year ago

What did Biden say about obama ? Articulate, and Clean .

Gloria Reilly (@guest_1160848)
Reply to  bob onit
1 year ago



Wil (@guest_1160154)
1 year ago

The current demoncrat leadership has proven themselves all to be criminally guilty of high crimes and misdemeanors as well as treasons of all shapes and sizes. If anyone remembers the great oil shortage of the seventies you’ll remember that truckers all over the nation saved us from disaster by demonstrating against the government simply by shutting down their rigs. How wonderful would it be for our trucker Patriot friends to simply surround Fort
Pelosi, AKA Washington DC, blocking all traffic in and out and watching the criminal rats escape Washington DC by flying away in aircraft to escape the punishment they know they so richly deserve? EVEN FUNNIER WOULD BE THAT PELOSI READS MY COMMENT AND STARTS DEMANDING THAT HER FOREIGN MERCENARIES, 50,000 OF THEM, THAT SHE HAS PROTECTING WASHINGTON DC SUDDENLY NEED ANTIAIRCRAFT MISSILES AND TANKS TO PROTECT HER.

Diana7000 (@guest_1160209)
1 year ago

Cruz can never be President because he is not a natural born citizen! He is supposed to be the great constitutionalist so he knows the constitution says only natural born citizens can run for President which means he to be born to two American parents. He already dried once to run. It’s the same for Rubio. They both ran and were both brought here from other countries, Canada & Cuba at 4 years old. Cruz’s dad lived here for decades but did not worry about becoming a citizen until Ted wanted to run then he became one.
Rubio parents brought him here at 4 years old and then stayed till he finished school and then they left America and didn’t care to become citizens either. Cruz could try to say Obama wasn’t a natural born citizen because his dad wasn’t a citizen too but two wrongs don’t make it right either. Democrats tried 16 times since 1973 to get natural born removed from the constitution but they could never do it so they just ran Obama anyway because they’re corrupt America hating A-holes

Joy (@guest_1160251)
Reply to  Diana7000
1 year ago

agreed !!!!! ted cruise was born in CANADA to two CANADIAN CITIZENS !!! his mother might have been born here, but when she & ted’s dad moved up to C. before he was born, they both had to renounce their citizenships in order to be able to own a business, pay taxes OR VOTE in C. elections !!!! they did NOT allow anyone who was not a full C. citizen vote, not even those with dual citizenship …. so they BOTH renounced their citizens to their countries of birth & became C citizens !!!! after they moved to the US, his mother had to re-apply for her US CITIZENSHIP ….. once ted decided to run for the senate, he decided that he’d better renounce HIS Canadian citizenship ….. he was at that time on immigrant with dual citizenship …. and in order for an immigrant to be in a high govt office, they have to be a US citizen for at LEAST FIVE YEARS …. ted didn’t even renounce his C. citizenship until he started his run for senator … that means that the first 5 years that he was a senator, he was NOT A LEGAL US CITIZEN !!!! so he is crooked, too !!!!

Ellen M. (@guest_1160439)
Reply to  Joy
1 year ago

You wrote that Ted Cruz had dual citizenship, so he was already a citizen of the USA when he decided to run for the senate.

Cheryl A Bellerose (@guest_1160363)
Reply to  Diana7000
1 year ago


michael j wyatt (@guest_1160227)
1 year ago

It’s too early to start pushing for Pres. What is exciting is the rise of the new faces in the Republican party like Ron DeSantis and Kristi Noem and Tim Scott and Ted Cruz. They have been field tested and proven as worthwhile. They are worth our time and support. They are prime examples that GOP principles do work and they should be models for those coming up behind them. Nikki Haley should take notes here: she is looking more like Schumer from NY or Hirono from Hawaii than a GOP standard bearer. Too bad. She showed promise but failed her field test.
There’s a generational shift change going on in DC and over the next 4 years many usual faces will disappear as more new ones will take their place. But it is the GOP that is emerging w proven performers now, not just show pieces for the media like AOC and the squad. With Trump leading the MAGA agenda, attacking policies and issues instead of people, the GOP should be building a strong slate for ’22 and ’24.

Gary m (@guest_1160233)
1 year ago

A mother tells her child, that she will be going back to school! The child broke into tears, the mother thinking that the child was gushing tears of joy, and hugged the child, when she realized that the child was actually shaking and crying out of fear. She ask what she was afraid of? The child said that she was afraid of being brainwashed, and bullied, because she loved Donald Trump.

Gary m (@guest_1160237)
1 year ago

“A man is not a woman and a woman is not a man.”
The Dean told student that his scientific stance on biology is “in conflict” with the school’s Dignity for All Students Act. I think that this is a weird Dean, that takes advantage of students, or he is a science denier, and that his Dignity for all Students Act is in conflict with biology. Either way he should be fired.

Gary m (@guest_1160238)
1 year ago

I agree with the article, and I will add this. If business goes to full automation then it will lose as well. If the people are not making any money who is going to buy the junk that business is going to make. All of their products will sit in warehouses waiting for someone to buy them, that never will have the money to.

Gary m (@guest_1160269)
1 year ago

What do I think, who cares? This New York Attorney General Letitia James, has been on the job for how long and known about all of this, and is just now coming out with an investigation. How fishy can things get. She should have done that months ago, I think that New York needs to investigate her. I just love throwing a monkey wrench into things.

Karole Conaway (@guest_1160271)
1 year ago

Everyone needs to contact your representatives in Congress and tell them to vote against HR-1. It is the demonrat’s plan to end elections completely. They will remain in control and America will never be America again.

Gary m (@guest_1160299)
1 year ago

I think that planned parent hood is a good thing, because while we conservatives save our children, the liberals will be killing their children. In a few years the old liberals will die, and there will be no children to take their place. We will win.

Nancy (@guest_1160313)
1 year ago

Tucker comes off as an arrogant snob. I don’t particularly like him and he has absolutely no qualifications. I’d rather vote for Candice Owens, Don Jr, Jim Jordan, or Gaetes. I’d even vote for Mike Lindell over Tucker Carlson.

ChasW (@guest_1160414)
1 year ago

Tucker makes mega millions with fox, he’s not going to take the pay cut.

Ann (@guest_1160856)
1 year ago

I could see Trump/DeSantis, Trump/Noem, or Trump/McCarthy. I think Trump Jr. is being taught/ groomed to run as VP to one of these; then as President, if not straight into Presidential run in 2024 or 2028. Hmmmmm I would support any of these.

Ann (@guest_1160857)
Reply to  Ann
1 year ago

I could see Trump/DeSantis, Trump/Noem, or Trump/McCarthy. I think Trump Jr. is being taught/ groomed to run as VP to one of these; then as President, if not straight into Presidential run in 2024 or 2028. Hmmmmm I would support any of these. I would also support Candice Owens and Bobert sometime in the future. I like Tucker, but I don’t see him as a President. We need someone in MSM to beable to tell us the truth regardless, along with Hannity.



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