August 19, 2022

Poll: The public’s confidence in Fauci has collapsed since beginning of pandemic

Throughout the pandemic, Anthony Fauci has been revered by many on the left as a sort of infectious disease oracle and his every proclamation received with extreme deference, but according to a new poll from the Trafalgar Group, Americans’ faith in the good doctor has dropped precipitously in recent months, as the Washington Examiner reports.

The survey, conducted during the period between May 16 and May 18, involved 1093 likely voters, had a margin of error of +/- 2.96, and delivered discouraging news for the spotlight-loving director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden.

According to the Examiner, 42.2 percent of poll respondents indicated that their personal confidence in Fauci has dropped over the course of the past year, with 1 in 3 saying it had “decreased significantly,” with an additional 12.1% saying simply that it had “decreased.”

Perceptions of Fauci’s competence among Republicans were even worse, with 66.1% of respondents in that group revealed that they have less confidence in him now than they did last year.

Illustrative of the partisan divide that has characterized so many facets of the pandemic, Fauci continues to enjoy the confidence of a greater number of Democrats, with 32.4% of participants in that group indicating a greater belief in his abilities than they had a year prior. Just 20% of Democrats reported a lower degree of confidence in Fauci than they had in 2020.

Another noteworthy finding from the poll is the fact nearly 35% of Democrats have held a consistent and unchanged view of Fauci since 2020, while a mere 13% of Republicans said their impression of Fauci has remained the same.

The split between Democrats and Republicans on Fauci was also highlighted in a survey conducted by YouGov and Yahoo between May 11 and May 13. While 54% of Democrat respondents rated the doctor’s job performance as “excellent,” with another 25% rating it as “good,” just 5% of Republicans deemed it “excellent,” and 55% labeled it “poor.”

Fauci’s never-ending flip flops on issues such as masking, school reopening, and more have led critics such as the New York Post’s Miranda Devine to declare last month, “This is a man who is never reliable. You can’t trust anything he says. He’s not only flipped and flopped and contradicted himself, but he’s also lied to us, and admitted tha the lied to us for our good, a noble lie.”

With much of the country now fully reopening to pre-pandemic functionality, there is a growing sense that our long national COVID-19 nightmare may truly be in the rear view mirror, and with that, perhaps Dr. Fauci’s overdue exit from the public stage will finally occur.

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MICHAEL (@guest_1264532)
Reply to  Edward M. Daniels
1 year ago

This man needs to be executed, in public like they did in the old days

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Reply to  Edward M. Daniels
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Pollty (@guest_1264522)
1 year ago

I never had confidence i n him or Brix

Patriot 12 (@guest_1264524)
1 year ago

This poll tells a lot about democRATS! They don’t care about anything as long as someone with “D” is in charge. Look at congress. they vote in block. A Plague on the DNC!

Nick Cignetti (@guest_1264529)
1 year ago

This will go down as one of Trumps greatest mistakes. Fauci is a disgrace to his profession. Brix knew to disappear.

joycefiem (@guest_1264958)
Reply to  Nick Cignetti
1 year ago

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Cecelia Henderson (@guest_1264531)
1 year ago

The man should have retired years ago. He’s corrupt!!!

Doug Litchfield (@guest_1264544)
1 year ago

Never trusted the weasel from the get go. WHO and the CDC are also damaged goods.

gloria Landi (@guest_1264545)
1 year ago

Fauci is a fraud , liar and a theif and he helped devolope this virus. He belongs off our tax payers payroll and sent to China!!! Believe him are we all nuts well I guess some of us are !!!!!

Helen (@guest_1264569)
1 year ago

Dr Fauci is a government employee. We all know that government employees work for the government because they can’t handle working for private industry. That’s why nothing gets done-all you have to do is show up 5 days a week and warm a chair. I should know…I was a govt employee for almost 15 years and quit-only about 5% of the office staff did all the work for the rest of the 95% who were chair warmers. Drove me nuts!!! These people are incompetent including Fauci. Needs to retire-hard to get rid of govt employees-mgmt will spend more than a year writing them up and documenting before they get canned.

daledor (@guest_1264593)
1 year ago

Fauci is not a good guy, can’t post the truth – blocked out

daledor (@guest_1264598)
Reply to  daledor
1 year ago

N95 is ONLY mask safe with blocking COVID, viruses .02 to .2 microns in size – most masks are .3microns or larger — think they block all covid?????? USE LOGIC AND SCIENCE AND COMMON SENSE

ShawnHarris (@guest_1264611)
1 year ago

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Stephen Russell (@guest_1264628)
1 year ago

Hes been lying day 1 on Task Force to date since 3-20.
wishy washy
Cant use data as evidence.
Masks for “theatre” vs science mindset

Terry (@guest_1264631)
1 year ago

I thought since March of 2020 that he was a fraud. He has connections to the Clinton Foundation, Bill and Malinda Gate’s Foundation, the CCP, the CDC, and WHO. Plus a few other disturbing things from his past. AND he’s paid more than the President.

Jack Spring (@guest_1264634)
1 year ago

Quack, quack,quack.

Philip e Chapman (@guest_1264639)
1 year ago

fallow the money he was paid to keep quite to many people know the truth now so change sides

Pollty (@guest_1264714)
1 year ago

Never trusted this man.I am retired RN

joycefiem (@guest_1264965)
1 year ago

juliakane (@guest_1264982)
1 year ago

hello hy nice article



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