August 19, 2022

Poll: Swing state Dems face uphill battle over hot-button issues in 2022

Recent polling by National Republican Congressional Committee outlined massive hurtles Democrats face in the upcoming midterm elections, including issues of inflation, crime, and border security, according to Breitbart News

The NRCC released on Thursday pointed to battleground congressional districts where Democrats could lose valuable seats in the lower house of Congress if they’re not able to address these topics with voters.

At the top of the list of issues where voters are more likely to trust Republicans is inflation and the economy. According to the NRCC a majority of voters are concerned about rising prices and Democrats track record of money management.

“Overall, 70 percent are either extremely or very concerned about rising prices and the higher cost of living, and a majority, 60 percent, disapprove of Biden’s handling of it,” Breitbart News reported.

“Coinciding with that is 23 percent blaming the economic situation on President Joe Biden and 19 percent attributing it to Democrats in Congress — both topping the list.”

According to NRCC’s memo, “voters are four times as likely to blame the President and Congressional Democrats (combined 42%) than they are Congressional Republicans (10%).” GOP candidates can also point to their party’s record of job growth as a way of southing voters concerns as the economy tries to shake off the COVID slump.

Crime is another issue that the American people are concerned Democrats won’t be able to take charge of. According to Breitbart, 73 percent of battleground district voters are concerned that the country’s crime rate has increased, and they’re more likely to trust Republicans to handle issues crime and safety.

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Hooray force thier hand on issues

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Stephen Russell (@guest_1277857)
1 year ago


Kenny (@guest_1277858)
1 year ago

The sorry Liberals DESERVE to be voted OUT



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