August 14, 2022

Poll: Trump takes one-point lead nationally over Biden

With just days left in the 2020 presidential election, the polls are finally beginning to reflect what Republicans already instinctively know: The people want another term for President Donald Trump.

Trump pulled ahead of former Vice President Joe Biden 48 percent to 47 percent for the first time in a national Rasmussen tracking poll, according to Breitbart’s John Nolte. Although locked in a statistical dead heat, many other indicators are beginning to turn in favor of the Republican incumbent as well.

The latest results for Trump’s Democratic rival show a precipitous freefall from a 12-points lead three weeks ago, tumbling down to eight points two weeks ago and three points last week before bottoming out in Tuesday’s poll. Similarly, the Hill-HarrisX poll has Trump closing in on Biden’s lead to within four points of the former Vice President, though RealClearPolitics still has Biden up by eight points nationally.

How you think Trump is doing seems to come down to whose polls you believe, Nolte pointed out. The liberal media count on their favorites to show Trump is having trouble in key states like Arizona where he’s trailing by 2.4 points; Florida where he’s down 1.5 points; North Carolina which has him down 1.2 points; and Michigan with a deficit of eight points.

Yet state numbers in Rasmussen and Trafalgar polls tell a different story. Rasmussen has Trump similarly down by two in Arizona, but leading in Florida, 49 to 46 percent; and up in North Carolina, 48 to 47 percent. Trafalgar polls look even better with Trump ahead 50 to 47 percent in Arizona; up 49 to 47 percent in Florida; leading 49 to 46 percent in North Carolina; and ahead in Michigan 49 to 47 percent.

The president expressed his optimism in the narrowing polls, touting the enthusiasm seen at his rallies as even bigger than prior to his upset victory over Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016.

Other indicators are also looking good for Trump. Early voting is leaning Republican in both Wisconsin and Michigan, but even in states like Arizona and North Carolina where early voting is favoring Democrats, that lead is down from 2016.

Trump is also turning out his supporters for his massive rallies and has garnered support from unlikely places. In a shocking twist to anyone paying attention to politics in the last several decades, Black superstar Ice Cube joined Kanye West to support the president, which is something unheard of for other GOP politicians.

Just like in 2016, nobody will know the true extent of the polling discrepancies until all of the votes are counted. However, when 56 percent of registered voters report that they are better of today than they were four years ago — and only 32 percent saying they’re worse off — it does call into question the validity of polls that show Trump is wildly unpopular.

As always, the ridiculous leads for Democratic candidates seem to magically vanish as the election nears so pollsters can save face (likely because polls are meant to suppress voting rather than reflect reality). However, one thing is becoming undeniable: Joe Biden is losing a little more of his lead every day.

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D0mingo (@guest_1067897)
1 year ago

It’s about time we started seeing some positive articles on President Trump’s standing in the polls. I am glad to hear it and if as expected, we will see a Red Wave in the next few days.

Lonie (@guest_1067910)
1 year ago

Knew the “polls” were not truthful. Glad to see we are going to save our country from the evils of the radicals. God bless America!❤️🙏🇺🇸



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